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We now live in a period when information on the majority of our movements and acts is captured and stored in real-time. This is attributed to manifold technological breakthroughs. Everywhere, from mobile phones to IoT devices, a growing number of small sensors are utilized, while developments in data storage, indexing, and processing platforms allow us to store and analyze data cheaply and efficiently. It is now cheaper to maintain data than to destroy it. Data science aims to develop strategies and tools for securely and ethically unlocking the value of vast amounts of data. It uses theories and techniques from computer science, statistics, machine learning, and mathematics to comprehend, analyze, and potentially change human, physical, and societal phenomena.

As per the Harvard Business Review, Credit card transactions, surfing history, social networking, genetic tests, and a variety of other sources of big data have the potential to alter Science and Industry.

From economics and anthropology to computer science and environmental engineering, the accessibility and rapid growth of data have produced unprecedented challenges and opportunities in data science study. Organizations are placing heavyweight on data-driven decisions for scalable and optimized operations. Careerera is playing a significant role in preparing and training professionals with the best data science courses infused with a unique blend of computation and domain knowledge to statistical queries. The institute offers a carefully crafted program curriculum to best suit the need of the industry.

Fostering a unique environment for learning Data science, Careerera focuses on transforming the application of Data science across diverse sectors, including medicine, cyber-security, bio-informatics, behavioral analytics, developmental economics, and several other fields.

The programs involve personalized mentorship, recorded lectures, live sessions, and practical projects. Careerera believes in endorsing the philosophy of learning through experimenting. This allows for building in-depth understanding by completing real- world case studies and practical activities.

Select your area of expertise and get the best data science certification online from an international location, your job site, or your home and catapult your career to the highest level.

The Data Science course online with Careerera focuses on developing strong mathematical, statistical, computational, and programming skills, as well as establishing a foundation in data science education through general and focused electives from data science and other areas of interest.

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See which benefits you can derive from joining this program.

Post Graduate Program in Data Science

Gain expertise in the field of data science by learning practical skills and techniques blended with thorough theoretical concepts and core fundamentals.

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Data Science Professional Certification

Get ahead on data-driven techniques with a Data Science Professional Certification and master the art of executing various tools, languages, and libraries that professional data scientists use.

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Post Graduate Program In Business Analytics

Tailor your learning process to your data science career with a PGP in Business Analytics. Attain analytics proficiency and the edge to become a top influence in key business decisions.

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DSAP (Data Science Analytics Professionals)

Jumpstart your Data science Career with a solid foundational program. DSAP is your threshold to becoming a leading Business Analytics professional.

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Data Science with Python

Get into the data science world with the most popular tool Python. Learn how to utilize computation to achieve a variety of goals through Data Science with Python Program.

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Machine Learning With Python

Get started with Supervised as well as Unsupervised learning with a course in Machine Learning with Python. This course is your one-stop track to learning the tools to head on with ML and Python.

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Deep Learning Certification Training

Get into the world of building, training, and deploying variants of Deep Architecture from convolutional networks to Autoencoders to Recurrent Networks with Deep Learning Certification training.

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Time Series Forecasting

Build a robust foundational knowledge with this Time Series Forecasting course and be empowered with the in-demand skills.

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Natural Language Processing

Dive into the world of building scalable algorithms powered by AI and ML. The NLP (Natural Language Processing) course will power you with experiential learning.

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Database Management System

Become a Pro at DBMS by mastering the basics of programming languages, delving into the database literature, and learning how to construct, manipulate, and generate reports from database tables using SQL.

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Introduction of Python for IEM-UTeMSS

Navigate your way around Python and Machine Learning as we introduce you to the essential ideas of Machine Learning (ML) as well as developing ML bots using the Python Programming Language.

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Data Visualization in Python

This course on Data Visualization will help you transform from a beginner to a pro. Get to learn how to generate intriguing visuals and charts using Python.

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Masters in Data Science Engineering

Delve into the world of predictive modeling and engineering systems with data-driven designs and gain a thorough understanding of scientific and practical data science and analytics expertise.

