Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Build smarter and more intelligent systems.

Artificial Intelligence is perhaps the most popular word in general usage which has its origins in the Computer Science field. This is because of all the science fiction movies containing robots which can speak and spaceships which have automated guidance and defense systems. Due to this misappropriation by the media the word has been widely misunderstood. But anyone who takes an Artificial Intelligence course online will learn what the real meaning of Artificial Intelligence is.

This Artificial Intelligence certification will teach the learners that Artificial Intelligence is a field of computer science in which the programmer attempts to impart human-like intelligence to machines. They use techniques and algorithms which give machines the ability to engage in reasoning processes and processes of logic quite similar to what a rational human being would follow. Artificial Intelligence training will let programmers give machines the ability to understand complex relationships, interpret them meaningfully, and take actionable decisions on the basis of those calculations. Such machines, if left alone in a navigable environment, will be able to interpret the elements present in the environment and be able to take certain paths of actions based on their observations. So Artificial Intelligence lets programmers impart such powers of perception to machines. Not only will they be able to interpret the environment, but they will also be able to detect their mistakes, record them, and process them to learn how to perform better the next time they are in the same environment.

Machine learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence which aims to teach machines to learn from their environment on their own without any outside aid or interference. The method they use is that they supply the machines with massive data sets as inputs. Then they program specific machine learning algorithms into the machines which give them the ability to analyze the massive data sets and accept them as their own past experiences. Thus a new machine can be given the memory of a used machine. They then extract patterns from these data sets and use these patterns to form new knowledge. This course is one of the Machine learning courses online which will teach a learner how to do so.

Initially the programmers have to program specific algorithms into the machines to teach them how to learn, to put it simply. But after the machines are supplied with massive data sets as inputs, they are able to draw upon these banks of past experience and draw new conclusions. So one can take this PG diploma in Machine learning and AI to gain the knowledge and skills required to perform this feat. Our AI and Machine learning course includes topics such as Data preprocessing, Data wrangling, Typecasting, Labor hours comparison, Time series modeling, Removal of non-stationarity, Text mining, Lemmatization, Rendering syntax trees, structuring sentences with chunking and chunk parsing, Context-free grammar etc.

Why go with Careerera’s Post Graduate Program in Machine Learning and AI?

Careerera’s Post Graduate Program in Machine Learning and AI is a very well-designed course intended for learners from all categories, from complete beginners to professionals with prior experience. It will give one a thorough grounding in all the core concepts and relevant topics of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The course curriculum has been especially crafted to give the learners exposure to all the important developments from the industry. Careerera’s instructors are all of world-class quality. They have all been subjected to a very rigorous screening process and have been chosen for their teaching skills and subject matter expertise.

All kinds of course study materials are made available in this Post graduate program in Machine learning and Artificial intelligence to the learners including videos, audio lectures, notes, surprise quizzes, assignments, and capstone projects. The instructors also provide 24/7 support to the learners in the form of doubt clearing sessions on video, call, email, and chat.

Why Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning?

Learn how to transfer human roles to machines.

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    13.3% CAGR

    during the forecast period from 2018 to 2026

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    25% Job Growth

    estimated for Software Developer roles by 2028

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    1.7 MILLION

    The 2020 global estimate calls for 1.7 million job postings for Software Development Roles.

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    4,535.5 million

    Is Expected by the global task management for software market size

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    Globally to become one of the top three skills for jobs.

On completing this program, you will:

Develop expertise in popular AI & ML technologies and problem-solving methodologies

Develop the ability to independently solve business problems using AI & ML

Learn to use popular AI & ML technologies like Python, Tensor flow and Keras to develop applications

Develop a verified portfolio with 12+ projects that will showcase the new skills acquired

Build expertise in AI & ML which are quickly becoming the most sought- after skills around the world


Program Highlights

This program will provide you with many great benefits.

  • Online Program

    Minimum 12-month online program

    Online Lab Sessions

  • Collaborations

    Careerera has collaboration with many eminent Universities and Organisations across the Globe to exchange the knowledge.

  • Dedicated Career Guides

    Career guidance and mentorship by Careerera's faculty and industry leaders

    Resume review and interview preparation sessions

    Access to opportunities with our leading partners

  • Become Job-ready

    Real-world case studies to build practical skills

    Hands -on Exposure to Ai&ml Tools &Techniques such as python, keras.

