About Integrated Doctorate of Business Administration (IDBA)

The EIMT Integrated DBA Programme combines scientific research with structured subject and professional training. Our approach is rooted in cutting-edge research, with a blend of developing management skills and thought leadership. Students will typically complete the Programme in 4 years, which otherwise will take more than 5 years if students were to pursue each degree Programme separately.

Candidates in the Programme will get access to guided and hands-on supervision throughout the degree Programme. The IDBA at EIMT is a highly specialised research and tailored training oriented towards global business and societal transformation. Our IDBA Programme has been customised and designed to fit each student's course of study. We aim to harness and offer students the synergy of real-world expertise built on scientific research with rigorous professional training.

The Programme will engage students in systematic knowledge acquisition, developing original research and several other advanced scholarships, along with the introduction of novel ideas and knowledge. Students will earn the merits of conceptualising, designing, and implementing scientific research to generate new ideas, comprehension and application in business and across multiple industries.

The dual-Programme-in-one offers the opportunity to gain access to an affordable and efficient career path. This Programme can be completed in just 4 years and provides you with versatile management skills and the ability to conduct profound applied research in business management.

An IDBA degree is your best chance to easily reach the pinnacle of your career and attain top-tier executive positions in a wide range of industries. Allow yourself to unlock your full potential and achieve the success you deserve through our Integrated Doctorate in Business Administration tailored to meet your career needs.

IDBA Programme Goal & Objectives

  • To equip professionals with crucial business and administration skills aligning to modern business practices.
  • To enable professionals to develop the skills of critically assessing the existing business landscape and synthesising research with current complexities.
  • Develop leadership and managerial qualities and competencies needed in executive level positions.
  • Enable professionals the competency of conducting original research leading to the growth of the body of knowledge.
  • Develop the expertise of adapting research approaches to address emerging challenges in the dynamic business environment.
  • To allow professionals to fast-track their professional advancement to executive level positions.

Why Pursue IDBA (MBA + DBA)

  • Accelerated and Streamlined Path to Career Success

    IDBA offers the best route to accelerating your professional growth. The integrated path facilitates a more direct route to the doctoral degree in considerably less time and cost.

  • Build Critical Business skills

    Candidates acquire real-world business-oriented skills to critical thinking based on rigorous research, problem-solving and leadership qualities oriented towards executive positions.

  • Seamless transition & No Coursework Repetition

    Students are allowed the chance to seamlessly transition to Doctorate degree without repeating coursework. They get to seamlessly transition into the next level of professional training.

  • Industry Experts Designed Pedagogy

    The Programme curriculum has been meticulously designed by industry experts to allow working professionals to achieve their professional goals without taking a break.

Birchwood University Licensure & Association

  • Florida Department of Education

  • Florida Association of Postsecondary Schools and Colleges

EIMT Accreditations & Memberships

  • Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programmes (ACBSP)

  • OTHM United Kingdom

  • Quality Assurance in Higher Education (QAHE)

  • Diplomatic Research and Policy Foundation (DRPF)

  • AQS QAHE- ISO/IEC 40180:2017

  • United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA)

  • European Association of Institutions in Higher Education (EURASHE)

Modules: What will you Learn in the Programme?

IDBA Programme Delivery Track

  • MBA - Engage in a rigorous course work and research project that links your MBA expertise with real-world applications.
  • DBA - Undertake extensive research at the doctoral level, broadening your knowledge and advancing the field's body of knowledge.

The IDBA will follow two segments with separate modules each.

  • Segment I -The first segment will consist of modules covering the MBA level and a mandatory project/ assignment submission.
  • Segment II - The second segment is the next level after completing the mandatory coursework and projects. Students are required to produce an academic research thesis of a standard that is appropriate for the academic environment.

MBA Curriculum

Birchwood University, Florida,USA

The MBA Curriculum at Birchwood will give students exposure to advanced theoretical concepts from various business models, enhancing analytical, and decision-making skills, and practical problem-solving. The curriculum consists of the following modules


  • MBA500 | Principles of Economics and Finance | 3 Credit Hours
  • MBA510 | Principles of Accounting | 3 Credit Hours
  • MBA520 | Managerial Statistics | 3 Credit Hours
  • MBA530 | Intra and Entrepreneurship | 3 Credit Hours
  • MBA540 | Information Data Management | 3 Credit Hours
  • MBA550 | Managerial Marketing | 3 Credit Hours
  • MBA560 | Business Law & Ethics | 3 Credit Hours
  • MBA570 | Organizational Change Management | 3 Credit Hours
  • MBA580 | Managerial Accounting | 3 Credit Hours
  • MBA590 | Managerial Economics | 3 Credit Hours
  • MBA600 | Managerial Finance | 3 Credit Hours
  • MBA610 | Project Team Management | 3 Credit Hours
  • MBA620 | People, Conflict, Negotiation & Resolution | 3 Credit Hours
  • MBA630 | Advanced Project Management | 3 Credit Hours
  • MBA640 | Capstone Project | 3 Credit Hours

DBA Curriculum

EIMT, Zug, Switzerland

The DBA at EIMT is designed in this sort of way that scholars end within 3 years. Extension years are usually not granted. The program generally comprises mainly to three phases:-

1) Course Work: This phase generally is your first semester and comprises of selection, course work on different aspects of your program like research methods, quantitative and qualitative methods and techniques. This phase ends with finalization of the topic of your research and allocation of supervisor or research faculty. There will be multiple seminars and presentations in this phase.

2) Research Lab: This phase generally is mix of your second and third semester. This generally includes data collection and analysis. This phase includes your synopsis submissions and monthly progress report submission after every six month. This phase also includes multiple seminars and presentations.

