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Cloud is where everybody is moving. You got to look at a career in cloud computing if you are a software or hardware professional. In this post, we will check out the factors governing an entry into cloud computing as a professional. 

Let us first discuss what cloud computing is? Cloud computing essentially is a measure to be cost-effective in computer hardware and software. It is a facility to scale on demand.

First, let us see how it is cost-effective. Computer hardware and software are in no way cheap. The technologies keep changing for betterment and advancement, and the target is only to improve quality and efficiency. Security is also a significant factor that is considered in updating technologies. 

If you want to get into Cloud computing, you should know it is pretty tricky. As you might have already grasped the complexities involved in cloud computing, it is pretty challenging to pursue a career in cloud computing. 

Cloud computing certification is available with many institutes that may be helping you out with understanding the cloud computing environment and how things work. If you are interested in a career in cloud computing, you can consider a certification in cloud computing

Why cloud computing?

Cloud computing certification courses enable individuals and companies to store and access data over the internet and the web. To say it all, it is the best storage device that is worked upon over the internet, using web services and internet connections.

Other than offering big storage options, the cloud enables an on-demand availability of computer system resources. It does not include a more direct oversight by the user/manager.

The field of cloud technology is more technical and vast. To expand the functionality of cloud computing, the companies are recruiting many skilled and proficient cloud computing experts and professionals.

This is essential - essential to increase the computing power of the companies and keep in touch with modern technological advancements to serve the clients and customers with value.

Thus, to keep in touch with the modern trends and current evolutions of technology today, the professionals are choosing this field for making a lucrative career choice and experiencing the best job growth in the industry, with high-pay salaries!

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How will cloud computing certification enhance your career?

If you are a trained cloud practitioner, you can be the best fit for many employers and serve their organizations! Yes, you can act as the best asset that enhances the level of organization, by assisting it in upgrading its whole cloud architecture and cloud technology.

Thinking of making a cloud computing career? Be at it and move forward. Upgrade and enhance your career with the best cloud computing certifications available for you.

Why do you want a career in cloud computing?

A career in cloud computing is one of the most desirable jobs in the software world. Not only is the learning path great, but also the salary is excellent as well. The job is challenging and throws you a great many opportunities. 

You get an opportunity to check out the latest technologies in software and master them. You have to improve upon your skills continuously, and there is never a dull moment. The advancement towards more efficient code and systems is an incredible journey, and many people take up the challenge head-on. 

Besides the technological challenges, there is an excellent salary package. Cloud computing professionals are one of the highest-paid personnel in the world. After all, so much depends on software today. 

The salary package is within the $140,000/- to $250,000/- per annum bracket. With this salary range and the excellent learning path, Cloud Computing could be the ideal career for you in the 21st century. 

As discussed earlier, if you spend some money on the various cloud computing certification online, then you can quickly get your returns on investment by completing the cloud computing course. 

If you are interested in a cloud computing course, you can enroll in a program from an institute and start your career in cloud computing. After you enroll in such a program, you should make sure you provide ample time to study. You need to devote at least 1 to 2 hours to learn the concepts of each day. Once you get your basics clear, it should not be that difficult to traverse through the journey in a cloud computing career.

Suppose you equip yourself with Cloud computing certification courses that are being imparted online and live classes. In that case, you can easily understand the concepts and find yourself capable of handling the challenges offered by a cloud computing career. Many study materials are being provided that should make your life a lot easier.

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How can cloud computing certification make my career more productive?

-  As a cloud computing architect, or cloud technology expert you can elevate any company’s productivity rate. When you add on to the profits of the firm and boost its capacity to store more data, manage servers and connections over the web, control IT costs, and protect the cloud’s vast technical system, you have all the skills in you to demand a high-pay package.

-  As an expert in any of these three cloud technologies - Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure, the cloud specialists show market expertise and skill in advanced technical and business skills. They can say it bright and loud - investing in the public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud is not a new thing for them. With all of the earned knowledge, they can make things work for any company.

