Global Master of Business Administration

An elite, one-year Global MBA programme that can be taken anywhere in the world, with a rigorous schedule of thought-provoking lectures, lively seminars, and small group work.

The Global MBA programme at College de Paris is a one-year curriculum designed to prepare you to handle global issues in a complicated, fragile, and increasingly connected world.

Our issues with energy, food, and water security, aging populations, and the expansion of recorded data all call for managers and leaders with uncommon skill, sophistication, and ethics. The need for an MBA has never been greater. In a year of intensive, difficult experiences, College de Paris’s full-time Global MBA programme will prepare you to think logically, laterally, and independently.

You need more than simply business skills to succeed in business. The College de Paris Global MBA deflates the myth that business schools are independent of prestigious universities. You will interact with a wide range of people from non-business backgrounds and be a part of a vibrant intellectual community as a result of your association with a college.

Why Collège de Paris?


While pursuing an MBA, you will interact with students from all over the world who have a range of professional backgrounds and perspectives on the global economy. In addition to learning from academics, MBA students can deepen their awareness of numerous industries both domestically and abroad.


Professionals who are successful must have the fundamental skill of good communication. Despite being a "soft talent" as opposed to "hard skills" like developing a P&L model, communication is nevertheless very important. An MBA can help you develop your written and verbal communication skills, enabling you to clearly explain concepts to people at different organizational levels to ensure that everyone can work together.


You get access to renowned and competent professionals you might not have otherwise had the chance to meet thanks to a global network of approximately 100,000 MBA alumni. In addition to joining a bigger community, you'll have the chance to meet with other professionals both inside and outside of the classroom.


A candidate with a graduate degree may be able to stand out from the crowd in a market with few job options. Any industry, including those in energy, consumer goods, and start-ups, can benefit from having an MBA. Employers typically aim to hire or promote a candidate with marketing and financial expertise because they may have capabilities that other staff members inside the company may not.


A demanding course load, extracurricular activities, and the pursuit of other personal and professional goals must all be balanced in order to earn an MBA.

Why Collège de Paris?

Collège de Paris has been known for providing excellent education since 1949. It is accredited by organizations such as Campus France and the International Association of Language Centers. The university is committed to providing the best career opportunities for over 100,000 students coming from over 130 countries.

  • 10,000

    Students per Year

  • 25,000

    Continuing Education Trainees

  • 800+


  • 20

    Partner Universities

  • Top 500

    Best Global Universities

The MBA seeks to develop students into leaders ready to tackle the challenges of today’s global business environment. This is accomplished through the following learning goals and objectives:

Our graduates will have a broad understanding of the business disciplines and functional skills critical to their roles as business professionals.

Our graduates will explore ethical standards of behavior and develop their own frames of reference and standards to guide their professional behavior.

Our graduates will have the oral and written communication skills required to compete effectively in the workplace.

Our graduates will be able to identify factors that affect business practices in the global environment and propose decisions and actions that are appropriate in specific situations.

Our graduates will be decision-makers and critical thinkers who use analytic and problem-solving skills.

Our graduates will have knowledge of leadership theory and demonstration of managerial skills with a comprehension of the global business environment.

Program Highlights

See which benefits you can derive from joining this program.

  • Online Program

    Minimum 12-month online program

    Online Lab Sessions

    Highly Experienced Faculties

  • Collaborations

    Careerera has collaborated with many eminent Universities and Organizations across the Globe to exchange the knowledge.

  • Dedicated Support Team for your Academic Journey

    Industry Experts Live Sessions

    Grievance Redressal System

    Dedicated Tech & Academic Support on how to leverage the platform features.

  • Become Job-ready

    Real-world case studies to build practical skills

    Hands-on exposure to analytics tools & techniques

    Learn industry insights through multiple industry knowledge sessions

Program Curriculum

An overview of what you will learn from this program.

Principles of Economics and Finance

Principles of Accounting

Managerial Statistics

Managerial Accounting

Intra Entrepreneurship

Information Data Management

Managerial Economics

Managerial Marketing

Business Law and Ethics

Managerial Finance

Organisational Change Management

Project team Management

People Conflict, Negotiation & Resolution

Advanced Project Management

Capstone Projects

Test your skills and mettle with a capstone project.


