Is Cloud Computing Difficult To Learn?


Cloud computing is fast becoming the most popular field of computer science and the IT industry. It is so popular that almost every business and organization has adopted some form of cloud computing technology. This popularity of cloud computing is discussed in the Cloud Computing Course.

One only has to take a look at the success of Amazon’s AWS platform to see just how popular the cloud computing field has become in the corporate world. Businesses and organizations are getting in line and are hurrying to adopt the services of the AWS platform.

In this scenario, many people have become interested in learning about cloud computing and starting a career in the field of cloud computing. So now people ask the question – “Is cloud computing difficult to learn?” The short and simple answer to this question is that yes, cloud computing is very difficult to learn. The easiest way to learn cloud computing is to get a cloud computing certification.


Is Cloud Computing Course Really Very Difficult?

It is not so difficult to learn cloud computing provided one takes the help and guidance of a reputed training institute. If one takes a cloud computing certification course, they can learn all the core concepts and topics of cloud computing in a very short amount of time.

They will also experience a boost in their self-confidence and self-assurance and will be able to enter the corporate world as full-fledged and fully-qualified cloud computing experts.

1. Learn the basics of computer science -

Computer science is a vast field. It is filled with many concepts and topics most of which are very difficult to comprehend and understand. For one who is an absolute beginner to computer science, it can take a great many years to become well-versed with the fundamentals of computer science.

But the fact remains that to enter the field of cloud computing, one must first familiarize themselves with all the core concepts and topics of the field of computer science. They must learn about the software and hardware components of a computer.

They must also learn about how all the different parts of a computer function together to create a wonderful and efficient machine. They must also learn what kinds of software are required to keep a computer running smoothly. One can learn all these things by taking acloud computing course online.


2. Learn how to code in at least one programming language -

In order to enter into the field of cloud computing and function as a full-fledged cloud architect or cloud developer, one must first learn how to write code or how to program in any major and popular programming language.

Without the ability to write programs, the aspirant will not be able to develop solutions to any of the problems which his client companies will face. His client companies will not face the same problems every time.

The nature of the problems they will face will keep changing and therefore the cloud computing aspirant will have to develop new and innovative solutions every time his client companies come to him with some problems.

Therefore, programming is an essential skill for any cloud computing aspirant so that they are able to develop customized solutions for their client companies.


3. Become well-versed with the core concepts and topics of networking -

The whole idea of cloud computing is based on interconnected networks only. Networks are the backbone of cloud computing. It is only by connecting many data centers and server farms together in a single, joint network that a massive platform such as the AWS platform is able to function and offer so many services.

It is through the medium of networks that so many billions of gigabytes of data are transferred to and from the AWS platform. It is only through the medium of networks that so many client businesses and organizations can avail the services of the AWS platform. Also, it is the medium of networks only that Amazon can observe the usage of their services by the client companies and is able to monitor it so that they can charge their clients an accurate amount of money.


4. Learn to handle a lot of complexity -

The job of a cloud computing architect or a cloud computing developer is very complex. They have to perform a lot of subtle and intricate tasks throughout the day daily. They have to deal with complexity on a large scale. By scale we are referring to the scale of global platforms such as the AWS platform, the Google cloud compute platform, or the Microsoft Azure services platform.

They will have to design blueprints of all the cloud services which are involved in an application’s functioning. This requires a good head for complexity as the blueprint designs can become very complex and convoluted. The Certification in Cloud Computing teaches the learners how to design such blueprints.

This is because the cloud architect or the cloud developer has to draw a map of all the services which are involved in the functioning of an application. So the cloud architect or the cloud developer has to meticulously note down each and every interaction that all the services in the interconnected web of services have with each other.


5. Learn to handle a lot of details -

The job of a cloud architect or a cloud developer involves a lot of major and minor details. They have to keep track of a lot of different services and other components of the cloud computing platform. They also have to take note of any risks or any defective components which might cause failure in the future.

They also have to keep track of the different services a particular software application is calling upon. They have to do this so that they can know what are the requirements of any particular software application and what kind of resources it is going to use in operation.

So in a way a cloud architect or a cloud developer has to be an excellent manager with a good eye for details. If they do not pay full attention to details, they will always keep making small mistakes and will never be able to complete any task to their superior’s satisfaction.


6. Learn how to work with Linux -

The Linux kernel is the most widely used piece of software in the computer science and IT industry. The case is no different in the cloud computing sector. Almost every data center and server farm set up by the cloud computing service providers in the world uses the Linux kernel as its backbone of operations. One can learn to operate the Linux kernel by getting a cloud computing certification.


7. Learn how to work on at least one major cloud computing platform -

We recommend that the aspirant learn how to work on the AWS or Amazon Web Services platform. This is because the AWS platform is the most popular and most widely used platform in the world. Its market share is three times the combined market share of its two closest competitors, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure services.

The cloud computing certification has several modules on the AWS platform.


Benefits of learning cloud computing -

1. More and more companies are migrating to cloud platforms -

More and more companies are migrating to cloud platforms. Many of them are migrating their existing legacy software applications to cloud platforms like AWS and GCP. The reason for this is that cloud computing service providers can offer them security, storage, network uptime, and reliability – things that they can not provide for themselves.


2. Most companies require IT professionals to have cloud computing skills these days -

Most businesses and organizations have recognized the importance of cloud computing in ensuring the stability and success of their ventures. Due to this reason when any company posts any job listing these days, it always lists cloud computing skills in the job requirements. So by learning cloud computing the aspirant will be able to find a job in most companies very easily.


3. The cloud computing sector is predicted to grow exponentially in the coming years -

The cloud computing field is growing at a very fast rate. Every year, millions of companies approach cloud computing service providers to avail their cloud computing services. Also, computer scientists are making rapid advances in this field because of which its popularity is growing even more.

So, the cloud computing sector is predicted to grow exponentially in the coming years. As a result, the amount of employment opportunities is going to rise exponentially in the coming years. So it is a very good time to learn cloud computing for any individual.


4. The supply of cloud computing professionals is much lower than the demand for them -

The supply of cloud computing professionals is much lower than the demand for them. Even though cloud computing is such a massively popular field, it has been observed over the years that relatively few professionals are choosing to enter into this field or start careers in it.

As a result, the supply of professionals who possess cloud computing skills is much lower than the demand for them. As we have mentioned several times above, almost all businesses and organizations have started migrating to cloud platforms. So they require a large number of professionals with cloud computing skills.

However, the supply of cloud computing professionals is much lower than the demand for them. So anyone who learns cloud computing at this time will find employment very quickly in the corporate world.


5. Many career roles are available in the cloud computing field -

If you are choosing Cloud Computing as career then these roles are available in the Cloud Computing field:

• AWS Cloud Architect

• SysOps Administrator

• Cloud Developer

• Cloud Sales and Purchase Manager

• Cloud DevOps Engineer

• Key Account Manager, Cloud

• Cloud Software Engineer

• AWS Networking Specialist

• AWS Big Data Specialist

• AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate


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