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Learn how to design beautiful interfaces and create seamless experiences.

The world of software applications has undergone a massive revolution in the past two decades. The number of software applications have exploded in number, especially with the rise of the mobile platform. This has brought new standards of quality and operation which any new aspiring software developer has to follow and respect. This is especially true for the UI and UX sphere of software development. All designers are expected to meet the new and rising standards of interface and experience design. Applications nowadays are smooth, sleek, and sport seamless interfaces. All their various screens, features, and options function flawlessly with no jarring changes in the design guidelines.

Why take a UI/UX design certification course?

There was always some room for variation and change on the desktop computer platform though that has decreased and become fairly standard in recent years. But in the case of the mobile platform the software applications are expected to follow some very rigid norms and design principles. Thus modern UI/UX designers have a sore need of a UI/UX design certification course which will teach them the modern design guidelines and design principles. This will enable them to create user interfaces and user experiences according to the latest industry standards which are ubiquitous across all software applications nowadays.

Why choose Careerera’s PGP in UI/UX design course?

Careerera’s PGP in UI/UX design course is available to fulfill that need. It is a course which has been created with a core objective in mind. That is to equip UI/UX designers with the knowledge, skills, and experience to be able to design smooth, consistent, and harmonious user design interfaces and user experiences. They will be taught the basic UI/UX processes such as Wireframing, UI prototyping, UX writing, Visual communication, Interaction design, coding etc.

The instructors of the course have been handpicked after a rigorous screening process. They have been selected from around the world after being evaluated for their teaching expertise and subject matter knowledge. They are all very experienced faculty who teach according to the most current teaching methodologies. They are all familiar with the latest industry trends and techniques as they all have decades of experience from working in the UI/UX design industry.

The course curriculum has been designed with the greatest care and very meticulously. It contains within it all the concepts and topics which are relevant and important in the UI/UX design field of software development. It includes Applications of UX design, Contextual Inquiry, Personas empathy map, Stakeholder map, Journey map, Information architecture, Content strategy planning phases, Voice and tone assessment, SEO and accessibility, Audience engagement, Card sorting, Taxonomies, Tree tests, Mental models, Wayfinding and Navigation, Site maps, User-flow design, Functionality workflows, UX Copywriting, Wireframing, Design hypothesis, Discovery concept strategy etc.

The instructors will also provide all the necessary course study materials such as videos, lectures, notes, assignments, surprise quizzes, and capstone projects. The capstone projects in particular will be especially helpful to the learners in putting into practice all the knowledge and skills they will have gained throughout the course’s progress. There will be projects on Informative website design, Redesign of social media, design of forms for the retail and banking sector, lead generation landing page design etc. These diverse variety of capstone projects will provide the opportunity for gaining hands-on experience to the learners.

Why UI & UX Design?

Present the right appearance to the user is half the battle.

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    UI & UX professionals in India have a work experience of less than 5 years.

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    Jobs are open for candidates with 0-5 years experience.

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    2.7 MILLION

    The 2020 global estimate calls for 2.7 million job postings for UI & UX Designer roles.

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    Indian Software Development industry is growing at a healthy rate of 33.5 per cent CAGR.

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    India to become one of the top three markets for UI & UX Designer by 2020.

On completing this program, you will:

Be well versed in UI & UX Design tools such as AdobeXd, Sketch, Photoshop, Axure, Figma

Apply industry relevant UI & UX Designing skills such as UX Research, Collaboration, Wireframing and UI prototyping, UX writing Visual communication, Interaction design, Coding, etc.

Get in-depth understanding of Design thinking process and become a pro UI UX Designer.

Develop the required Software using several tools and techniques

Present yourself as an ideal candidate for UI & UX Designing roles within leading Software companies


Program Highlights

Join this program and receive great benefits.

  • Online Program

    Minimum 12-month online program along with 6 month internship.

    Online Lab Sessions

  • Collaborations

    Careerera has collaboration with many eminent Universities and Organisations across the Globe to exchange the knowledge.

  • Dedicated Career Guides

    Career guidance and mentorship by Careerera's faculty and industry leaders

    Resume review and interview preparation sessions

    Access to opportunities with our leading partners

  • Become Job-ready

    Real-world case studies to build practical skills

    Hands-on exposure to UI & UX tools & techniques such as AdobeXd, Sketch, Figma, Photoshop

    Learn industry insights through multiple industry knowledge sessions

Program Curriculum

See which topics you will cover in the program.

  • Module 1

    Understanding UX Design concept

  • Module 2

    What is Interactive Design | Principles of Interaction Design (PID)

  • Module 3

    Fundamentals of UX Design

  • Module 4

    Creating Design Hypothesis

  • Module 5

    Research & Analysis

  • Module 6

    User Testing & Validation

  • Module 7

    Information Architecture & Content Strategy

  • Module 8

    Special Topics

Capstone Projects

Discover how much your skills have developed through practical projects.


Informative Website

The learner’s task is to design a comprehensive and informative website that presents the facts, figures, and editor opinions about a particular topic fairly and in an unbiased way. You will have to design a blog post section where the writers can post their thoughts and a comment section where the readers can weigh in.


Redesign In Social Media

Social media websites are extremely complicated pieces of software engineering and computer science. If we take Facebook for instance, it is a very large scale software development project with billions of users. One small mistake on the website will be magnified billions of times over. The learner’s task is to develop a Facebook redesign concept carefully and painstakingly.


Sign UP Form Design For Retail and Bank

The learner’s task is to design a paper form which will be used for customer signup purposes in the retail sector and in the banking sector. The form should have correctly placed blank spaces for all the customer details and the customer signature. Its sections should be spaced apart evenly and the formatting should be very logical and function-based.


lead Generation Landing Page

Every commercial company needs a lead generation landing page so that the potential customers can input their information and thus become leads. Later, the sales team of the company can follow up on the leads and offer their products and services to the customers, thus converting them into paying customers.


