How Do I Start Studying for Masters in Cloud Computing?


We often come across many learners who want to enter the field of cloud computing but are unsure about certain prerequisites and requirements that are needed to enter the world of cloud computing. All the many different prerequisites, the most essential requirements are a bachelor’s degree in engineering (information technology or computer science), Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), Master of Science (M.Sc.), and Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) in Information Technology (IT) or Computer Science. If you have an added advantage of an academic background in programming and coding, you are ready to enter the world of the Cloud.  

Still, hesitating? Do not! Let us tell you more about how you can target the right career choice and enter the domain of cloud computing with the right cloud computing course and cloud computing certifications online. 


How to Learn Cloud Computing?

Emphatically, the Cloud computing market is growing at an exponential rate, today. It is happening with each passing day. If we map the statistics then, as per NASSCOM alone, the Indian public cloud industry is seen to be at Rs 17,000 crore in FY2020. Now, it is predicted to evolve by 30% CAGR and extend at Rs 63,000/- crore by the annual year FY2025. Looking at the rising figures, modern organizations want certified professionals to control and drive the cloud. For this, beginners and professionals need to know what qualities and skills they must have to make it big in the cloud computing sector, today. 

The best possible way to learn and start with cloud computing is, to begin with, the fundamentals. The basic concepts that the professional need to thoroughly brush upon include:

  • The study of Operating Systems - The Role of the OS.
  •  Networking in IT. 
  • Virtualization.

These are the essentials that students and learners must stick to if they are looking forward to making a preferable and productive career in cloud computing


Taking up Masters in Cloud Computing 

 If one is directly planning to venture into cloud computing by taking up Masters in cloud computing course, then the learner or a professional must have - 

  • Best Recognition of Operating Systems and Various Role of Servers

The candidates must have the right knowledge about presently functioning Operating systems like Windows, Unix, Linux, and their role. They must also have a good insight into how these OSs operate. The students must know how to attach these OSs and recover, manage, and store data. This would be adequate to begin learning cloud computing

  • Understanding Fundamentals about Virtualization

Here, the students are taught about how a virtual machine works. They are introduced to the concept of virtual machines and how they function and perform. Next, they are informed about how to create virtual machines.  As we talk about machines being virtual, they do not have a physical existence. VMs are an instance. There can be many. They exist on one physical computer or can do on many. 

Next, the students are imparted with the knowledge of networking and operation. It is a more complex and rather knotty topic. It demands more serious concentration and time. 

Moving onto what is next in the line, the students are taught about different types of cloud. They are taught about the distinction between Public, Private and Hybrid. The market employees, two major terminologies. These are - public cloud and the private cloud. After the students are familiarized with the different types of clouds, they are introduced to many Cloud Server providers in the industry. These are - 

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Microsoft Azure


Is Masters in Cloud Computing Course Hard?

Masters in cloud computing, is a better option, as it is valued more than basic bachelor programs in cloud computing. If you have a post-graduate degree, you tend to impress the employer, in the first meeting!

No, the Masters in cloud computing course is not that hard, as it is commonly estimated to be! If the students target the right degree or certification in cloud computing and opt for a better cloud computing course online - that offers a deeper insight and training into the practical and theoretical aspects of the course and an entire curriculum, the student or learner can get through and crack many valid and reputed global certifications in the domain of cloud computing.

Today, as many companies want up-to-date cloud computing experts and professionals, they prefer employees who have modern skills; are fast-paced, intuitive, capable, versatile, and smart; employees that take quick decisions and help organizations achieve ultimate objectives.

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