    Learn industry insights through multiple industry knowledge sessions

Program Curriculum

Program topics gradually progress from simple to advanced.


  • Python for AI & ML

    • Python Basics
    • Python Functions and Packages
    • Working with Data Structures, Arrays, Vectors & Data Frames
    • Jupyter Notebook – Installation & function
    • Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, Seaborn
  • Applied Statistics

    • Descriptive Statistics
    • Probability & Conditional Probability
    • Hypothesis Testing
    • Inferential Statistics
    • Probability Distributions

Machine Learning

  • Supervised learning

    • Linear Regression
    • Multiple Variable Linear Regression
    • Logistic Regression
    • Naive Bayes Classifiers
    • K-NN Classification
    • Support Vector Machines
  • Unsupervised learning

    • K-means Clustering
    • Hierarchical Clustering
    • Dimension Reduction-PCA
  • Ensemble Techniques

    • Decision Trees
    • Bagging
    • Random Forests
    • Boosting
  • Recommendation Systems

    • Introduction to Recommendation Systems
    • Popularity based model
    • Content based RecommendationSystem
    • Collaborative Filtering (User similarity & Item similarity)
    • Hybrid Models

Artificial Intelligence

  • Introduction to Neural Networks and Deep Learning

    • Introduction to Perceptron & Neural Networks Activation and Loss functions Gradient Descent Batch Normalization TensorFlow & Keras for Neural Networks Hyper Parameter Tuning Sequential Models and NLP
  • Introduction to Sequential data

    • RNNs and its mechanisms Vanishing & Exploding gradients in RNNs LSTMs - Long short-term memory GRUs - Gated recurrent unit LSTMs Applications Time series analysis LSTMs with attention mechanism Neural Machine Translation Advanced Language Models: Transformers, BERT, XLNet Computer vision
  • Introduction to Convolutional Neural Networks Convolution, Pooling

    • Padding & its mechanisms Forward Propagation & Backpropagation for CNNs
    • CNN architectures like AlexNet, VGGNet, InceptionNet & ResNet
    • Transfer Learning NLP Basics(Natural Language Processing)
    • Introduction to NLP Stop Words Tokenization Stemming and lemmatization Bag of Words Model Word Vectorizer TF-IDF POS Tagging Named Entity Recognition
    • Advanced Computer Vision Object Detection YOLO, R-CNN,
    • SSD Semantic Segmentation U-Net Face Recognition using Siamese Networks Instance Segmentation Introduction to GANs (Generative adversarial networks)
  • Introduction to GANs -Generative Networks Adversarial Networks

    • How GANs work?
    • DCGANs - Deep Convolution GANs
  • Applications of GANs

    • Introduction to Reinforcement Learning (RL) RL Framework Component of RL Framework Examples of RL Systems Types of RL Systems Q-learning
    • LANGUAGES AND TOOLS- Python ,Python ML library ,Scikit-learn ,NLP library ,NLTK ,Keras, Pandas Numpy ,Scipy, Matplotlib ,TensorFlow

Capstone Projects

Test your skills and knowledge on practical projects.


Handwritten Digits Recognition

Human beings write digits in different ways and in different handwritings. Handwritten digits can vary a lot in shapes and sizes as they use many distinct curves and straight lines. So for machines to read and comprehend the digits that humans have written will take a lot of finetuning. The learner’s task is to develop a Handwritten Digits Recognition algorithm and create an application based on the same. It should be able to identify, comprehend, and recognize handwritten digits and produce an output for the same. It should be fast and accurate.


Lane Line Detection

In today’s world the idea of self-driving cars is no longer a mere dream. Google’s self-driving cars have clocked thousands of miles on the roads of North America and have shown that drivers are no longer necessary to drive cars. The learner’s task is to develop a Lane Line Detection algorithm which can identify, pinpoint, and detect lines in the middle of the road demarcating new lanes. They should be able to detect them at a distance of at least a 100 metres and comprehend from the markings whether the lanes are high- speed or slow.


Spoiler Blocker Extension

When a new movie or show comes out, mischievous people always try to remove the thrill and anticipation from it by posting information about it online which reveals all the important events that take place in the movie or show. These pieces of information are known as spoilers. The learner’s task is to develop a browser extension which will accept input from the user related to their favourite new movies or shows. It will then detect any mentions of them in advance and black out those mentions by overlaying other text or images on top of them.