Blog or Digital Publication

The learner’s task is to design an attractive and unique blog with all the regular features of a blog page. This includes a comment section, a keywords or tags section, an entire gamut of theme choices, a site-wide new activity section, a latest posts section, and a dates section. The blog should feature beautiful and engaging content which will drive the users to come back again and again to it and eventually become leads.


Ecommerce Website

The learner’s task is to create sketches, wireframes, and visual mockups for an ecommerce website similar to Amazon’s. The website should have a product search page which can perform fast, efficient, and accurate product searches and help the potential customers to find the items they desire. There should also be a product detail page that displays all the relevant information about a product which the customers may wish to view.


Mobile App Design

Mobile apps are a favourite of UI/UX designers because they are compact, have straightforward design requirements and principles, and don’t require a lot of effort to go from the visual mockups to a fully functioning prototype. The learner’s task is to choose any popular mobile app and redesign its user interface and user experience to be more fluid, efficient, and beautiful.


Email Drip Campaign

Emails are an important part of an organization’s marketing strategy since social networks have not yet succeeded in diminishing the frequency of email communication. For this project the learner has to choose a business client and design a series of 4 emails for them. He has to analyze the client’s business needs and demands and craft the emails accordingly so that through them they are converted into paying customers.


Marketing Website

Marketing websites are very popular in the modern internet spectrum because they are user-facing websites that perform the most essential function – converting visitors into trialers and later into paying customers. The learner’s task for this project is to design a website mockup that displays all the relevant and appealing information about a certain product and facilitates the movement of visitors from the discovery phase (search engine, social media marketing) to the conversion phase.


Web App Design

A web app is a digital product that users can connect to with their computer, like Facebook, Gmail, Amazon, Google drive or any of the other myriad applications. The learner’s task for this project is to identify a problem domain which can be solved by a simple or complex web app and design the materials for it accordingly. Your final submission prototype should contain wireframes, sketches, dashboard for the app, in-app screens, and the signup flow in the form of a comprehensive caste study.

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Get all your queries and doubts answered here.

Q1 : What is the PGP in UI/UX design course from Careerera and what makes it different from individual courses?

A : Post Graduate Program in UI/UX is a carefully designed learning path that has been created by some of the leading industry experts. The structure of the course curriculum has been set up in a way that even a complete beginner to UI/UX design will be able to follow the course progression and understand all the course materials clearly. Our world-class instructors will ensure that you become a master of UI/UX design by the time you complete the course.

Q2 : Can Careerera provide the PGP in UI/UX design course at a location near me?

Q3 : Can I ask for a support and doubt clearing session if I want to understand the topics at a deeper level?

Q4 : Which kind of projects are assigned as part of the training?

Q5 : Does Careerera provide any kind of job assistance?

Q6 : What is the definition of UI/UX design? What makes it so important?

Q7 : Is UI/UX designer a good Career choice?

Q8 : What are the skills required to start a job in the field of UI/UX design?

Q9 : Who is eligible for taking the PGP in UI/UX design course from Careerera?


Post Graduate Program

UI & UX Design

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John Smith

For Successful Completion of the Post Graduate Program In
UI & UX Design with all the Mandatory Course Requirements
and Capstone Projects with Distinction.







Student's Review & Feedback

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  • Swathish
  • I can firmly say that this PGP in UI/UX design course is the best resource on UI/UX design available online. The concepts were illustrated with helpful examples in a concise, logical, and detailed manner. The instructors were clearly very knowledgeable and knew all the course topics very well. They developed the course in a linear progression and built one topic on top of another in a natural manner. In this way, I was able to follow the instructors smoothly and without any hitches. The order of the topics was set very aptly and they were very simple and straightforward. The instructors also assigned many assignments and projects which helped me practice the things which I had learnt in the course.

  • Gaurav Sharma
  • The quality of the course was very good and I was extremely impressed by it. The instructors had setup the course in a very seamless and error-free manner and I as a student had no problems at all in following them along. So many of the course materials were online that it was very easy to access the study materials from anywhere and at any time. I was also impressed by the calibre of the instructors who taught the course. They were full of knowledge and had a lot of experience in the field of UI/UX. I especially approve of the module on Vector graphics that the instructors taught.

  • vaishali
  • The PGP in UI/UX design course was very well laid out and was taught by the instructors very efficiently. The instructors taught the course with a flair for helpful examples and a good command over English. I learned a lot from the course and I really liked the way the instructors supported and helped the learners at every step of the way. They gave us very helpful examples that illustrated the core concepts really well and made us all much more confident about UI/UX design. I personally gained a lot of confidence related to UI/UX design topics and have covered a lot of topics on the same subject myself without any help, all thanks to the course.

  • Pooja kulkarni
  • I found the PGP in UI/UX design course to be extremely well designed and full of little things to like. The instructors were very friendly, helpful, and polite and always made it a point to explain things very simply to the learners. The course material was designed very well and full of useful information and additional details going beyond the specific course topics. The instructors were clearly full of knowledge and wisdom and had a lot of experience in the field of UI/UX design, as they answered all of my questions very promptly and correctly.

  • Mark Stapay 
  • I am very grateful to my past self for deciding to enroll in the PGP in UI/UX design course offered by Careerera. I had heard many praises of Careerera’s exceptional quality of delivery and felt a strong desire to try out their course offerings. I had considered several different options in the past but none of the courses I was thinking of enrolling in had the level of polish that Careerera had. Careerera’s PGP in UI/UX design course had a very informative and high-performance website and I was able to get all the information that I wanted to know about the course.