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Masters in Data Science and Analytics

Be a Business top-runner through this Data science and analytics Masters's Program. Get immersed into this rigorous training that offers hands-on experience.

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DSF (Data Science Fundamental)

This crisp and solid foundational course is an ideal start for data science enthusiasts that equips prospective data science practitioners with key data science concepts, practices, techniques, and concepts.

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Data Science Training Course

Data Science training course from Careerera, one of the top online education providers, can help you steady and advance your profession. Make Careerera your professional anchor to achieving your goal of becoming a competent data scientist. The course programs make extensive inclusion of theory and concepts combined with case studies and capstone projects for thorough and detailed learning. Careerera devised the course curriculum, which is widely regarded as the best in the industry. With worldwide accreditation, you'll be seen by recruiters all over the world.

Online Data Science Training with the Best in Industry

Get into the most comprehensive Data Science training with the virtual campus that Careerera excellently offers across the globe. The online data science training programs consist of a well-crafted syllabus that covers the entire Data Science lifecycle concepts.

Get your minds running with the following core integrals of data science:

  • Data Collection and Extraction,
  • Data Exploration, Cleansing, and Transformation,
  • Feature Engineering,
  • Data Mining and Integration,
  • Building Prediction models,
  • Data Visualization,
  • Deploying the solution to customers.

Get access to massive learning of handling and applying the below tools:

  • Statistical Analysis
  • Text Mining
  • Regression Modelling
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Neural Networks
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Predictive Modelling
  • R Studio
  • Tableau
  • Spark
  • Hadoop
  • Programming languages like R programming and Python.

Why Choose Careerera for Your Data Science Training?

The promising prospects that the Careerera data science training course offers should be appealing enough for prospective candidates to come on board. Known for its excellence in providing online education across the globe in diverse fields, Careerera is regarded as a premier Data science training institute. The package that Careerera offers ranges from rigorous training to job placement assistance. 

If you're serious about pursuing a career in data science and developing a strong career path, you have made the right choice with Careerera. With profound success and positive outcomes of professionals overseas and locally, you are in for an unrivaled learning experience. We provide the required support until you are placed. Our skilled instructors will assist you with mastering ideas, completing assignments, and working on live projects.

Why Take up Data Science Course? 

Is it worthwhile to pursue a Data Science certification as a career? A plethora of factors and reasons validate the worth and value of pursuing a data science career. Digitalization is generating massive amounts of data, and the demand for Data Science specialists who can assess and extract relevant insights is growing, resulting in millions of new employment in the field. The significant demand and supply gap has promoted generating a large number of job openings and incomes. Data Scientists have recently come to enjoy great value in the job market. Data Scientist careers are long-lasting and fulfilling since the data generation is growing by leaps and bounds, and the demand for Data Scientists will continue to grow indefinitely.

Who Should Enroll in a Data Science Program?


Professionals who should consider taking a Data Science course to advance their careers include:

  • Professionals with elaborate knowledge of Analytics, Logic, and Mathematics
  •  Business intelligence experts, data warehousing and reporting practitioners
  • Mathematicians, Economists, and Statisticians
  • Software Programmers Analysts in business 
  • Consultants that specialize in Six Sigma 
  • Beginners from any discipline with strong analytical and logical abilities

If you have the zeal and the desirable skills in you and you find the data science field your calling, you sure must have a well-planned career path that begins with top-quality online data science training like Careerera.

Our Course Content Spread Across Various Programs Provides Learners with

A Practical Format: Careerera offers Data Science certification courses tailored to the demands of data science professionals, with flexible and inexpensive options that allow busy professionals to complete their desired curriculum while continuing to work full-time.

Globally Recognized Community: Careerera is known for its reputation of its graduates joining the world's largest and most prestigious professional networks. Alumni of the institute have access to exclusive resources and can connect with students, instructors, and other alumni.