Spam Classifier Extension

Most email users receive dozens of emails every day. A large percentage of those emails are spam in the form of advertisements, promotional material, or plain jokes. They are very distracting, clutter the inbox, and deleting them individually is too time-consuming. The learner’s task is to create a browser extension which can classify email as spam or regular non-spam email on the basis of the contents of the email alone. It should use the open source known spammers lists to identify spam emails without having to even scan the emails.


Optimal Path Specifier Map

A huge business problem today is to discover which is the shortest and least time consuming route from one location to another. There are several products available in the market which attempt to solve this problem to varying degrees of success. The learner’s task is to develop a piece of software which uses advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to discover the optimal route between two points on a map. It should consider traffic, weather, and whether the user has travelled through that route before too. The learner has to create an application using those algorithms.


Game of Chess AI

The game of chess is extremely popular among human beings who like mentally demanding tasks. It is a game very well-suited to the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning concepts and techniques. The learner’s task is to create a chess game application which is fully equipped with sophisticated AI opponents who can predict and counter human players’ chess moves in advance. It should be able to take inputs of chess matches data sets and simulate the matches while displaying what its own AI opponents would have done from either side.


Fire Detection and Localization Using Surveillance Cameras

A huge threat in households across the world today is the threat of unexpected fires breaking out. A house fire can do massive amounts of property damage and claim the lives of any occupants within the house. The learner’s task is to use house surveillance cameras to detect and pinpoint whether a fire has broken out and the location. The fire detection application should use image classification and computer vision algorithms to perform this feat. It should have built-in reporting features to alert the residents of the house about the fire.


Website Evaluation Using Opinion Mining

A big challenge that search engines around the world face today is the presence of low-effort websites with poor content or websites that are fronts for other larger websites and only exist to host backlinks for them. It will be very helpful to have a rating or scoring system for all websites on the internet. The learner’s task is to create an application which the users can use to browse the internet and leave reviews and ratings on the different websites they encounter. There should be a ‘Website category’ option for sorting them too.


Fake Product Review Monitoring System

A common strategy that many companies around the world follow is to post fake reviews on the internet praising their products or services. Fake product reviews skew the search results in favour of the fraudulent company and mislead prospective customers about their quality and performance. The learner’s task is to create a fake product review monitoring system. It should use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learling algorithms to track and identify fraudulent IP addresses which are posting multiple reviews from the same IP address. It should also use an opinion mining and rating system.


Automatic Attendance System

In schools a large amount of time is spent in taking the rollcall and attendance of students. Teachers can use the same time in revising important concepts from the subject study matter with the students or in checking their assignments more painstakingly. The learner’s task is to create an Automatic attendance system that automates the process of taking attendance. It should use AI and ML algorithms related to computer vision to recognize and identify the faces of the incoming students and check their names against a school database.

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Get your queries and doubts cleared here.

1 : What is the PGP in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course from Careerera and what makes it different from individual courses?

A : Post Graduate Program in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is a carefully designed learning path that has been created by some of the leading industry experts. The structure of the course curriculum has been set up in a way that even a complete beginner to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will be able to follow the course progression and understand all the course materials clearly. Our world-class instructors will ensure that you become a master of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning by the time you complete the course.

Q2 : Can Careerera provide the PGP in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course at a location near me?

A : Our course content is intended to reach learners globally. Whether you reside in any country be it India, Canada, USA, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, or European countries like UK, Germany, Netherlands, Germany or somewhere else, you will be able to access our content 24/7, at any time of the day. The reason for this is that our content is available 100% online. You can access all of our content sitting at your home or office.

Q3 : Can I ask for a support and doubt clearing session if I want to understand the topics at a deeper level?

A : Careerera offers 24/7 query resolution and you can file a ticket with a dedicated support team at any time. We provide both email and video chat support for all the queries. If your query does not get resolved in a suitable amount of time through email, we will arrange live one on one sessions with our world-class instructors who would be more than happy to guide you through your doubts.

You may be happy to learn that Careeerera does not stop its learners from contacting the instructors even after they have completed the course. They can create as many support tickets as they want; we do not place any limit on the number of tickets they can create.

Q4 : Which kind of projects are assigned as part of the training?

A : Careerera assigns the most up to date, relevant, and practical high-value projects to its learners. They carry a lot of real world value as they are designed carefully by our world-class instructors to provide practical and hands-on experience to the learners as they complete them. We provide you with a safe and trusted route through which you can implement the learning and knowledge you have acquired in a real-world industrial environment. These projects are a part of every course at Careerera and they will thoroughly test your learning, skills, and practical knowledge, making you fully and comprehensively ready for the industry jobs.