Techniques used: Market Basket Analysis, RFM (Recency-Frequency Monetary) Analysis, Time Series Forecasting


Techniques used: Text Mining, Kmeans Clustering, Regression Trees, XGBoost, Neural Network

Web & Social Media

Techniques used: Topic Modeling using 9 Latent Dirichlet Allocation. K-Means & Hierarchical Clustering


Techniques used: Linear Discriminant Analysis, Logistic Regression, Neural Network, Boosting, Random Forest, CART

Supply Chain

Techniques used: Text Mining, Kmeans Clustering, Regression Trees, XGBoost, Neural Network


Techniques used: Logistic Regression, Random Tree, ADA Boost, Random Forest, KSVM


Techniques used: Market Basket Analysis, Brand Loyalty Analysis


Techniques used: NLP (Natural Language Processing), Vector Space Model, Latent Semantic Analysis

Entrepreneurship /Start Ups

Techniques used: Univariate and Bivariate Analysis, Multinomial Logistic Regression, Random Forest

Finance & Accounts

Techniques used: Conditional Inference Tree, Logistic Regression, CART and Random Forest

Why Careerera

Enrol with leading global online educational course provider.



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Global MBA Batch Profile

Our students include freshers and experienced professionals from across industries, functions and backgrounds.


Learn from leading academicians and several experienced industry practitioners from top organizations.

Personalised workshops based on your proficiency level to help you get on par.

Mix of Live Classes & Recorded lectures for your convenience.

24*7 Student Support, Quick doubt resolution by industry experts

Alumni Highlights

  • 200+
    Global Companies
  • $122K PA
    Average CTC
  • $250K PA
    Highest CTC
  • 87%
    Average Salary Hike

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Shortlisted candidates need to appear for an online aptitude test.

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Find answers to all your queries and doubts here.

Q1 : Describe the MBA

A : The acronym MBA stands for "Master of Business Administration."Since 1961, when the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business in the United States began to establish uniform standards for business education masters, the idea of an MBA education and the related study track have existed.

Since then, US and foreign business schools have developed the idea and upheld the high standards of education while modifying the course material to fit the modern business climate. Both institutionally and personally, business administration programmes are highly competitive.

The top MBA programme providers in the world compete for and are awarded international accreditation. The curriculum for MBA programmes may occasionally be reviewed and confirmed as offering approved degrees once again.

Q2 : What types of people typically apply to business administration programmes?

Q3 : How do conventional Master programmes (MSc or MA) and MBA programmes differ from one another?

Q4 : What distinguishes an MBA programme from an EMBA programme?

Q5 : How can I choose an MBA programme that's right for me?

Q6 : How should different MBA rankings be evaluated?

Q7 : What is the best way to contact business schools?

Q8 : Is it possible for a student with a science background who has never worked in business or finance to pursue an MBA?

Q9 : Is work experience required to enroll in an MBA programme?

Q10 : Full-time or online MBA programs—which is better?


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  • Kristyn Taylor
  • All of my professors were easy to talk to and created a positive educational environment for me to learn and grow.

  • Desiree Henderson
  • The classes were relevant to my career, employer, and professional knowledge and growth

  • Jason Marcoulier
  • "This was the best educational experience in my life.”

  • Hannah Pagnard
  • The faculty were great and helpful. I enjoyed the career services that it will help me get to where I want to be.

  • Jill Unger-Moder
  • "The courses of study were diverse, and I found that the instructors were there to assist when I needed help or encouragement.”

  • Jennifer
  • "I have really enjoyed the freedom and flexibility that this degree program has offered me.”

  • Thomas H.
  • My MBA was the Most Challenging academic work and the most vivid and exciting experience that I have ever had.

  • Brittany
  • Course content is well balanced and additional material/reference provided as well.

  • Victoria Zorzoli
  • As a student pursuing MBA with Careerera I can say its really worth it.

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