Parent’s Participation in Home-based Learning Promoting the Welfare of Children


Emphasizing the need to create a safe, positive and engaging learning environment, the Ministry of Education on Saturday released a guideline for Parent Participation in Home-based Learning during school closure and beyond.

Implementation of NEP Kickstarts this June


New Education Policy is the policy that replaces the thirty-four year old National Policy on Education (NPE) which was introduced in 1986. The idea behind the new education policy is to promote further flexibility to make school or college education more holistic. This will bring out the unique capabilities of every student.

Bulletin Board - June 1


Careerera invites application for free live online summer training for industrial courses.

News from the world of education: May 29, 2021


Careerera has launched a free live online summer training programme for 2021, which includes live interactive classes followed by globally certified curriculum

Here's how e-degrees can help students shape their career


Following are the benefits of getting an e-degree. All you need to know from the expert Vivek K Singh, Co-founder and CEO, Careerera.

Free Education for children orphaned by Covid is sure to elevate literacy rate in India


The announcement of free education for children orphaned by Covid-19, made by the Delhi government on Tuesday is commendable.

NEP focuses on technology integration across various levels of education


The New Education Policy (NEP) was approved in July, 2020 by the Union cabinet. Its sole aim is to universalize education from the basic pre-school to the secondary level. The NEP-2020 replaced the existing National Policy of Education-1986. It is an inclusive framework that will focus on the elementary to a higher level of education in India.

Careerera is organizing a Workplace Vaccination Camp for its Employees


Careerera is doing its bit in ramping up the Vaccination Drive by organizing a workplace vaccination camp for its employees. On April 7, 2021 the government of India allowed Covid-19 vaccination at both government and private offices that hold at least 100 eligible and willing beneficiaries over the age of 45. The Health Secretary of India dictated state authorities to start off a discussion with public and private sector managements to set up workplace vaccination centers from April 11, 2021.

Digital Learning Improving the Growth Graph of the Education System


would begin by saying that digital learning has made learning more accessible, it is no less than a blessing in disguise. It has not only been opted by school or college students, but also by working professionals. With the sudden outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic, many learners were compelled to opt for this mode of learning. Due to its accessibility, feasibility and cost-effectiveness, it is definitely going to be the most preferred mode of learning in future.

Free Workshops On Job Relevant Skills


Careerera is offering free three days workshops during the pandemic we all are facing. Its aim is to help individuals learn new technologies and the latest skills.