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Why Partner with us

  • Low investment high return
  • Opportunity to sell over 200 courses in five different categories.
  • Work with a Global brand Careerera has presence in over 10 countries
  • Proven track record has over 2.5 lac registered users
  • Best faculty with industry exposser
  • In house doveloptment technologies & plateform on which student & faculty engage Live.
  • Excellent payout! franchise can earn 50-75 lacs each year after removing all expenses.
  • The brand will provide staff training, technical and marketing support to the franchisees at every step of the process and down to every small detail.
  • No saturation point in the near future and exponential growth of the market.

Category of courses we offer

  1. Test Preparation over 15 courses
  2. In 2016 the online education market was at 1,800 crores which by 2021 will be 14,000 crore at 52% CAGR


    • NEET
    • IIT
    • JEE
    • NET
    • GATE
    • CLAT
    • CAT
    • CA


    • UPSC
    • RRB
    • Bank PO
    • SSC
  3. Professional Certification over 125 courses
  4. In 2016 Re-skilling and online certification was at 696 crore by 2021 will be at 3,400 crore at CAGR of 38%.

    • PMP Certification Training
    • ITIL MALC Certification Training
    • Cloud Computing Fundamental
    • CSF (Cyber Security Fundamental)
    • UFT Training and Certification
    • Ranorex
    • Scrum Product Owner Certification Training
    • ScrumVersity Kanban Professional
  5. Kids Courses
  6. In 2016 Primary and Secondary supplemental education was 521 crore which by 2021 will be 5,700 crore at 60% CAGR.

    • Coding Training For Kids
    • Abacus Training For Kids
    • Vedic Mathematics Training For Kids
    • English Training For Kids
    • Reasoning Training For Kids
    • Mathematics Training For Kids
  7. Language over 15
  8. In 2016 Language and Casual Learning was at 37 crore which by 2021 will be 217 crore at 42% CAGR.

    • Business English Language Training
    • Spanish Language Training
    • Russian Language Training
    • French Language Training
    • Korean Language Training
    • Japanese Language Training
    • Portuguese Language Training
    • Italian Language Training
  9. International Test Preparation
  10. This increase in market size is premarily driven by an increase in the number of students pursuing higher education and professional courses.

    • TOEFEL
    • GRE
    • SAT
    • IELTS

Online Education Opportunity: An Overview 2016 vs 2021

  • In 2016 online education market was at 1800 cores which by 2021 will be 14,000 crore at 52% CAGR.
  • In 2016 Market size of Test Preparation in India was 321crore which by 2021 will be 3800 crores at 64% CAGR.
  • In 2016 Re-skilling & online certification was at 696 crore by 2021 will be at 3400 crore at CAGR of 38%
  • In 2016 Primary & Secondary supplemental education was 521crore which by 2021 will be 5700 crore at 60% CAGR
  • In 2016 Language & Casual Learning was at 37 crore which by 2021 will be 217 crore at 42% CAGR
  • This increase in market size is primarily driven by increase in number of students pursuing higher education and professional courses.
  • Over 70% parents across all income strata are ready to spend hefty sums on coaching classes, for the sake of advancing their kid’s education.
  • A recession-proof industry.
  • With 1.3 billion population and an average age of 29 years.
  • 29% of the Indian population is under 18 age group (26.6% in the 0 to 14 years age bracket).
  • There are about 23.65 crores (in the age group of 0 to 14 years) which is the target audience for tutoring, basic IT skilling, aptitude tests, and foundation courses aimed at K-12 segment.

Support Services

Pre Launch

Post Launch

Mode of Deliveries

Face-to-Face Classroom

The standard mode of delivery. We expect our business partners to be actively involved with the students; and prefer that they themselves take sessions on their subject(s) of expertise.

Centralized Delivery

Technology has helped us reach students in areas where there is a scarcity of quality faculty members. In this mode, sessions by eminent mentors are beamed live to our authorized centers spread across the country.

Partner Speak

Deepak Jha

I had been observing students in my town suffer from a lack of high-quality educational providers for several years. Indian parents are very particular about desiring the best possible educational criteria for their children and they leave no stone unturned in this pursuit of excellent education. I sought to remedy the problem by providing relatively inexpensive and top-notch online educational modules by forming a tie-up with Careerera. Careerera has a well-deserved reputation as an educational provider that doesn’t compromise even a single inch on quality while delivering world-class study materials along with stellar and qualified instructors who guide the students expertly and effectively through well-designed course curriculums. My experience of the tie-up with Careerera has been unequivocally positive and beneficial.

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