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PGP in Mobile App Development:

Companies are recognizing the need for the mobile market in the coming future. It has become so vital in the computer industry that many institutes are now planning to provide the postgraduate program in Mobile App Development.

Postgraduate programs are amongst the most sought and trending education resources today that enlighten the candidates with web-development skills.
The aspirants of this program will develop the lifelong expertise that will be required to rise to the opportunity and challenge of emerging technologies. The program is structured in a way that the core skills to gain a deeper understanding of the industry practices, contemporary web development, and analysis that help to form the basis of next-generation technologies.

Careerera has realized the significance of the mobile app and, therefore, is available with the postgraduate program in Mobile App Development that has to blend its hands-on training with academic knowledge. To refine your practices and concepts, Careerera offers you to study with diverse IT professionals share the ideas and construct your professional network.

Criterion Required:

The eligibility criteria that will be Admired by the Institute for Postgraduate program in Mobile App Development are:

  • Candidates Should  have a Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering  or related software development or Computer Science.
  • The candidate should Have  a Minimum Aggregate of 50% in the Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Acquiring the certification can work but the bachelor’s degree will be best to be a leader in the field.  Freshers, as well as experienced professionals  are welcomed

How  much beneficial the Program is?

The importance of Mobile Apps is increasing at a pace. It has changed the way we do our business. This lets the customers remain connected with their favorite brands. So, the benefits cannot be ignored.

Getting Accessibility From Various Platforms:

The access of nearly every type of online platform may be gained by the candidate by developing the apps. Not only this, but it also allows the business to send the notification about what is new and what all modifications have been done in the product or services. If the candidate aims to go for business, s/he can build a strong relationship with the customer by offering the discounts within the mobile app.

Engaging well with the customers Everywhere:

PGP in Mobile App Development can help the candidate to involve with all types of customers by developing the app’s systems. Multiple tasks can be performed by these modern and updated apps that are user-friendly and can easily be accessed. This helps the customers to get in touch with you anytime and anywhere.

Easy to Maintain

The candidate when entering a business and using regular apps can risk the business. If the candidate chooses to get the mobile app developed by some developer, then there can be a risk that the developer can decide to discontinue the app for some reason. You will then be left with no choice but to find a new app. The program will train you to build your app on which you will have your complete control and you do not have to depend on anyone.

Unique services and payment:

Different features are available in the Mobile Apps that match different requirements in the industry. In the service line, for instance, in a salon, healthcare, spa, online food, etc., the Mobile Apps can be beneficial for your customers to book the appointments. The push notifications will be of your help to remind the customers about their appointments. It is for this reason that mobile payments have become very significant and popular means of doing the payment. The payments will be received via credit and debit cards. These platforms are fast, user-friendly and secure.

  • Other than this, your end-user experience will be enhanced that will let you grow more in the industry.
  • It will help you to improve the profitability quotient as well as the higher workplace productivity.

Career Scope:

Candidate having experience and specialization in the Mobile App Development can be qualified for a variety of job role that is in demand that includes:

  • Mobile Application Developer
  • Windows Mobile App Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Objective-C Developer
  • Android Application Developer
  • iPhone/iOS Application Developer
  • Java Application Developer

Prerequisites of the program:

  • The candidates who want to become adept in this program should be familiar with the fundamentals before beginning with the PGP program in Mobile App Development:
  • The candidate is expected to be adept in two main programming language and they are Java and XML. The fundamentals of the Java programming include:

    1- Strings & numbers, generics
    2- Objects & classes
    3- Inheritance & interfaces

The proper knowledge of Java will help you in developing a more robust mobile app.

  • The candidates are expected to be familiarized with source control concepts and tools.
  • You can go through the installation guide on Google to learn how to set up your development environment; it provides documentation of everything needed.
  • Awareness with the installation guide on Google to set the development environment is expected from the candidates.
  • Objectives of PGP in Mobile Apps Development:
  • To be familiar with common mobile apps platforms and technology; opening, and saving the files and creating and editing audio sound effects and music.
  • Using appropriate and accessible digital tools for learning and research purpose.
  • Formation of the Mobile development groups to attain directive of completing the working android applications
  • To learn the way, the process is used in designing and developing software that can be applied to other development and design projects.