You will have the opportunity to work on extremely exciting and demanding projects in the fields of hi-tech IT, Marketing, Sales, Ecommerce, Insurance, Banking, Networking etc. After completing the projects successfully your skills will be equivalent to 6 full months of painstaking and rigorous industry experience.

Q5 : Does Careerera provide any kind of job assistance?

Careerera supports its learners by providing placement assistance to all learners who successfully complete the course and pass all the exams, projects, and assignments. We have partnerships with lots of MNCs and other top employers around the world. Through our networks of contacts, you can successfully land a job in several outstanding organizations and equally great enterprises. We also conduct several free seminars and workshops on how to create one’s resume and how to prepare for job interviews. We will also conduct counselling sessions which will be for Career mentoring and participating in Career fairs.

Q6 : What is the definition of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning? What makes it so important?

A : Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are a very important part of Computer Science. They are quite interrelated with each other and have many points in common. Artificial Intelligence is at its most basic level a technology which enables machines to exhibit simulations of human behaviour. The main goal of AI is to develop intelligent computer systems which can solve complex problems of the world in a human-like manner. Machine Learning and Deep learning are two major components of AI. AI is a vast field and has a very diverse range of applications and scope. AI systems are more concerned with using the science of probability and prediction to maximize the chances of success of a system in solving a problem. Artificial intelligence has 3 main stages of operation – learning, reasoning, and self-correction. Often humans have to deal with not only structured data but semi- structured and unstructured data as well. Therefore any AI system should be fully equipped to handle not only structured data but semi-structured and unstructured data as well.

Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence. It is heavily dependent on past data. It is a science which allows machines to learn about new patterns and new courses of action on the basis of past data related to the same problem domain. Computer systems are taught how to proceed along certain lines of action and how to take certain decisions when faced with a certain matrix of choices and problems. This is why this field is called Machine “learning.” Machine learning is much narrower in scope than the broad scope of Artificial Intelligence. Computer systems trained by machine learning can only perform actions and tasks for which they have been explicitly taught the appropriate lines of response. They can not predict problems and solution sets in advance like the “intelligent” machines from the wider scope of Artificial Intelligence can.

Q7 : Is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning expert a good Career choice?

A : Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is in huge demand in many industries, ranging from IT to Finance to Ecommerce to Manufacturing to Healthcare to Retail. It is the fastest growing job on Linkedin and is predicted to create 20 million jobs by 2026. This makes Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning a very lucrative career choice. Also, the number of people who actually possess the requisite skillsets to become a complete Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning expert is very little. Thus, there is a high demand of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning experts but a low supply of qualified people. So Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning experts can demand as big a salary as they want and the companies will have to comply with their demands.

Q8 : What are the skills required to start a job in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

A : The skills you will require to land a job in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are – Testing and iterating skills, Python functions, packages, and routines knowledge, Mathematical knowledge, Physics knowledge, Mechanics knowledge, cognitive learning theory knowledge, language processing knowledge, Critical thinking skills, Curiosity, Out-of-the-box thinking skills, Technical skills, Signal processing techniques knowledge.

Q9 : Who is eligible for taking the PGP in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course from Careerera?

A : Companies who will seek to hire Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learningers will look for the following degrees -

12 th pass from the Science stream or IT stream.

For fresh graduates or college students - A degree in B.Tech/M.Tech (Any Trade), IT, BCA, MCA or B.Sc

For working professionals - Professional experience of 1+ years in any programming language. If your professional experience is not related to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, you can still make a switch to a career in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning provided that you hold any of the degrees specified above.

Q10 : What are the tools and technologies used to teach this PGP in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course from Careerera?

A : Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Sci-kit, Anaconda, Jupyter, NLTK, Python, Keras.

Q11 : What is the duration of this PGP in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course from Careerera?

A : The PGP in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course from Careerera is a 12 month long online program.

Q12 : Which topics are covered in the course curriculum of the PGP in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course from Careerera?

A : There are several topics pertinent to the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning which are covered in this PGP in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course. Some of them are as follows – NLP, Deep learning, Reinforcement learning, Graphical Models together with Predictive Analytics and Statistics, Statistical analysis concepts, Introduction to probability and Bayes theorem, Python functions, packages, and routines, Linear regression (both univariate and multivariate), Polynomial regression (both univariate and multivariate), K-NN classification, Support vector machines etc.

