Careerera : les start-up Edtech préparent les étudiants à l’emploi


Careerera est une start-up qui propose une formation à la certification professionnelle de l’enseignement supérieur, une préparation aux tests, une formation linguistique et des compétences dans divers domaines.

Careerera: Edtech start-ups making students job-ready


Start-ups like Careerera can make students job-ready by enabling them to better interact with the world around them; we help them comprehend the theory, gain practical real-world experience, and improve their skills and confidence.

Benefits of learning a foreign language


In the globalised economy, the need for employees speaking multiple languages is only growing. As we grow more connected, bilingualism is now perhaps the most worthwhile skill to acquire.

Synopsis of Indian Education System after Independence


Indian education system has made great strides since independence. Its scenario is far different than what it used to be decades back. India has come a long way in terms of literacy rates with an augmenting number of institutions and universities. Indian education system now meets global standards.

Technology’s contribution to the Education sector : Vivek K Singh , Co-founder, and CEO, Careerera


Since technology fosters improvisation and innovation, it will make education a globally accessible program for many children.

Adding value to learning


How Course Crafting can help enhance the quality of any upskilling or higher education course

IT Education In Rural Areas Need To Be Prioritised


The major part of the Indian population lives in rural areas and the development and progress taking place there clearly indicate the direction in which our country is proceeding.

News from the world of education: July 8, 2021


On July 11, test-prep institute T.I.M.E will conduct its Talent Search Examination for CLAT, IPM, BBA and HM aspirants. The institute is also providing a fee waiver on classroom courses.

How to Enter The Field of Cloud Computing as a Fresher


The scenario of the IT world today clearly indicates Cloud Computing as one of the most demanded and rapidly growing career domains. As per statistics, nearly 90% of the organizations across the globe are already using cloud computing and the global public Cloud Computing market is thoroughly ready to cross around USD 350 Billion by 2021.

Careerera has partnered with EdX to offer accredited certificates from Ivy League Universities


Careerera has made associations with EdX to offer Ivy League University’s accredited certifications to its learners. Studying at these highly selective and prestigious institutions is every student’s dream, but due to several factors this dream of many seems far-fetched.