Get access to top-class teaching pedagogy that focuses on practical and progressive learning. Improve your data science skills and get on to addressing business problems. The comprehensive curriculum will help you develop into a highly-skilled Data Science specialist, allowing you to work for some of the world's most prestigious companies.

Learn to manoeuver massive amounts of data and gain knowledge of handling tools industry needs. Our state-of-the-art and state of the practice methodologies and tools to design, build, analyze, deploy and maintain data networks and systems are best suited for prospective professionals willing to traverse the path of Data science vocation.

With the in-depth training, learners will have positive learning outcomes by acquiring critical skills in current and developing data science tools and techniques while at the same time honing one's ability to manage data networks more effectively.

Envisioning a world thriving on data-driven intelligence, for an optimum growth emphasis in business, Careerera provides the apt courses. The Data science certification online is open to everyone. Meant especially for those who want to learn data science in a sophisticated and rigorous manner without having to leave their day jobs, yet without sacrificing quality.

For successful achievement of this learning goal, having a college-level degree in mathematics, statistics, or being comfortable with Mathematical reasoning and Python programming will give learners the extra advantage.

Why Data Science?

Data is the key to making good business decisions.

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    Data Science sector has witnessed a massive hike of 650%, far outpacing other sectors.

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    Jobs are open for candidates with 0-5 years experience.

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    2.7 MILLION

    The 2021 global estimate calls for 2.7 million job postings for analytics and data science roles.

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    The Global Data Science market is projected to advance at a CAGR of 39% to reach $195 Billion.

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    Globally to become one of the top five skills for jobs in 2021-22.

Make Careerera your Guiding Force

Learn from the Best

  • From a carefully designed and formulated repository of study resources to globally renowned faculty, Careerera is the transition point of your career.
  • To meet the ever-growing demand of the industry, our curriculum is designed in a manner that will help students develop potentials parallel to the high demand.
Mentorship and Support on a One-to-One Basis
  • Frequent live counseling and guidance from expert practitioners to give students extra-edge of learning
  • Small customized and collaborative group sessions and tutorial groups
Create a portfolio of data science and machine learning projects.
  • Build a portfolio of multiple industry-relevant hands-on projects and case studies to demonstrate Data Science leadership.
  • Learn how data science and machine learning topics are applied in the real world through practical applications.

The Courses are Ideal for

Professionals that want to turn enormous amounts of data into usable insights, such as data scientists and analysts.

Professional in the middle of their career

Technical managers, Business intelligence analysts, IT practitioners, Management consultants, and Business managers are among the early career professionals and senior managers.

Graduates in computer science

Those with a background in applied mathematics or statistics, either academically or professionally. Along with support from the institute, prospective students are in for advanced and progressive learning.

The various courses and programs are designed for freshers as well as people with busy schedules, allowing them to get a data science certification while working full- time and obtain data science certification.

Project your career to the next level with our best Data science certification that classifies you as the best professional in the industry. Our top certifications in data science are your trump card to achieving your dream job. Become one of the expert practitioners with our most updated teaching techniques as we include the most important business technologies such as Machine learning, Deep learning, Natural Language Processing, Recommendation Systems, and more.

The immersive learning experience will prepare you for the field and be rewarded with a Data science certification denoting that you have mastered the art of handling data and is an expert in the field.

A Data scientist Professional certificate will classify you from the rest of the crowd, launch you to a higher position and give you the upper hand in the competition.


About Data Science Certification Course

What Exactly is Data Science?

Data science is an all-encompassing term that extends to the varied techniques of dealing with massive amounts of data by employing modern techniques and tools to detect patterns, extract valuable insights, and make business decisions. The technique of digging insights from the colossal amount of data entails bringing into play the complex algorithms of machine learning to develop predictive models and ranges of domains including statistical methodology, application domains, and computational science.

The field of Data Science treads on a lifecycle that consists of five stages, each with distinct tasks as discussed below:

Data Capture: This stage entails gathering data in its raw form by going through the process of acquiring, data entry, and extraction. Data Maintenance: This stage involves taking the raw data and converting it into a usable format which entails warehousing, cleansing, staging, processing, and architecture of data effectively.

