Why To Choose Cloud Computing Course As Your Career?


In today’s world the amount of information flowing through the networks around the world including the internet is exploding in quantity and size. Businesses and organizations around the world are finding that it is simply not possible for them to meet the technology requirements of their applications, products and services by themselves.

Therefore there is a huge need for cloud computing services in the corporate world. This is why the cloud computing sector is booming in popularity and size. There are many applications of cloud computing in the various sectors and industries of the world.

In order to learn about those various applications one can get a Cloud Computing Certification.

In this article we will describe some things about the field of cloud computing. We will also discuss its origins and the role of the company Amazon and its founder Jeff Bezos in leading the advances and developments in the field. We will also provide some information about the benefits of starting a career in cloud computing.

The background of Cloud computing -

The best way to understand what cloud computing is to look at its background and reasons for its creation. Back in the old days of the world wide web, it used to resemble the Wild West. 

There were little to no rules and regulations governing the use of the internet and it used to be considered a major feat if one could get a fully functional website working on it. 

In those days e-commerce was a twinkle in God’s eyes. Most websites were fronts for brick and mortar stores which used to put advertisements for their products and services on those websites.

This situation was not conducive for a booming and bustling market on the internet which had a lot of features to make shopping and purchasing convenient for customers. The founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, decided to change all that.

He purchased a garage and started to sell books of various kinds from it. It was basically a full-fledged and fully functional warehouse where he used to store books such as fiction and nonfiction novels and sell them. 

But what was so different about that, one may ask. The answer is that he was selling all these books on the internet, through his website, amazon.com.

This new model of marketing and delivery struck a chord with customers who were tired of having to visit brick and mortar stores every time they wanted to purchase a new book or simply wanted to browse books. Amazon’s business grew like wildfire.

They started expanding their offerings to contain other products and services. As their competitors caught on, they started copying their model like cheap imitators. 

But Amazon always maintained their initial lead through a combination of innovation, creativity, patience, perseverance, dedication, and sheer hard work. But a time came when there was dangers of their competitors catching up to them. Here came Jeff Bezos’ masterstroke. He created a division in Amazon which was dedicated to cloud computing.

What is Cloud computing?

Jeff Bezos thought of such an innovative business model that it took all his competitors’ breath away. He decided that he will not try to cut off his competitors’ growth and progress prematurely through unsavory tactics and techniques which large monopolies usually make use of. He subscribed to the philosophy of live and let live. So he created the Cloud computing services or cloud computing. 

With the cloud computing he was able to hitchhike on to his competitors’ backs by cleverly marketing the services of cloud computing to them and bringing them onboard with his own company. In this way he started an innovative and strategic business model where he would make as much profit as his competitors did and where he would grow right along with them.

This stroke of brilliance made the situation much more conducive for Amazon to grow into the retail and e-commerce giant that it is today. This is because now as its competitors grow, they have to make use of more and more cloud computing services and they have to use it to a higher degree too. 

As a result they have to make larger and larger payments to Amazon and thus they add more and more money to Amazon’s revenue stream.

Cloud computing is a set of services which revolve around the cloud technologies. Many companies don’t have Amazon’s deep technical expertise in the matters of storage, service delivery, efficiency, and most importantly, security. 

So they take the aid of Amazon’s expertise by subscribing to their services. This leaves them free to focus on their core business functions and core business processes instead of having to multitask their way around tasks about which they don’t possess domain specific knowledge.

Through this arrangement, they are able to avoid several pain points and inconveniences. So the management staff of most companies strongly desire to avail cloud computing services and gain the convenient and easy to use facilities which cloud computing provides.


Reasons to get a cloud computing course and start a career in it -

1. More and more organizations are moving to the cloud computing platform -

There has been a noticeable increase in the number of businesses and organizations who are migrating their legacy applications to the cloud computing platform. It should be noted that here new clients of cloud computing are not being referred to. 

What is being discussed is the large number of established companies who have decided that it makes perfect business sense to migrate their already existing legacy applications to the cloud computing platform. By getting a Certification in Cloud Computing one can learn how to migrate legacy applications to the cloud computing platform.

2. IT professionals are practically required to have cloud computing skills -

As technology becomes more and more advanced, the reach and capabilities of companies in every sector and industry keep growing. What this means in practical terms is that companies start desiring to launch larger and larger projects of greater and greater ambit. In order to successfully implement and execute their grand blueprint designs in the real world, they require the support and aid of cloud computing services. 

So most companies have an entire IT department dedicated to cloud computing related matters nowadays. Hence when they hire IT professionals they always check whether they have cloud computing skills, knowledge, and experience, or not. Cloud Computing Course is in especially high demand.

3. Cloud computing has very positive predictions being made about it -

Cloud computing possesses the distinction of being the fastest growing cloud services provider in the entire world. The cloud computing market share is a testament to this fact. It is a full 3 times as large as the combined market share of its two closest competitors, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud platform. 

The cloud computing service offerings are much larger than any other cloud services provider and cheaper too. This is because they follow the innovative ‘pay as you use’ pricing model. One can learn more about this pricing model by taking the Cloud Computing Course online.

4. One can create a free-tier account -

A very important aspect of jumping to a vast platform is how approachable and understandable it is. It is fine and dandy to read whitepapers, manuals, and other documentation about cloud computing but what truly sets it apart from other cloud services providers is that it is very easy and very convenient to test cloud computing services practically. 

The cloud computing allows a user to create a free-tier account which does not have any charges associated with it and allows the user to make use of all cloud computing services to a limited but sufficient degree. Also the pricing of all cloud computing services is very affordable and falls within the budget of most businesses and organizations, even startups. 

Any decent certification in cloud computing starts by asking its learners to create a free-tier account on the cloud computing platform.

5. There is a big gap between the supply and demand of skilled professionals -

The present situation is this – more and more companies are seeking to launch large projects with grand designs to change the face of the world. In order to bring such large projects into operation, companies require the aid and support of cloud computing. So the demand for cloud computing services and IT professionals who can employ and operate those services is increasing rapidly. 

However the actual number of IT professionals who can competently operate the cloud computing services is dismally low. This means there is a large gap between the supply and demand of cloud computing services. 

So an individual who has successfully acquired a Cloud Computing Certification will get hired immediately in any company he chooses to apply to.

6. One can choose many career paths for specialization -

The cloud computing platform is an absolute beast with a wide variety of services and many nooks and crannies and subtle nuances which have to be mastered. With so many areas of knowledge, a professional can have the pick of his choice over which area he wants to specialize in. Some specializations available on the cloud computing platform are -

    • Cloud Computing Cloud Architect
    • SysOps Administrator
    • Cloud Developer
    • Cloud Sales and Purchase Manager
    • Cloud DevOps Engineer
    • Key Account Manager, Cloud
    • Cloud Software Engineer
    • Cloud computing Networking Specialist
    • Cloud computing Big Data Specialist
    • Cloud computing certified solution architect associate

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