-  The cloud computing professional is skilled in containerization expertise. S/he knows which technology is making an influential mark in the IT industry. To develop and grow various cloud functions, Kubernetes is the most-used technology when it comes to containerization. Thus, if an individual has a better hand experience in this, s/he can be the leader in the field of cloud technology!

-  In the rising cloud technology environments, almost all companies have adopted DevOps. This includes having better training in tools like Puppet, Ansible, Gradle, Jenkins, and Chef. This is part of Automation software.

- The use of Automation software has grown incredibly. Hence, companies hire those cloud computing professionals that can work on these tools and eliminate impending problems related to data, information, and storage.

-  A cloud expert or pro has to multi-task things. While engaging with different cloud types: Public, Private, and Hybrid, the cloud expert has to have a better understanding of the evolving cloud climates in IT environments. The services that make a cloud better are - SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS.

-  If a professional has a hand in managing these multi-cloud environments, s/he can make his/her career more comfortable and productive!

-  If a professional has the most suitable cloud computing certification with himself/herself, s/he can grab all lucrative career options in cloud computing, like a master! Today, many cloud computing professionals prefer to take up some of the best cloud computing certifications.

The most popular of these are AWS Certification, CompTIA Certification, Google Cloud Certification, and Azure Certification.

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How to Make a Career in Cloud Computing?

You need to have the basic know-how of the cloud platforms to start. What technology do you need in the cloud computing environment? What are the various departments within the cloud computing environment that you need to know? And which one would you like to choose out of the whole bunch?

For your information, we name a few of them in the following:

  • Cloud developer
  • Front and Back-end developer
  • SysOps Administrator
  • Cloud security engineer
  • Solutions architect, etc.

The above few job profiles are pretty essential and form the basic skeleton of the working force of the cloud environment. There are many more job roles, but the above ones are the major ones.

Once you understand the various responsibilities, you would be in a better position to understand which suits you the most, and you should work towards honing your skills in that particular field. 

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Choose from these cloud computing certifications and have a well-oriented career ahead!

Do you know, almost 86% of firms in the world confirm a high deficit in skilled cloud talent? It is because companies want more equipped and qualified IT staff that have a valid practical agency and most in-demand cloud computing certifications with them.

Currently, the topmost IT organizations are demanding different cloud computing certifications. Some of these are best for entry-level jobs, while others are the best for executive and top-level roles -

  •       Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect
  •       AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate
  •       AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional
  •       AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
  •       AWS Certified Developer – Associate
  •       Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert
  •       Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals

What is the current entry-level salary in the cloud computing field?

If you choose by starting from entry-level jobs in cloud computing, you can still make it to the top and grab the best salaries. Sometimes, the start cannot be the best, but it can help you kick start your career!

Even entry-level jobs in cloud computing demand some kind of hands-on experience and hands-on training and exposure. A professional must have a dedicated time of experience while assisting in a corporate environment.

Let’s see some entry-level jobs in cloud computing -

        Entry-level Processor and Chip Design (

        Associate Developer (

        IT User Support Specialist (

        Technical Support Developer (

        Windows System Administrator (

        Lead Software Engineer - Email and Team Productivity (Glassdoor)

        SaaS Quick Start Engineer (Glassdoor)

        Delivery Analyst/Specialist (Glassdoor)

The moderate salary package that any decent entry-level cloud computing professional with experience can expect is between $140k and $250k.

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Career Opportunities in Cloud Computing

Although there is a pool of career opportunities in the booming cloud computing industry, a thing to worry about is - that IT organizations are making silly mistakes while recruiting suitable cloud computing professionals. This is done, looking at an emerging demand for skilled cloud computing professionals.

Today, either the mistakes are being made by the management in setting the proper recruitment guidelines, or the organizations are not able to identify reputed and recognized cloud certifications.

Thus, before choosing a better career opportunity in cloud computing, you must select a reputed cloud computing certification online.

What a valid certification does is it upskills an individual to keep up with the modern challenges of the job, fight workloads and become efficient and effective!

