Why Do We Need To Get A Cloud Computing Certification?


Cloud computing has become massively popular in the corporate world. It has become more or less a buzzword in the computer science and information technology industry. Wherever one looks, businesses and organizations are getting in line to avail cloud computing services. One can learn more about how cloud computing became a buzzword by getting a certification in cloud computing.

In light of the increasing popularity of cloud computing, many individuals now want to get a cloud computing certification. So naturally, they are asking the question – “Why do we need to get a cloud computing certification?”

We will attempt to answer this question in the present article. We will provide a lot of detailed and relevant information and we will also list a lot of benefits of getting a cloud computing certification. To be sure, there are a lot of benefits which one can gain by getting a cloud computing certification. But the benefits are too numerous to list in a single article.



So we will make do with a dozen benefits or so.

With the expanded reach and increased capabilities that cloud computing provides, the ambitions of businesses and organizations have grown tremendously. Now they want to expand their area of operations and their demographic reach and their following to a global level and they want to market their products and services on a global scale. To learn more about the expanded reach and increased capabilities one can take a cloud computing course.

But the fact of the matter is that most businesses and organizations lack the technical expertise to build the required server farms and data centers. So what the businesses and organizations do to make their ambitions come to life is that they delegate the work to some other third party agencies. These third party agencies are called cloud computing service providers.


Benefits of getting a cloud computing certification -


1. The migration to cloud computing is becoming more and more common -

The migration to cloud computing is becoming more and more common. Most businesses and organizations have realized the multifarious benefits of cloud computing services and are getting in lines to avail them. Platforms like Amazon’s AWS platform or Microsoft’s Azure services are becoming gigantic in proportions because of the inflow of new client companies.


2. It is almost a requirement for IT professionals to have cloud computing skills -

If one checks the job listings for any IT position nowadays they will observe that the job requirements list at least fundamental cloud computing skills. Many job listings go above and beyond that and ask for advanced cloud computing skills. This is because most businesses and organizations have at least some serious plans for migrating to cloud computing platforms in the near future.


3. The growth forecast for cloud computing is very positive -

Market analysts and new pundits are all making very positive predictions about the growth of the cloud computing sector. Since millions of businesses and organizations are getting in lines to register for and to avail cloud computing services, the growth forecast of the cloud computing sector is very positive. This positive growth forecast is discussed in the cloud computing course online.

4. Many of the cloud computing services are free and even the paid ones are very affordable -

Many of the cloud computing services are free and even the paid ones are very affordable. So before jumping on to the bandwagon of cloud computing technology, the businesses and organizations which have any doubts or misgivings can test the cloud computing services with a free-tier account and can opt for the full-fledged paid services only if they are satisfied with their experience.


5. Low supply and high demand in this field -

While this may sound contradictory or illogical, there are very few professionals in the world who have even intermediate cloud computing skills. In hindsight, this fact is not too contrary or illogical. If we analyze the explosive growth of the cloud computing sector, we can see why the normal inflow of cloud computing professionals has not been able to keep up with the rising demands of the sector.


6. There are many career roles in which one can specialize in the cloud computing field -

    • AWS Cloud Architect

    • SysOps Administrator

    • Cloud Developer

    • Cloud Sales and Purchase Manager

    • Cloud DevOps Engineer

    • Key Account Manager, Cloud

    • Cloud Software Engineer

    • AWS Networking Specialist

    • AWS Big Data Specialist

    • AWS certified solution architect associate


7. Learning never stops -

There is a very great saying which goes like this – “Learning never stops.” It is doubly true in the case of cloud computing. We have heard many stories of IT professionals losing their enthusiasm and their satisfaction in their work after working at the same job for many years.

They can ward off this tedium and boredom by switching their career to a new, promising, and constantly changing field – the field of cloud computing.


8. Demonstrates your commitment to work -

Getting a certification in cloud computing is not an easy task. It is not a child’s play and can hardly be said to be a cakewalk. It requires a lot of time, energy, perseverance, patience, persistence, dedication, planning, and above all, commitment. Without all of these things, one will not be able to acquire a cloud computing certification.

So when an individual with a cloud computing certification approaches potential employers, they already feel a lot of confidence and faith in him because of the distinguished and respectable credentials he carries.


9. Your resume will gain a distinguishing mark -

A cloud computing certification is like the cherry on top of a delicious cake. What we mean by that is that if any candidate bears the credentials of a cloud computing certification on his resume, that resume immediately becomes very attractive to potential employers.

The bearer of the credentials, namely the candidate, becomes very noticeable and the hiring managers look at him in a different light than how they look at the other candidates in the applicant pool. Thus, your resume will gain a distinguishing mark. It will help you to make your career in Cloud Computing.


10. The salaries in this field are astronomical -

The cloud computing certification will enable the candidates to command one of the highest salaries in any field in the computer science and IT sector. Businesses and organizations recognize the great importance of the work that the cloud computing professionals do and they are eager to reward them richly.


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