10 Tips to Prepare for Cloud Computing Certification Exams in 2021


Top Tips to Prepare for Cloud Computing Certification Exams

In 2021, certifications are a new way to get an education and training in a more fast-paced manner. It is like less pain and more gain in just a certain number of hours.

When we talk about surveying the most in-demand technology and skills in 2021, cloud computing tops the list with various technical certifications.

Cloud skills have seen the most hype in recent years. Professionals can get many jobs after taking up the most popular certification exam in the cloud. 

Some of these are - Cloud administrator, Cloud architect, Cloud consultant, Cloud automation engineer, Cloud engineer, Cloud security analyst, and Cloud software engineer. 

When assisting in these roles, a professional must be able to tackle and cope up with the biggest cloud technologies in the world. These are - AWS, Google, and Microsoft. 

How to join these certifications? Every learner needs some tips to prepare for these popular cloud computing certifications today. Here, we tell you top tips to prepare for these certification exams.

What Can a Professional Do?

  • Some Quick Tips! 

  • TIP 1

Select a valid, authentic, and most relevant certification from AWS, Google, or Microsoft. Remember to select that cloud computing certification that has the highest demand and which suits your educational and professional development and career. 

Some of the best cloud computing certifications offered by AWS, Google, or Microsoft which are currently in demand - 

    1. AWS Certified Developer – Associate
    2. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate
    3. AWS Certified SysOps Administrator
    4. Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect
    5. Google Certified Professional Data Engineer.
    6. Microsoft Certified: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
    7. Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert.


  • TIP 2

Follow exam guides that are available on the websites of the preferred cloud technology examination which you are taking. 

These guides can be either electronic books, or pages. These can also be physical readable books which can be purchased from the next stationary shop on the lane. 

The students can get more insightful reading material from authorized training and education centers that are providing classes and training for cloud computing. 


  • TIP 3 

Collect relevant information on the exam, grab the most related and updated study material. Remember that it can be either online training or simple physical classroom training. 

The learners must see that they are reading from the updated versions of the books or texts they are using. 

    • Cloud Computing Certifications by Jason Hoffman
    • Systems Performance by Brendan Gregg
    • Internet of Things – Integration and Security Challenges by S. Velliangiri, Sathish A.P. Kumar, P. Karthikeyan
    • Cloud Computing Security Foundations and Challenges by John R. Vacca


  • TIP 4

Now, when an individual has set his goal and thought of taking in the best study resources, it is time to join an online educational training program from a provider. 

The learners can look for ATPs – Authorized Training Providers or education providers for the cloud computing training. 


  • TIP 5

Join a programming course to master at least one coding language in cloud computing. This way you will be able to develop applications and erase complications in cloud computing processes. 


  • TIP 6

Next, different certifications need different levels of expertise in programming. You can first select a cloud computing certification then look into which coding language is necessary to be taken up.

For more information, you can read the last section of this blog (TOP TIP).


  • TIP 7 

You may either be interested in a developer, engineer, or architect role. For this, you will need to select a different certification that can justify your post in an organization. 


  • TIP 8

Focus on developing the best and fast learning solutions in the cloud for enterprises and top IT companies

The learners turned professionals can offer some of the finest business solutions. This can be done with the right knowledge of modern AI and ML development. 


  • TIP 9

To get in touch with the practical and empirical aspects of the training you need to look for a better hands-on training experience.


  • TIP 10 

Get a better idea of learning curriculum, concepts, and notions in the world of cloud computing. The students must read everything that is written on cloud computing and shall digest what is essential, needed, and important. 

One should follow these 10 tips that are stated above to Prepare for Cloud Computing Certification Exams in 2021

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