Leading 10 Cybersecurity Positions in 2023: Career and Salary


Building a cyber security career in 2023 entails entering a burgeoning industry that will give you ample opportunities. The cyber security industry is challenged with an imbalanced ratio of high demands and a low supply of manpower. Post-pandemic COVID-19, the industrial demand for cyber security experts has reached an unpreceded high, The US Department of Labour Statistics has projected an increased rate of 33% in the number of cyber security job opportunities for the years between 2020 to 2030. 

The growing relevance of cybersecurity has driven the emergence of more specialized cyber security job roles

Aspirants have the opportunity to explore the information security business and create career paths suitable for their interests by joining training, acquiring a cyber security certification, and beginning as cybersecurity analysts. Here in this article let us find out the top cyber security career in 2023.

Most Trending Cyber Security Career in 2023

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

This cyber security job is a senior-level position responsible for the organization's entire information security. The roles and responsibilities of a CISO also include interacting with stakeholders, giving them information on organizational security issues, and creating and maintaining programs for information security and risk management. A CISO is ideally someone with competency in numerous cybersecurity-related positions.

The cyber security certification required for this post  are:

  • Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) 

  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) 

The majority of cybersecurity jobs demand that you possess the necessary qualifications. The more qualifications you hold, the more your cybersecurity career will advance.

Security Architect: 

Designing strong security mechanisms that are utilized to thwart malware attacks is the responsibility of a security architect.  They execute vulnerability assessments and extend technical support to other teams in the organization.

There are a few certifications that will prove beneficial for this cyber security job

  • CompTIA Security+

  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional

Cyber Security Engineer:

This cyber security job entails specialization in the methods of protecting a company from cyberattacks. A cyber security Engineer's responsibility includes safeguarding the network infrastructure and data of the organization. Their job includes working with other teams for building cybersecurity platforms as their goal is to preserve the overall security of the company. 

Candidates vying for this Cybersecurity engineer will have higher chances if they hold a cyber security certification of either of the following:

Malware Analyst:

Cyber security professionals who are known for specializing in identifying and investigating online dangers including worms, viruses, trojans, and bots are known as Malware analysts. Their responsibility also includes outlining the defense mechanisms against malware attacks after developing tools for malware protection.

A cyber security certification that serves as a plus point for this position is  GIAC Reverse Engineering Malware (GREM). 

Penetration Tester:

A Penetration Tester is a cyber security job role that specializes in testing vulnerabilities in the organization's systems. They also go by another name- Ethical hacker. Their task includes developing new penetration tools and recording the test results. 

A Penetration Tester position is attainable only when you fulfill certain credentials such as a mandatory cyber security certification. The respective certifications mandatory for landing this position are:

  • CEH- Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

  • CEPT -Certified Expert Penetration Tester 

  • OSCP- Offensive Security Certified Professional

Computer Forensics Analysts:

A Computer Forensics Analyst is a cyber security job position that holds the responsibilities of collecting digital evidence and retrieving data. Their primary focus is on restoring erased/stolen/ altered data.

The following are the cyber security certification credentials professionals in this position require:

  • CFCE- Certified Forensic Computer Examiner 

  • CCE- Certified Computer Examiner

Application Security Engineer:

Considering breaking into the best cyber security career in 2023, this position of Application Security Engineer will be a terrific choice. This specialized engineer is responsible for developing, implementing, and maintaining the security of an organization's applications is an application security engineer. They hold the onus of developing and implementing regulations that will protect against internal as well as external threats. 

A typical day of an application security engineer starts with reviewing the tasks performed the previous day and rectifying any flaws/vulnerabilities/corrections required and the correction of any flaws or vulnerabilities. The rest of the day follows with working in collaboration with other engineers to work for the following day. 

Cloud Security Specialist:

Cloud security experts are among the most in-demand cyber security job opportunities, and this trend will continue as a result of the increasing cloud reliance. A cloud security specialist is responsible for defending networks, systems, and data from cyber-attacks. They accomplish this by identifying risks and weak spots, putting safety measures in place, keeping an eye out for incursions on networks, and checking legal compliance.

A Cloud Security Expert is also responsible for protecting the data stored on the cloud server. They develop and implement strong cybersecurity rules and practices that safeguard data against unapproved access, modification, or disclosure.

Database Administrator: 

The individual who oversees and manages the database is known as the database administrator. They take care of the planning, development, and monitoring of the database. Additionally, database managers must guarantee the safety and security of the data stored in the database. Their competency makes it possible for a company to function smoothly.  They are in charge of ensuring that the databases are operating effectively and securely.

Incident Manager:

A person who manages and resolves events is known as an incident manager. When an event occurs, they are the ones that are called in to remedy it.

It is critical for Incident Managers to possess the qualities of handling numerous situations and quick thinking. 

Cyber Security Job Salary 

Below is an account of the average salary of the respective cyber security jobs in the US. You may keep note that the salary of a cyber security job will differ depending on the location, company, and your job role in the organization. 

  • CISO- $166,329 (Payscale)

  • Security Architect- $125,630 (Payscale)

  • Cyber Security Engineer- $97,607 (Payscale)

  • Malware Analyst-  $92,880 (Payscale)

  • Penetration Tester- $125,630  (Payscale)

  • Computer Forensics Analysts-$75,120  (Payscale)

  • Application Security Engineer-$136737 (ZipRecruiter)

  • Cloud Security Specialist-  $98702 (ZipRecruiter)

  • Database Administrator - $90037  (Indeed)

  • Incident Manager-  $91820 (Indeed)

The Cyber security career in 2023 looks promising as more and more technologies are adopted by numerous industries.  compels them to take care of their digital surrounding. Acquire the best training and obtain a cyber security certification to have smooth professional growth.

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