AI&ML (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Professional )

Know your way around the AI&ML (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Professional ).

We live in a technological world where Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) find eternal solace. As we may note many advances in the domain of Information Technology(IT), emphatically, it is significant to understand that they are all because of AI and ML. This means AI and ML certification courses have all the limelight and exposure from the learners around the globe, today!

Course Description

The AIMLP Professional Certification Program or Professional Certificate Program in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at Careerera provides learners and professionals a comprehensive deep learning training and an insight into the AI and ML concepts, wherein the students get enough chance, and an opportunity to thoroughly visit the technicalities of the subject. The course is formulated with the help of a renowned and intellectual global faculty of experts and mentors, who have an education that is par excellence. The best online professional training course focuses both on the practical and theoretical areas of the subject area, offering a profound professional advantageous insight into the core AI and ML concepts. The course imparts the right knowledge and guides students enthusiasts in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

An Overview of the Course - AIMLP

The course provides aspirants an opportunity to -
● Learn required concepts and skills demanded to grow and develop successful Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems.
● Acknowledge and comprehend major challenges posited by AI in the working environment.
● Apply, right and authentic industry-relevant knowledge in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI).
● Network and work with a proficient group of peers that come from diverse backgrounds worldwide.

At Careerera, we are committed and attached with a leading industry practitioner and development team of AI and ML. This is basically to serve the students and keep them up to date with international education, research, and development standards. We work towards achieving excellence in learning and enlightenment, and it is our core objective to offer our students the same.

Here, we jot down some real objectives of our AI and Machine Learning certification:

● The AI and ML professional learning course enable you to be familiar with all the technical and applied doctrines and theories of AI.
● Learning to work on generalizable models of machines, that respond to a pool of provided data.
● Getting familiar with Reinforcement Learning.
● Acknowledging various tools such as Keras and TensorFlow that can be duly applied to practical lively settings.
● The right application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms in a professional world of Medicine, Science and Technology, Finance, Manufacturing, Fashion, Automobile and so on.
● Offering insight into Machine Learning tools such as Support Vector Machine, Artificial Neural Network, Linear Regression, Python, and so on. A true learning experience with practical assistance and action.
● Noting Heuristic programming and simulation of cognitive behavior in AI.
● Targeting prospective jobs in the field of AI and ML. Some of these are - ML Engineer, NLP Expert, AI Engineer, Data Engineer, Data Analyst, and so on in the IT industry.

Skills You Will Learn

The AI and ML machine learning courses are getting the most attention these days. If the course is taken up in the right way, and with a reputed and recognizable institution, it can provide and create a more engaging experience for the learners while it upskills and teaches them, to conquer the professional world with the right skills, proficiency, capability, and competency.

Faculty and Experts

The experts at Careerera give out authentic knowledge to their learners. The mentors instruct and train aspirants in a way that makes them target top companies around the globe. The live interactive sessions, 80 hours of training, working on practical live projects, and provision of simulation exams, help students get a clear insight into the course curriculum.

Thus, when you go for the Professional AI and ML course with Careerera, you are already in the best hands that can mentor and teach you with the right technological, scientific scholastic, and academic information.

Are you Eligible for the Professional Course?

Looking at the requirements for AI & Machine Learning Certification:

● A bachelor’s degree in Any Domain: Computer Science, Statistics, Physics, or Electrical Engineering.
● Professionals who work in Analytics, Data Science domains, E-commerce, and Search Engine domain can consider for taking up the AI & ML certification.
● Software professionals with a Graduate Degree or Certification.

Job and Placement Opportunities

Emphatically, there is an ocean of job opportunities starting from fresher level job vacancies to professional and experienced level jobs! All you have to have is the right skill set, experience, and hands-on training with a reputed institute that prepares you for cutting-edge competition in the industrial market out there! With many online courses for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, you can target the right job, and get qualified with a premier global company. What you will have is all money and worth! Are you ready? Let’s have a look:

● Big Data Engineer.
● ML Engineer.
● Data Scientist.
● Business Intelligence Developer.
● Machine Learning Engineer.
● AI Data Analyst.
● Research Scientist.
● AI Engineer.
● Product Manager.

Program Curriculum

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See which topics you will have to assimilate.