Processing: The third stage implies assessing data for patterns, ranges, and biases to check for usability in terms of predictive analysis. This action calls for data mining, clustering, modeling, and summarizing data.

Analysis: The aggregated data is executed for analytics by employing exploratory, predictive and Qualitative analysis, regression, and Text mining.  Communication: The whole process only becomes meaningful only when the collected results are meaningfully communicated through the use of graphs, charts, and reports. It involves data reporting, visualization, business intelligence, and the decision-making process.

Who is a Data Scientist?

A Data Scientist is an expert in the field of data science. Jeff Hammerbacher and DJ Patil invented the phrase "Data Scientist." Data scientists are experts in specialized scientific fields who apply their knowledge to complex data problems. They deal with a wide range of subjects, including arithmetic, statistics, and computer science. They are experts who make extensive use of cutting-edge technologies to bring about valuable insights digging data and uncovering patterns from it. They perform the role of providing data in a much more useful and readable format by working through the raw data whether in structured or unstructured forms.

To put it precisely, data scientists are professionals who are adept at handling and managing data and equipped with the following skill sets:

  • Statistical analysis and computing
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Processing large data sets
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Wrangling
  • Mathematics
  • Programming
  • Statistics
  • Big Data

How I Can Become a Data Scientist?

To become a data scientist, follow these five main steps: strengthen your mathematical and programmatic foundations; master SQL; pursue machine learning; gain some data analyst experience; and, lastly, polish your abilities and knowledge with an online school or Bootcamp. While most data scientists have a background in mathematics, statistics, and computer science, it is still feasible to work as a data scientist without such degrees.

Let us get a broader picture of the few steps:

Reinforce your programming and mathematical underpinnings: It's critical to understand how math-intensive the data scientist career path is. Data science necessitates a thorough understanding of mathematics as well as a working knowledge of common programming languages.

Master SQL: The SQL language is a domain-specific language for extracting data from databases. SQL is not as complicated as other programming languages, but it is a must-know for anyone who works with massive databases and analysis on a regular basis. Adept at machine learning: Data scientists must demonstrate and reinforce their knowledge of machine learning algorithms, AI systems, and statistics because data science is the foundation of machine learning.

Join Online Courses: Completing an online course is a great way to get started. Today's data scientists who want to strengthen their mathematical and programmatic underpinnings frequently enroll in online data science boot camps.

Join entry-level Jobs like Data Analyst: To become a great data scientist, you must first learn the fundamentals of recognizing trends in data. It might interest you to know that many data scientists begin their careers as data analysts and then go on to further their programming knowledge.

How Will Data Science Course Help Me?

There is no denying that the demand for data scientists, along with it comes high competition. Owing to the fact that Data science may be a profitable vocation to pursue, more people are doing everything they can to get trained in the subject and stand out above other applicants. To put it another way, getting the correct training is crucial if you're serious about pursuing a career in data science.

Enrolling in a recognized data science course that can teach you all you need to know to succeed in the profession – from the fundamentals to advanced abilities – is the first step toward becoming certified as a data scientist. While there are some free online resources that can help you study data science, there is nothing better than enrolling in a structured, accredited program that delivers teaching from industry specialists and can award you a professional certification when you complete the course.

One of the best aspects of earning a data science certification is a quick escalation of your career. These days, the vast majority of data science courses are delivered via the internet. This makes learning a new skill and earning a certification easier than ever. Online classes provide a level of freedom that no other learning approach can match. You have the freedom to work at your own speed, study whenever you want, and choose a course schedule that best fits your other obligations. You can also finish your coursework from anywhere in the world using any approved device with a stable internet connection.

Why Careerera

Careerera, since its inception, has been a global pioneer in providing online education and world-class training, with students enrolled from over 60 countries. Take your Data Science career to the next level with the best data science certification with Careerera.

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