3) Doctoral Thesis: This phase is generally your fourth to sixth semester phase that includes thesis write-up, committee reviews, thesis re-write ups, viva voices (oral defenses) and award of the doctorate.

During each of these phases, the scholar will be guided and supervised by supervisor or research faculty.

The proposed curriculum has these distinctive features:

  • Progressively master and apply management theories;
  • Provide cohesiveness within each semester, with an identified theme to connect learning and outcomes;
  • Competencies organized within three major areas: (1) Managerial Foundational Skills (2) Global Management Skills and (3) Technical Skills;
  • A capstone project, e.g. dissertation to demonstrate summative knowledge;
  • A built-in curriculum cohesion approach, with a clear pathway to program completion.

Program Structure


Ref No. Module Title ECTS
M704 Strategic Human Resource Management 10
M720 Strategic Financial Management 10
M713 Supply Chain and Operations Management 10
M734 Entrepreneurship and Innovation 10
M735 Strategic Marketing 10
M736 Globalisation and Corporate Governance 10


Ref No. Module Title ECTS
M801 Globalisation and Corporate Governance 10
M802 Project Development, Planning and Management 10
M803 Developing Strategic Management and Leadership Potential 10
M804 Developing Research Capability 10
M805 Advanced Research Design and Methodologies 10


Ref No. Module Title ECTS
M806 Research and Dessertation 60

Attention: Important Note

Program contents are indicative and subject to changes, as European Institute of Management Technology (EIMT), constantly improves its curriculum according to evolutions in the business world.


How will you learn in the Programme?

Programme Delivery Track

Immerse into an experiential and scientific learning journey tailored for developing modern-day leaders and expertise.

ONLINE Programme

  • Fully online classes - Classes are held entirely online.
  • Online Library - Unlimited access to a wide range of study resources from recorded video lessons to articles, books, journals, case studies and other publications.


  • Degree Programme Forums - Attend global level academic colloquia like webinars, conference,workshops and build your global perspective.
  • Global Connect - Build lifelong relationship with peers and industry for your professional and personal growth.


  • Project/Thesis Submission - Mandatory submission of projects that demonstrate your practical skills and theoretical nuances.
  • Personal Programme Guide - Get personalized guidance and support from faculty throughout the Programme.

Admission Process

Enroll in the Programme with a simple online form.

What will you receive at the end of the Programme?

Students will acquire dual degree and certifications upon the successful completion of the Programme.

  • Doctorate of Business Administration issued by European Institute of Management & Technology (EIMT), Switzerland
  • Detailed Transcript of DBA with 180 ECTS Credits (DBA) issued by EIMT, Switzerland
  • Master of Business Administration issued by Birchwood University, Florida, USA
  • Detailed Transcript of MBA with 45 Credits issued by Birchwood University, Florida, USA

Life After IDBA

Your chance to steer business world towards transformatory route

Buckle up for a thrilling ride, where your IDBA becomes the passport to a future where you dont just follow trends; you set them. Life after IDBA is an adventure waiting to unfold, where your unique blend of expertise propels you to the forefront of business excellence and impact.

Your IDBA degree will unfold in multiple directions, from the revered halls of academia, where you inspire the next generation of business minds, to the bustling boardrooms of multinational corporations, where your strategic prowess earns you a coveted seat at the executive table.

Some top positions in your radar after IDBA Programme


Take on the roles of professors, lecturers, or researchers in Business Schools and Institutions. Your contribution will create impactful transformation.

Corporate Leadership

Explore the roles of Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), or other executive positions.

Management Consulting

Be at the forefront of making strategic decisions, advising on organizational development, and problem-solving

Research and Development

Become a leader and top contributor in developing innovative projects, new products, services, or processes.


Embark on your dream of building your own business backed by your skills and business acumen in identifying market opportunities, developing business strategies, and ensuring the success of their ventures.


Take on the roles of professors, lecturers, or researchers in Business Schools and Institutions. Your contribution will create impactful transformation.

Policy and Advocacy

Work in government agencies or non-profit organizations to contribute to policy development, economic research, or advocacy for business-related issues.

Professional Development

Engage in helping other professionals enhance their business skills through professional development and training, either within organizations or as independent consultants.

Executive Education

Deliver specialized training to executives and business leaders to enhance their leadership capabilities and strategic thinking.

Industry Research Positions

Play key roles in industry research organizations, think tanks, or research departments of large corporations.


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Find answers to all your queries and doubts here.

Prospective candidates for the EIMT IDBA Programme must ensure fulfilling the following eligibility criteria:

  • Bachelor's degree in any discipline with substantial years of experiences or a Master's Degree
  • English language proficiency proof (Non-Native Speakers)
  • Applicants may refer to Programme requirement criteria mentioned in the Programme page.

Applicants must ensure uploading the following documents as they apply online for the application process

  • All academic certificates supporting the degree attainment (Non-English certificates must accompany official translations)
  • Transcript of all the degree mark sheets & Certificates
  • Updated CV
  • A valid copy of a photo Identity card issued by the government
  • Relevant certificates for those seeking Alternate route application
  • Language proof certificates
  • Copy of any research publications made
  • Work Experience certificate

If the candidate is compelled to leave under any unforeseen circumstances and wants to withdraw admission, he/she may do so by applying for an early exit award.

However, awarding of IMBA/ Diploma/Extended Diploma will only be considered based on the modules completed and credits earned by the candidate by paying the certification fee.

Such candidate may only resume the Programme if they wish by re-enrolling in the Programme and resume from where they left. However, this is conditional upon the availability of the particular Programme at the enrolment time.

EIMT opens students to do research in any area that in connection to business management from numerous fields. Some of the areas that students can do in any of the following areas

  • HR
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • International business,
  • Business Strategy
  • Students may refer the Programme study modules to check the areas that they can choose their research topics from.