Q13 : Which sectors are the capstone projects based on?

A : Retail, Web and Social Media, Supply Chain, Entrepreneurship, E-commerce, Banking, Healthcare, Insurance, Finance and Accounts etc.

Q14 : What is the target audience of this course?

Audience Profile :

The intended audience for the PG Program in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are:

  • IT Professionals
  • Data Professionals
  • Individuals with basic programming skills interested in the AI & ML
  • Data Scientists viewing to get a big boost in their careers
  • Professionals looking for a career shift into AI & ML
  • Q15 : Why should one choose Careerera?

  • As an education provider, Careerera aims at developing the overall personality of an individual so that they can progress into becoming highly skilled working professionals.
  • Careerera’s faculty utilize contemporary tactics in order to deliver training sessions which include one-to-one interaction between the participants and the instructor.
  • The trainers appointed for Careerera’s courses possess a very high level of expertise in their subjects and fields. Therefore Careerera can easily guarantee positive results for all the participants.
  • 24x7 guidance is provided to those who need it via call, email, or video call.
  • Candidates can opt for demo classes in order to get a good idea of the actual training sessions.
  • Careerera provides the online live virtual classroom training model in order to make it easier for working professionals to attend the sessions on one hand while balancing their work on the other.

    Post Graduate Program

    AI & ML

    This Certificate is Produly Presented to

    John Smith

    For Successful Completion of the Post Graduate Program In
    AI & ML with all the Mandatory Course Requirements
    and Capstone Projects with Distinction.






    Student's Review & Feedback

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    • Swathish
    • I was looking for a course in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as I wanted to enter that field of computation and find a job in it. I considered several options online. I couldn’t take a regular classroom course because I had a night shift job and I needed to sleep in the day. Out of all the options, Careerera’s PGP in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course seemed to be the most attractive one. The website presentation was really good and so were the sample video lectures. When I took the course my high expectations were met completely and fully. The course study materials were very high quality and so were the instructors. The videos, lectures, notes, assignments, surprise quizzes, and capstone projects were all very well designed. I learned a lot from the course and have benefited immensely as my skills in artificial intelligence and machine learning have developed a lot.

    • Gaurav Sharma
    • Initially I was very skeptical about Careerera’s PGP in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course because I had never taken an online course before and did not have any experience with online courses. So I was thinking that the course study materials would be of a poor quality and that I would have a lot of difficulty in following the instructors. I was also thinking that I would have difficulty in completing the assignments and capstone projects too. Instead, my experience was completely different. The course study materials were of a very high quality. All the videos, lectures, notes, assignments, surprise quizzes, and capstone projects were very well designed and helped me keep my working knowledge fresh and crisp. The instructors were very experienced from their years in the industry and they were also very knowledgeable, helpful, and polite. They led us through the course step by step with great patience.

    • vaishali
    • Careerera’s PGP in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course was an absolute blessing for me. I had been looking for a course in AI and ML for a long time but I had not been able to find a course which was of a sufficiently high standard. All the options online looked like cheap imitations of the real standards with a poor quality overall. But Careerera’s PGP in AI and ML course had a great presentation on the website and really nice sample videos. I chose it because of these reasons. Having completed the course now, I can safely say that my choice was the right one. I found everything about the course to be of a high standard and very satisfactory. The course study materials including the videos, lectures, notes, assignments, surprise quizzes, and capstone projects were all of a very high quality and extremely helpful in staying up to date with the course. They also helped a lot with revision.

    • Pooja kulkarni
    • Careerera’s PGP in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has some of the best course study materials that I have ever seen in any online course. The videos, lectures, notes, assignments, surprise quizzes, and capstone projects were all of an excellent quality. They were a great aid for me to learn the topics and concepts taught in the course by the instructors. I used to study from the video lectures in the day and study from the notes and solve all the assignments throughout the day. This way I kept my working knowledge fresh and sharp. The instructors were excellent too and helped me immensely in learning all the topics and concepts of the course properly. I could follow along with the coursepath they went through very easily and was able to learn all the topics and concepts of the course very easily. It was immediately apparent that they had a lot of deep knowledge and experience related to the subject matter of the course. I would like to extend my gratitude to Careerera for providing such a well- designed course on their website.

