PGP in Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking

It's time to elevate your skills and tactics of combating digital threats with PGP in Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking The 21st-century digital landscape is marked by a growing number of cyber attacks. Data proliferation, increased use of digital devices, and disruptive innovations are all vulnerable to the sophisticated invasion of cyber attacks, leading to the gross demand for proficient practitioners and professionals in Cyber Security

Why Cyber Security?

3.5 million cybersecurity professionals are required by 2022 in globally.

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    $248.6 billion expected size of the Global security market by 2023 at CAGR of 10.2% from 2018 to 23

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    $125,000/- to $215,000/- average range of a Cyber Security professional salary

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    2.7 MILLION

    Projection of 18% growth in employment for 2014-24

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    50% more salary in IT skills than for other American jobs in the private sector

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    Globally to become one of the top five skills for jobs in 2021.

The program will give high-impact results with our graduating students having attained competencies in varied areas. 

Ability to secure data and information security by using advanced startegies, techniques, and tools

Mitigate risk by using advanced security policies and processes

Mastery of numerous tools and techniques of hacking and advanced technical skills in cyber security and Ethical hacking

Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of network security, penetration testing, Cryptography, Network attacks, system hacking, vulnerability assessment, cryptography, secure coding practices, and other relevant technical skills.

Proficient in conducting ethical hacking activities.

Potential of identifying vulnerabilities and security weaknesses in computer systems, networks, and applications, and be 

Proficient at utilizing appropriate tools and techniques to exploit and analyze them.

Expertise in assessing the security posture of organizations and systems. 

Knowledge of compliance and relevant legal regulations and industry standards


Program Highlights

See which benefits you can derive from joining this program.

  • Online Program

    Minimum 9 Month online program

    Online Lab Sessions

    Highly Experienced Faculties

  • Collaborations

    Careerera has collaboration with many eminent Universities and Organizations across the Globe to exchange the knowledge.

  • Dedicated Placement Team

    Career guidance and mentorship by Careerera's faculty and industry leaders

    Resume review and interview preparation sessions

    Access to opportunities with leading companies

  • Become Job-ready

    Real-world case studies to build practical skills

    Hands-on exposure to analytics tools & techniques such as Netsparker, Acunetix, Metasploit


    Learn industry insights through multiple industry knowledge sessions

Program Curriculum

An overview of what you will learn from this program.

Module 1: Fundamentals of Cybersecurity

Introduction to Cybersecurity

Networking Fundamentals

OSI and TCP/IP Models

IP Addressing and Subnetting

Module 2: Linux Fundamentals

Getting Started with Linux

Linux Kernel and Shell

Managing Files and Directories

Text File Handling

User and Group Management

File Permissions

More on File Permissions

Review and Practical

Module 3: Introduction to Ethical Hacking

Understanding Ethical Hacking

Types of Hackers and Attacks

Module 4: Footprinting and Reconnaissance

Introduction to Footprinting

Advanced Footprinting

Passive Footprinting

DNS and Email Footprinting

Scanning Networks

Nmap and Scanning Techniques

Module 5: Scanning and Enumeration

Enumeration and Ports

Enumerating Services

Module 6: System Hacking

Password Attacks

Password Recovery and Keyloggers

Malware Threats

Malware Creation and Prevention

Module 7: Network Attacks and Social Engineering

Network Sniffing

Man-in-the-Middle Attacks

Wireshark and Packet Analysis

Social Engineering Concepts

Social Engineering Techniques

Social Engineering Countermeasures

Module 8: Denial-of-Service and Honeypots

Denial-of-Service (DoS) Attacks

Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS)

Introduction to Honeypots

Honeypot Implementation

Module 9: Hacking Web Servers and Wireless Networks

Web Server Security

Web Application Hacking

OWASP Top 10

Wireless Concepts

Wireless Attacks

Wireless Auditing and Security

Module 10: Cryptography

Cryptography Basics

Data Encryption Standards

Cryptography Tools

SSL/TLS and Final Review

Capstone Projects

Test your skills and mettle with a capstone project.


Network Based Intrusion Detection System (NIDS)


Host Based Intrusion Detection System (HIDS)


Honey pot


Memory Forensic


Secure Inventory Management


Application Communication Protocol Testing Tool


Application Control


Device Control

Why Careerera

Enroll with global online educational course provider.