  • Python Functions and Packages
  • Working with Data Structures,
  • Arrays, Vectors & Data Frames
  • Functions & Methods
  • Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, Seaborn
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Conditional Probability
  • Bell curve
  • Gaussian Distribution
  • Normal Distribution
  • Pearson Correlation
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Inferential Statistics
  • Probability Distributions
  • Linear Regression
  • Multiple Variable Linear Regression
  • Logistic Regression
  • Decision Tree Algorithm
  • Naive Bayes Classifiers
  • K-NN Classification
  • Support Vector Machines
  • Model Hyperparameter Tuning
  • Case Study
  • K-means Clustering
  • Hierarchical Clustering
  • Dimension Reduction-Principal Component Analysi (PCA)
  • Case Study
  • Introduction to Recommendation Systems
  • Popularity based model
  • Content based
  • RecommendationSystem
  • Collaborative Filtering (User similarity & Item similarity)
  • Hybrid Models
  • Bagging
  • Boosting
  • Introduction to Perceptron & Neural Networks
  • Activation and Loss functions
  • Gradient Descent
  • Hyper Parameter Tuning
  • Tensor Flow & Keras for Neural Networks
  • Introduction to Deep Learning
  • Shallow Neural Networks Deep Neural Networks
  • Introduction to RNN
  • Introduction to CNN
  • Introduction to ANN
  • Introduction to NLP
  • Stop Words
  • Tokenization
  • Stemming and lemmatization
  • Bag of Words Model
  • Word Vectorizer
  • TF-IDF
  • POS Tagging
  • Named Entity Recognition
  • Sequential Models and NLP
  • RNNs and its mechanisms
  • Vanishing & Exploding gradients in RNNs
  • LSTMs - Long short-term memory
  • GRUs - Gated recurrent unit
  • LSTMs Applications
  • Time series analysis
  • LSTMs with attention mechanism
  • Neural Machine Translation
  • Advanced Language Models:
  • Transformers, BERT, XLNet
  • Introduction to Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Convolution, Pooling, Padding & its mechanisms
  • Forward Propagation
  • Backpropagation for CNNs
  • CNN architectures like AlexNet, VGGNet, InceptionNet & ResNet
  • Transfer Learning
  • How to Build and Train Deep Neural networks, and apply it to Computer Vision.
  • Introduction to GANs
  • Generative Networks
  • Adversarial Networks
  • How GANs work?
  • DCGANs - Deep Convolution GANs
  • Applications of GANs
  • RL Framework
  • Component of RL Framework
  • Examples of RL Systems
  • Types of RL Systems
  • Q-learning

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Get the answers to your questions here.

Q1 : What is AIMLP ?

AIMLP will familiarize you with all the nuts and bolts of AI and ML. It will help you to understand the tools and techniques like TensorFlow, Keras, Linear Regression, Python, Support Vector Machine, Artificial Neural Network and so forth.

Q2 : What kind of learning experience is offered by Careerera ?

You will get to learn various AIML concepts online through instructor-led classes, recorded sessions and study material. The classes will be held during weekends. There will be separate sessions for doubts clarification.

Q3 : I don’t have any technical background. Can I still enroll ?

Yes, you can enroll for this course even if you don’t have any technical background. However, having basic knowledge of mathematics and programming would be beneficial.

Q4 : What could be the job roles after doing AIMLP Course ?

This course will open doors for you for the job roles of ML Engineer, NLP expert in IT industry, AI Data Analyst, Business Intelligence Developer, Big Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Research Scientists and many more.

Q5 : Can we keep the learning material with us forever ?

Yes, at Careerera we believe that learning is a lifelong process hence all learning material provided by us can be kept for future reference by the students.

Q6 : How will the evaluation take place ?

AIMLP is a holistic and rigorous course where continuous evaluation will take place. All the assignments, quizzes, projects along with attendance are considered while evaluating the and monitoring the progress of the learner.

Q7 : Who can do this course ?

This course can be opted by professionals holding B.E or B.Tech degrees along with some experience in technical fields. This programme is ideal for those who have a desire to accelerate their career in the greatly rewarding field of AI & ML.

Q8 : How is this course different from others ?

This course is a unique blend of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools and techniques. It helps learners to gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of highly valued industrial skills. ● Flexible schedule and rich learning methodology lets the learners pursue this course without taking any break from the career. ● 50 hours long live instructor led classes is what makes Careerera stand out from the rest. ● Regular tests are conducted to check the progress of the learners. ● Discussion sessions after every lecture makes your learning experience more fruitful. ● Live chat assistance clears all your doubts during and after the class.

Q9 : How can I benefit from this AIMLP certification from Careerera?

At Careerera, we offer you 80 hours of training, live sessions that help you learn and understand the core concepts of AI and ML. Besides, here, the foundations are built by experienced faculties that offer you hands-on experience and training on industry-graded multiple live projects. The study material is provided in the form of recorded sessions, which can be retained for life. If students have doubts, they can have different and separate sessions with the mentors.

Q10 : Who all can enroll in this professional course?

Learners who have a technical background and a non-technical background can both take up this course. People who are from non-technical backgrounds must have a fundamental understanding of Statistics, Mathematics, and Programming.

Q11 : How is AIMPL different from other courses online?

It is a unique and different certification course. It offers: - Learners gain knowledge about industrial competencies and skills. - Has a flexible schedule and rich educative methodology. - Here, learners can go for the course, with any other professional full-time degree. There is no need to have a break from your routine, professional preoccupations. - 50 hours live instructor-led classes. No other platform can vouch for that. - Regular evaluation of the students. - Frequent discussion sessions - Provision of recorded sessions on the LMS, that can be visited anytime. - Live chat assistance to the professionals and learners.

Q12 : What is the duration of this course?

It is an 80 hours long course, that builds on related and needed skills that a professional must have when he applies for a technical job.

Q13 : What are the specific highlights of this course?

- 80 Hours - Live Online - Student Handouts - Industry Graded Projects - Solid Foundation - Experienced Faculties - Multiple Simulation Exams - Multiple Live Projects


AI&ML (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Professional )

Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

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Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning with all the Mandatory Course Requirements
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