    • Mark Stapay 
    • I am extremely glad that I decided to enroll in Careerera’s PGP in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course. What was there to not love about the course? Nothing was lacking or found wanting in the course. The course study materials were par excellence. All the videos, lectures, notes, assignments, surprise quizzes and capstone projects were very well made and full of very helpful insights about the concepts and topics of the course. I was able to cover the subject matter of the course very efficiently with the aid of the course study materials. The instructors of the course were also very helpful. They taught us all the topics and concepts of the course very effectively. I especially liked how the topics of Numpy for statistical analysis and Seaborn for Data visualization were covered. The instructors taught the course by progressing gradually from simple and easy to advanced topics. They did not make the course feel overwhelming at any stage of the coursepath and instead made all the learners felt very enthusiastic and relaxed in the matter of going through the course.

    • kim
    • I completed Careerera’s PGP in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course a few months ago. I must say it was a surprisingly delightful experience, given that it was a certification training course. It was an edifying experience as well. The course was conducted by very skilled and knowledgeable instructors who possessed years of experience of working in the industry. They led us step by step through the course topics, gradually leading us from simple and easy topics to advanced ones. I did not have a strong background in Computer Science before taking this course but I was able to complete it without any difficulties because of the skilled instructors. They really made the course a breeze to go through. The thing I most appreciated about the course was its high quality course study materials. The course study materials such as videos, lectures, notes, assignments, surprise quizzes and capstone projects were all designed to be neither a cakewalk, nor prohibitively difficult.

    • Darrel Green
    • I wanted to enter the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and turn my career a little in that direction. For this purpose I was looking for good AI and ML certification courses on the internet. I found many options online and was in a fix about which one I should choose until I found Careerera’s PGP in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course. I found everything in the course to my liking. The instructors were exceptionally skilled and talented. They taught the course with a fine balance between easiness and difficulty. They taught in a way that the course topics and concepts seemed neither too easy nor too prohibitively difficult. The course study materials were also very well made. They were designed in such a way that they targeted all the learners’ potentially weak areas and reinforced the areas which we were strong in. Having completed the course I feel much more confident in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and I am sure that I will be able to apply those skills to grow in my career professionally as well.

    • safwan
    • Thanks to Careerera I have a comfortable and secure job with a high salary now. I completed Careerera’s PGP in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course a few months ago. I took it with the purpose of enriching and augmenting my resume with a high standard certification training course. Completing this course has proved to be greatly beneficial for me career-wise. Wherever I apply for interviews, the hiring managers give me preference as a job candidate and always remark that my resume looks very attractive because of the PGP in AI and ML certification course listed on it. I have been receiving interview calls from many hiring managers ever since I completed this course and mentioned it on my resume. New avenues and job opportunities have opened before me by the simple action of completing this course. I have gained many valuable skills and experience by completing the assignments and capstone projects of this course and they are all serving me well in the software development industry now. I am extremely grateful to Careerera for having built this high quality and well designed course.

    • Mike G
    • Careerera’s PGP in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course is a very well designed course. It is apparent from a surface glance itself that it was prepared with the most sublime project ideals in mind. It has been prepared conscientiously, seriously, painstakingly and with great care. The learner will observe that the course has a lot of course study material that has been created meticulously and with a huge amount of attention to detail and cross-verification to ensure accuracy. The videos, lectures, notes, assignments, surprise quizzes and capstone projects were all targeted very effectively at the critical points of the course concepts and topics. They helped the learners revise and review all the course concepts and topics directly as well as shore up their weaknesses in certain subject matter areas. The instructors had a broad and deep knowledge of their subject matter and were very skilled in explaining it comprehensively and in a lot of detail. They possessed decades of experience of working in the software development industry and could easily see where the learners were struggling and what they required to be set back on the right path.

    • Guillaume K
    • I am very happy that I chose to take Careerera’s PGP in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course from Careeera’s website. Careerera has a very robust and high-performance learning management system which made taking the course online a seamless and smooth experience. There were many helpful features in the learning management system that aided my studies to no small extent. Most importantly, the course study material was delivered flawlessly online and I could access the videos, lectures, notes, assignments, surprise quizzes, and capstone projects with no issues whatsoever. The instructors were extremely talented and explained even the most complex concepts and topics in a very simple and understandable manner. They also gave us many practical examples related to the subject matter. They were able to do so because they possessed a large amount of experience from their decades of work in the software development industry. I was particularly impressed by their coverage of Hierarchical clustering and Expectation Maximization.