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Industry Experts


Expert Faculties


Career Assistance

Take advantage of Careerera’s partnerships with globally leading IT companies.


Access to Opportunities with Leading Companies


Workshops on Resume Review & Interview Preparation


Career Guidance and Mentorship by Careerera and Industry Leaders

Salary Trends

  • 200+
    Global Companies
  • $122K PA
    Average CTC
  • $250K PA
    Highest CTC
  • 87%
    Average Salary Hike

Hiring Partners

We Assure You Job Assitance at the End of the Program.

Application Process

Enroll in the program with a simple online form.


Apply by filling a simple online application form


Admissions committee will review and shortlist.


Shortlisted candidates need to appear for an online aptitude test.


Screening call with Alumni/ Faculty


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Q1 : Why should I enrol in this PGP in Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking program?

Careerera's PGP in Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking is a completely online immersive course that will allow both freshers as well as working professionals looking for career progression or transition to attain hands-on skills and knowledge. Candidates will gain exposure to an experiential learning environment that will equip them with the fundamentals of cyber security and ethical hacking to the advanced practices and methods. The PGP in Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking program will make you ready for the job market, which is thus an ideal career path. 

Q2: Does Careerera give Career assistance and Support?

Q3: What are the Career Options available in the market?

Q4 : What if I miss the session?

Q5 : Do I get 24*7 assistance from Careerera?

Q6 : Is it possible to join the PGP in Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking Program from home?

Q7 : Who can enrol for this Course?

Q8 : What is the basic eligibility criterion for the program?

Student's Review & Feedback

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  • Wasswa Jose
  • Careerera has the best online education system Hi, it's Joseph I am currently pursuing my course of cyber-security at careerera, i have to say its the best out there with first-hand customer service and professional staff, I've been working with Miss Pooja Baghel and she really has perfect follow up skills, kind heart and really easy to approach incase of a query, thanks alot, I hope you keep up the great work going forward, it's a real pleasure 🙏 working with you guys.

  • Olaniyi Farinto
  • Cyber Security is just more than writting a certification. With my few years of experience in this field, I realised that lost of Cyber Security analysis don't have the sufficient skills and experience to do the job.

    On this note, I will like to recommend to you a place to acquire the required skills in addition to the certificate you will be given. is the place to be. With their series of programs in Cyber Security and other programs for IT pro, you will never regret being part of the learning team.

    Talking about their trainners, I can always stand in for my own trainner and I'm sure other too will be the same if not even better as Careera provide the best trainner to render services for your money.

    As if that is all, labs experinces is out of this world, always ensure all labs are successfully done, even if there are challenges, they always go back to make sure students complete their labs.

    Supports are avialalbe at all time as well as doubt session if need be.

    Only a trier can convince you. is the new level of training resources for this time and age.

    I can not conclude this review without mentioning Shakshi, my Cyber Security Counsellor. Always available for guidance and support. She goes all out to ensure you get all you need, even when you need it most. Literally, she's all my Careerera as l am confident of reaching her at all time.

  • Michael CHENGWI NEBA
  • "If you are striving for continuous excellence in any ICT domain, go to to benefit from from customized varieties suited for individual student's satisfaction. In addition to the student counselors, particularly Ms. Shakshi Verma who dedicates all her precious time and energy to make sure your queries are resolved on time and ensure absolute satisfaction. Not forgetting the technical support team who in their utmost best will maintain continuity of the educational system. Finally, the front end facilitators or lecturers who always deliver outstanding contents tailored to real-life experience. Go to Careerera and you will be forever grateful."

  • Aman
  • Hello Everyone ,
    I’m Aman a cybersecurity student in Careerera
    I would like to tell you all about CEREERERA ,this Is one of the the best place where you can learn a lot of post graduation program . Whatever you want to study.
    That have a great teaching style where i feel so comfortable to learn my program . They also provide an academic counselor who helps you whenever/wherever your in problem.

  • I am a PGP student of Cyber Security by Careerera online course , am happy with the ways classes are being conducted. The trainers are well qualified trainers. Since I am a student by Careerera I have seen big improvement in me because every course is well teach and explained and the trainers take there time helping the students through there doubts, that make you never miss out in any area you maybe having difficulty. Very good learning with careerera, best place to study and acquire a degree.