How To Become A Cloud Architect?


One of the many advantages ushered in by the revolution of cloud computing is the cut down of the operating expenses for companies. 

It is a highly prospective plan if you want to become a cloud architect and take this highway of this constantly evolving technological field. 

Through this article, you will get comprehensive knowledge about the ways to become a cloud architect, the skills necessary for the job, the best cloud computing course, and more to help you navigate the career path with ease. 

The Pathways To Become A Cloud Architect

The crucial step to become a cloud architect is to have a solid foundation in computer operating systems, networking, programming languages, and security. Cloud Architect is an advanced position, and although not necessary, having a degree can be advantageous, and certain companies may even prefer it. In addition to getting job experience, other choices include formal training programs and professional certificates.

How To Become A Cloud Architect?

With the surging demand for cloud computing services, the need for experts is equally on the rise. As per the report by Statista, the market for public cloud computing is anticipated to grow from its projected $495 billion in 2022 to more than $599 billion by 2023. The demand for experts who can create and maintain the systems and services and offer security has increased as more businesses adopt cloud computing and digitization.

The field of cloud architecture offers a wide range of job opportunities in several sectors. Let us get into the detail of the Cloud architecture career prospect, while you decide on whether cloud architecture is the correct path for you. 

Defining Cloud Architect

A cloud architect is an IT expert with skills in designing and constructing buildings. They are responsible for developing strategies, implementing applications, and doing many other things in cloud management. They will immediately report to senior-level management, such as the director, chief technical officer, etc. because they oversee the entire cloud infrastructure

What is the Role of A Cloud Architect?

As Cloud Architects, professionals in this position play a crucial position in any IT department. Their job roles include- designing, developing, deploying, and maintaining cloud computing systems. Cloud computing is advantageous for companies because it may save costs while fostering innovation, better compliance, and enhanced security.

IT directors, chief technical officers, or other members of upper management frequently get reports from cloud architects. You'll be needed to administer the company's cloud database, create fresh approaches to help the business achieve its objectives and keep up with all the most recent developments in cloud computing in this position.

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 In brief, the job description of a Cloud Architect can be summarized as follows:

  • Creating a cloud infrastructure and planning it

  • Organize the adaptation process and develop a cloud strategy.

  • Analyze cloud-based software.

  • Follow up on cloud privacy.

  • Answer technical questions and provide direction.

  • Keep control of the systems

  • Delivery of knowledge in all aspects of infrastructure

  • Recognizing the pertinent systems

Essential Skills To Learn To Become A Cloud Architect

The following skills are crucial for a role as a Cloud Architect

  • Programming Knowledge.

  • Interpersonal skills.

  • Managerial skills.

  • Leadership skills.

  • Designing, implementing, and distributing cloud infrastructure.

  • Knowledge of IT ecosystems.

  • Knowledge of tools like Visual Paradigm, Azure, Cloudcraft, and Edraw

Must follow Steps To Become A Cloud Architect: 

A fundamental degree is required: A bachelor's degree is a requirement for becoming a cloud architect. (Background in science).

Sign up for a cloud computing course: The best way to gain the requisite skills and abilities is to pursue a cloud computing course and gain mastery of the fundamental concepts and practices of cloud architecture. 

Acquire work experience: Typically a mid-level or mid-senior level position, cloud architect. Consequently, gaining expertise is necessary to launch a career as a cloud architect.

Upgrade your knowledge by earning certificates: It takes more than experience to become a cloud architect; you also need to upgrade your skills with the aid of an online cloud computing course program. Your proficiency in design, networking, storage, and security can be verified by professional certificates. The following are some of the best certifications that a Cloud Architect professional must make sure to attain:

  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE): Cloud Platform and Infrastructure.

  • IBM Certified Cloud Solution Architect v2 by IBM

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate by AWS

  • Microsoft Certified Azure Architect

  • Google Cloud Platform Cloud Architect

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect Associate Certification.

  • CompTIA Cloud Essentials

Begin the Job Hunt: Having gained the necessary education, training, skills, and credentials, you may start searching for jobs. Certified professionals can easily fetch a position in any organization as they are particularly in high demand. 

Cloud Architect Job Opportunities

Highly skilled certified cloud architects are in high demand; a few job profiles include:

Azure Cloud Architect: An IT expert who assists in planning, constructing, and managing Azure cloud infrastructure is known as an "Azure cloud architect." The annual wage for an Azure Cloud Architect in the USA is $156,000, or $80 per hour.

AWS Specialist: An AWS specialist is a cloud expert who devotes their time to improving AWS security services and features and establishing secure internet protocols. In India, the starting salary for an AWS Specialist is Rs. 6,07,000.

Service Cloud Architect: This professional is in charge of building and organizing cloud systems, assessing cloud applications on a regular basis, and responding to technical concerns in a timely and professional manner. The average service cloud architect wage in the USA is $118,266.

Security Architect: A security architect is in charge of analyzing the security mechanisms currently in place for the system and making recommendations for improvements. They also regularly test the system and keep an eye on network security. In India, a security architect makes around INR 2,180,428 per year.

Architect of AWS Cloud Solutions: The architect of AWS Cloud Solutions is in charge of setting up and protecting AWS technology.

Senior IT Architect: The Senior IT Architect is in charge of comparing architectural plans to governmental codes, laws, and regulations and offering guidance to Subcontractors on how to interpret blueprints. The average senior IT architect pay in India is INR 2,759,000.

Solutions Architect: The solutions architect is in charge of documenting requirements, analyzing the technology environment and enterprise specifications, building a solution prototype, and managing the development of the solution. The average annual compensation for a solutions architect in India is over INR 1,900,000.

The digital transformation is being driven by cloud services, which are expanding in a number of industries, including government, technology, health, and education. According to Gartner's forecast, end customers will spend around $599,840 on public cloud services by 2023.

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