Course Highlights:

  • 180 hours of the classroom training will be provided via certified professionals.
  • E-learning sessions with a detailed e-book will be available for the candidates.
  • A comprehensive view will be provided with the help of real case studies events and training.
  • Candidates will be endowed with value guidelines, tips, and techniques during the session equipment for the examination. 
  • A Well-planned agenda and test tips will be provided to prepare the candidates for the final examination.
  • The material will be available for the candidates that will include best websites link, updates, reference books and reading materials for the candidates.
  • The candidates will be endowed with a combination of best practices to provide a better understanding of the modules that will be wrapped in the curriculum.
  • Exercises, quizzes and practice material will be available for the candidates after the completion of the sessions.
  • Learners can also refer to several downloadable students’ handouts, and the Courseware, whenever needed.
  • Doubt clearing sessions will be provided for the candidates.

Course Delivery:

  • PGP in Mobile App Development is our classroom Training  program wherein The Training is Given by Highly Experienced  Faculty.
  • The Quality and the skills to articulate the important facets of the projects is provided by us.
  • Interactive content with the guidance of trained faculty can be learned by the individuals.
  • The learning strategy of the student can be tracked by the professionals to help them clear all their doubts.

Program Curriculum

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See which topics you will have to assimilate.

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Get the answers to your questions here.

Q1 : Give a brief on the eligibility criterion for PGP in Mobile App Development.

Careerera welcomes the candidates who are a bachelor in Software Computer Engineer or Computer Engineer with a minimum cumulative of 50%. The candidates with the background of Software Development or Computer Science are also welcomed. Both, fresher as well as experienced can apply for this program.

Q2 : What will my learning schedule be like?

Monthly weekend classes will be conducted wherein you can learn about the concepts and the theory. Online learning resources are also available such as videos and reading material that will help you in revising whatever you have learned in the classroom. Also, in-person guidance will be available for you to clear all your doubts.

Q3 : Who will teach the Mobile App Development program?

Classroom sessions are provided by Careerera in conjunction with the specialists. Indian stalwarts contribute to the outcomes through case studies, industry sessions, and project support.

Q4 : I am not from a technical background - Can I join?

We require the aspirants from the technical backgrounds to make the best use of Mobile App Development. PGP in Mobile App Development comprises of the expertise and professionals often with years of technical experience. Other courses can be offered for the candidates who are not of technical background. You can contact our admission team for that.

Q5 : Can my company sponsor me?

Corporate sponsorship is wholeheartedly accepted by us. For this, we can assist you with the process. You can write at

Q6 : What is the process of applying for PGP in the Mobile App Development program?

To apply for the program, you have to fill our online application form. All the applications are evaluated by our admission panel and if your application is shortlisted, then you will be called to attend the admission screening interview.

Q7 : How can the online form be submitted?

If the candidate wants to apply online, s/he has to click on “Apply now” and then submit the online application form after filling it.

Q8 : Can you apply for a waiver on my application fee?

No, the waiver is not applicable.

Q9 : Can an installment payment be made?

Yes, the payment can be done in installments.

Q10 : What are modes of payment in PGP in Mobile App Development?

The candidate can pay for the program by Net banking, credit card or using Paytm.

Q11 : How many students can you accommodate per batch?

Generally, 30-40 students can be accommodated in a batch.

Q12 : Whom should I clarify my doubt if I have a burning question but not yet found the answer?

If you are stuck in this situation, you can directly write to us at

Q13 : What is the course duration of PGP in Mobile App Development?

The course duration of PGP in Mobile App Development is 1 year.

Q14 : How is PGP in Mobile App Development beneficial?

PGP in Mobile App Development is beneficial as the candidate gain access to nearly every platform. The developer can easily get engaged with the customer and s/he does not have to depend on others to build the Mobile app.

Q15 : Do we have to pay extra to get access to the study material?

No, the candidate does not have to pay extra for the reading material. All the content and the material are included in the fees of this program. Also, this is available during the course. (available after the completion of the course also).

Q16 : What kind of jobs can be expected by me to get after doing this training?

Various jobs are available for the candidates in the market after PGP in Mobile App Development. They are:

  • Mobile Application Developer
  • Windows Mobile App Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Objective-C Developer
  • Android Application Developer
  • iPhone/iOS Application Developer
  • Java Application Developer

Q17 : What are the tools and techniques that will be used by you?

The apps like native and cross-platform app development approach will be used by us. We have resources who are experts in the tools and the techniques to create the apps. For the native app development, technologies like Java, Objective C, Swift, and C# will be used.


Masters in Mobile App Development

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