Why Is Cloud Computing Becoming So Popular?


Cloud Computing

When you have a cloud to store an entire company’s data, use applications over high-speed internet connections without any hassle, what do you want more as an entrepreneur or an owner of the firm? Knowing that you are safe and secured with the Cloud and that now, you have no need to spend your expenses on computer software and hardware brings another level of comfort and solace in managing a firm. 

How does this Cloud work and function?

It is a whole dedicated team of cloud computing experts and professionals that make it possible for an organization to work with cloud services. They make an organization and firm a better player in serving the clients and customers by providing high-speed connections and provision of a whole lot of data, facts, figures, and information. 

In today's modern technological world, cloud technologies issue reliability, scalability, agility, disaster recovery, and consistency with many other short-term and long-term benefits to the firm and thus, to its customers. 

What computation in the cloud does is - allows data to be more centrally directed, and managed; secured, grounded.

One major advantage of the cloud is that it helps in resolving the issue of cyber security, allows better quality function, and because of its better protective systems and innate intricate authority parameters, keeps cyber attackers and hackers away from entering a super system.

This automatically helps secure the company’s data, by protecting major vulnerabilities and loopholes that a company might not want to manifest or disclose to any of its stakeholders. This is counted as one of the most significant reasons for the popularity of Cloud technologies.

When we look at a bright future of cloud computing jobs, many learners understand how many IT and technology companies demand Cloud computing professionals

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Why is Cloud Computing Growing so Fast?

Will you believe this? The cloud is expanding 7 times speedily in comparison to the rest of the IT professional areas. Yes, this is true! The pace at which the entire cloud domain is developing is rapid.

In the wake of this rapid development Microsoft, Amazon, and Google are offering the best cloud computing certification to new-day aspirants and learners. 

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Here we enlist some reasons why cloud computing is growing at such a noteworthy pace - 

  • It is helping in Business Transformation

After the advent of the cloud, businesses are transitioning from traditional operational procedures and frameworks to permanent modern organizational arrangements. The cloud services are allowing new professionals in the world of cloud computing to quickly move in and scale up. 

After the advent of the cloud, the need for data analytics professionals has inflated more than before. By sharing, and storing large amounts of data, the IT firms have adapted to a better form of commercial models and setups, becoming more effective and efficient in their routine chores. 

Indeed, the businesses in the world of IT are modifying at greater speed, making it possible for the businesses to transform their identity and take up a new avatar!


  • Building Connection Amongst Employees

Technology has made almost everything possible today! It has allowed the transformation of many offices - both physically and emotionally. 

Technology, and in particular the cloud-LMS has ensured that the employees are in regular touch via their devices - tablets, phones, and laptops. It is because of these new gadgets that workers can interact at the click of a button and talk anytime, anywhere. They can exchange data, and access it anytime, instantly. Technology has made communication fast and easy. 

Thus, professionals are simultaneously acknowledging the fact that, if they want to stay ahead of time and technological demand in the IT sector, and earn high salaries, cloud technology is something every organization has to hold on to!


  • Reducing Costs

The Cloud allows for preferable cutting in costs and expenses for a firm. Indeed, it also helps reduce costs, preserve scalability and flexibility and help a particular business prosper. The Cloud-based LMS allows better automation where there is not a serious demand to invest largely in IT support.

If a company wants to maintain updated information, it can be done with the help of cloud technology and service. Thus, we curtail a huge amount of capital expenditures. Only a basic expenditure is processed to look after cloud hosts and maintain cloud security and data availability. 


  • Dealing with International Markets

Cloud technology is a revolution in itself. With its mighty power, it has entered the international markets.  As evidenced by Google, it is ready to start with its cloud-based application allowing and making ways for testing, and running on other firm’s servers, connected through AppScale’s technology. 

Playing on an international ground gives plenty of room to engineers. It offers cloud engineers to operate a cloud-to-cloud link and employ it to move their applications from physical data centers in nations that warrant it, thereby allowing entry to larger groups of feasible users.


  • Producing More

With the help of the cloud, organizations today have an increased opportunity to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently. This is because they can approach everything they need. This can be done on international grounds, from anywhere across the world with the help of a fixed internet link. 

When professionals work remotely via cloud LMS, each waged and employed hour can be maximized to its full extent. Employees can produce with the help of the cloud, even when they are not physically present in the office. 


Why is cloud computing popular in today’s market?

Cloud computing has become a household word and a very common buzzword in technological circles. The field is becoming more and more popular day by day and is growing by leaps and bounds.

Many businesses and organizations are jumping on the bandwagon of cloud computing and are striving to take advantage of all the features and innovations which it offers. The demand for cloud computing is growing day by day.

In this article we shall look at some of the reasons why cloud computing has become so popular in today’s market, both in terms of its usage by businesses and organizations of the corporate world and also in terms of the number of professionals trying to enter into it and get cloud computing jobs.


Why is cloud computing seeing so much adoption?

  1. Cloud computing provides flexibility -

Cloud computing offers unprecedented flexibility to businesses and organizations. It offers pre-made solutions to many common problems which businesses and organizations face in implementing and executing large software development projects.

The pricing model of cloud computing platforms is also very flexible because most of them only charge companies for the services they make use of. So it is a pay as you use pricing model. The cloud computing certification discusses this pricing model in more detail.


  1. It makes it very easy to update applications and services –

Updating applications and services is an absolute breeze with the aid of cloud computing. Cloud computing platforms enable programmers to push updates and patches to their products and services in a systematic and organized manner and that too simultaneously.

This is extremely different from the days of pre-cloud computing in which programmers had to maintain a separate website and ask users to download updates from there individually. We can see how software applications like Google Drive and Spotify make use of this updation feature. 


  1. Cloud services reduce operating costs drastically -

Cloud services reduce operating costs drastically. Just think about it – if a business or organization wants to manage the operation of their software application by themselves and if it is a networked software application they will have to bear many costs.

As we know from the booming field of data science, data is very valuable and can not just be thrown away. So the business or organization will have to manage the storage and security measures for the data themselves. They will even have to pay for the IT personnel to manage their servers and data centers.


  1. Cloud technologies allow for easy collaboration -

With the help of cloud technologies, companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple have created many productivity and collaboration tools with the help of which professionals all across the world are able to work together and collaborate with each other.

Tools like Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Microsoft Office 365 have made it very easy to collaborate with each other even if the team members are sitting continents apart.

Now someone in India can make a change to a document at night and the changes will be saved automatically and be reflected in the shared document of their team member in the US.


Do we have plenty of Quality Cloud Computing Experts that Suit Industry Standards? 

We know that the jobs are many and the employees that have the skills and needed talents are fewer. We have sufficient manpower, but workers who are ready to provide service or assist companies are not skilled enough to take up the jobs and match what the industry needs. 

According to Gartner, 101,913 cloud computing positions are open all over the world. Around 50,248 cloud computing vacancies are available in the U.S alone. Learners can take up roles as Cloud Architects, Cloud Software Engineers, Cloud Infrastructure Engineers, and much more. 

Statistics show that the median salary of any professional in a cloud computing career is around $124,300. It is estimated that this is majorly the case in the US. With such a boosting job income, everybody would want to enter the field of cloud computing by taking up a relevant cloud computing exam.

By now we have enough points that highlight the demand of cloud computing jobs and cloud computing certification courses in the world today! Are you ready to enter the domain of the cloud? Enroll at Careerera, and find a suitable cloud computing course or program that can help you reach where you want to be in your professional career in cloud computing. We have a dedicated team of teachers and guides that know what is best and can help you attain the right job role.  

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