Let’s see what all job pathways can be targeted after getting cloud computing certification and training in 2021:

  •       Cloud Architect
  •       Cloud Engineer
  •       Cloud Security Analyst
  •       Cloud Engineer
  •       Cloud Automation Engineer
  •       Cloud Consultant
  •       Software Engineer
  •       Full-stack developer
  •       Data Engineer
  •       Cloud Administrator
  •       System Engineer
  •       Front-end Developer
  •       Back-end Developer
  •       DevOps Engineer

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Which cloud computing job has the highest salary?

Currently, if we map through the booming cloud computing industry with the most lucrative and high in-demand IT job options then the Chief Architect, Cloud Architects, and DevOps Engineers are getting in the most well-paid jobs in the whole wide world, today!

Chief Architect - $168,000 USD - $170,000 USD

Cloud Architects - $135,000 USD - 138,000 USD

DevOps Engineers - $122,000 USD - $123,000 USD

Professionals serving in these three job roles are grabbing the highest in almost all IT industries, worldwide.

Sometimes, a professional is not always running behind the pay part. Some of the professionals are happy with the average pay and the comfort that the job offers them. If you are one of them, you can still select from three cloud computing platforms - AWS, Microsoft, and Google.

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The average pay of professionals based on cloud computing platforms -

            Cloud Architect -

  •       AWS - $125,000 USD
  •       Google Cloud - $160,000 USD
  •       Microsoft Azure - $140,000 USD

         Cloud Solutions Engineer -

  •       AWS - $96,000 USD
  •       Google Cloud - $125,000 USD
  •       Microsoft Azure - $95,000 USD

         DevOps Engineer -

  •       AWS - $98,000 USD
  •       Google Cloud - $85,000 USD
  •       Microsoft Azure - $101,000 USD

It’s clear! A cloud computing certification can be of so much worth and value to employers and employees in 2021. The AWS certification - provided by the leader Amazon has made a record of provisioning the most high-paid salaries in the world. In the loop, what we have next is Google and after that - Microsoft Azure.

In short, cloud computing is the future of the software industry, and you should instead be ready for it.

Is Cloud Computing a good career?

Cloud computing is gaining popularity among organizations, and it has proven to be especially advantageous for larger companies with international operations. Cloud computing allows these large companies to access data and software from anywhere at any time. This provides cost-effective solutions that are scalable to meet the demands of the organization. Companies can, for example, opt for a hosted public Cloud system that contains all essential hardware and software or a private Cloud with on-premise hardware and software for enhanced security.

With the widespread adoption of Cloud technology in business, there has been a massive increase in the need for Cloud computing specialists to design and operate these systems. Cloud training will provide you with a highly sought-after knowledge base and skill set, making you an attractive candidate for prospective companies across the globe looking to modernize their businesses.

Hence the answer to -"Is Cloud Computing a good career" is that it is not only a good career but a promising and prospective field.

Now that you are aware of the prospects of Cloud computing as a profession, let us get you a brief knowledge of how to go about the career path and jumpstart your dream.

The first and foremost thing is to ascertain where your interest lies and what your goals are. You should be aware that skills and talents in cloud computing are demanding, and you need to know database query language and related platforms to be successful in cloud computing. SQL is still the most popular database language, but you may beef up your skills by learning MySQL, Hadoop, or MongoDB.

Scaling your potentials to challenges and attaining higher positions demands that you validate your skills with a cloud computing certification. Certification verifies your Cloud Computing knowledge and allows businesses to distinguish between those who claim to know Cloud Computing and those who genuinely do. Cloud Computing certification can help you stand out to potential employers.

It is necessary for anyone interested in working as a cloud professional to equip themselves with the best techniques and skills. It is only achievable through proper cloud computing courses offered by significant providers. The cloud computing courses training and certification will give your cloud computing profession a much-needed boost. With a practical approach to learning concepts, theories, and relevant skills attained by joining a cloud computing course, you will be able to project your career to a higher level. 

Make sure you get certifications and attain proficiency at one of all of these most popular cloud platforms to excel in your cloud computing profession:

  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon Web Services

Select certification that suits you better and gets set moving!

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