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As the world becomes increasingly dependant on technology, and its role in our daily lives becomes increasingly important, it is more important than ever to create a secure environment. The more critical need of the hour also is the need to protect and disseminate enough information to users about how to stay safe while using it. As a result, the number of cybersecurity professionals is increasingly on the rise. Aspirants in cybersecurity can assist public and commercial companies in protecting their data and assets from a variety of cyberattacks. 

Job Opportunities in Cybersecurity:

Cybersecurity jobs are among the fastest-growing professional categories in the United States, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics' Information Security Analyst's Outlook. Going by the report of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field of Cyber security is going to see job growth of 31% rate through the year 2029 which is far beyond the national average of 4%. The cybersecurity business has a lot of room for expansion and can provide you with exciting career options. Because there is still a scarcity of cybersecurity experts and professionals, now is the best time to learn cybersecurity skills and enter the market. One can jumpstart a career in this demanding and challenging field by enrolling in a cyber security course and acquiring the requisite skills and training. 

Let us find out the average cyber security salary package that cyber security professionals earn annually in India and US.  

Cyber security Professionals average salary in India corresponding to their job position respectively:

  • Cyber Security Analyst Salary- Rs. 495,370          
  • Cyber Security Engineer Salary- Rs. 690,568        
  • Cyber Security Architect Salary- Rs. 2,151,258     
  • Cyber Security Administrator Salary- Rs. 524,587
  • Cyber Security Software Developer Salary- Rs. 800,000  
  • Cryptographer- Rs. 600,000  
  • Chief Information Security Officer Salary- Rs. 2,300,785   
  • Cyber Security Consultant Salary- Rs, 712,602      

Cyber Security Average Salary in the US corresponding

Professionals to their job position respectively:

  • Cyber Security Analyst Salary - $81,752
  • Cyber Security Engineer Salary - $104,030
  • Cyber Security Architect Salary- $125,630
  • Cyber Security Administrator Salary - $76,750
  • Cyber Security Software Developer Salary - $73,049
  • Cryptographer- $90,529
  • Chief Information Security Officer Salary - $110,518
  • Cyber Security Consultant Salary - $71,703

High Paying job profiles in the field of cyber security in India

Here's a look at Cyber Security Compensation in India in a detailed manner along with the job descriptions, so you can get the salary information you need to hire the professional talent you need.

Information Security Analyst:

A security analyst's job entails analyzing software, hardware, and network vulnerabilities and offering remedies and best practices. Security policy and procedure compliance tests can aid in the formulation and implementation of security solutions.

Their responsibilities and roles include:

  • Security access is being monitored.
  • Internal and external security audits are carried out.
  • Examining security flaws.
  • The company's incident response and disaster recovery plans are being updated.
  • Verification of third-party vendor security.

A security analyst's average annual salary is  INR 564,980.

Salary Based on Experience:

  • Entry Level (0-1 year)- INR 312 K
  • Early Career (1-4 years)-INR 501 K
  • Mid-career- (5-9 years)- INR 861 K
  • Highly Experienced (10 & Above)- INR 1 Million

Security Architects:

Security architects build security systems and head a team of security designers that are working on a new security system. Their responsibilities and roles include: 

  • Examining present system security and making improvements. 
  • Testing the system on a regular basis. 
  • Creating project schedules. 
  • Putting in place disaster recovery processes.
  • Quick response and solutions for security incidents in all cases.

A Cyber Security Architect's average annual salary is INR 2,190,072.

Cyber Security Salary Based on Experience:

  • Entry Level (1-4 years)- INR 895 K
  • Early Career (5-9 years)-INR 2 Million
  • Mid-career- (10-19 years)- INR 2 Million
  • Highly Experienced (20 & Above)- INR 3 Million

Security Engineer:

To discover security incidents and mount an incident response, the Security Engineer undertakes security monitoring and forensic investigation. To strengthen security capabilities and make improvements, they use new technology and processes.Their roles and responsibilities include:

  • Creating security policies and procedures.
  • Inventing novel approaches to current security concerns.
  • Penetration testing is being done.
  • Creating incident handling automation scripts.
  • Keeping an eye out for unusual system behavior.
  • Keeping track of changes in software, hardware, and user requirements.
  • Assisting in the development of an organization's information security strategy.
  • Staff workers are being educated on information security through training.
  • Recommendations for changes in the legal, technological, and regulatory fields.

A Cyber Security Engineer's average annual salary is INR 613,327.

Salary Based on Experience:

  • Entry Level (0-1 year)- INR 312 K
  • Early Career (1-4 years)-INR 501 K
  • Mid-career- (5-9 years)- INR 861 K
  • Highly Experienced (10 & Above)- INR 1 Million

Security Administrator:

In a smaller organization, the security administrator oversees the organization's security systems and performs some of the duties of the security analyst. Their roles and responsibilities include:

  • Defending against illegal access to systems.
  • Unusual activity is being monitored.
  • Configuring and maintaining security software.
  • Putting in place network security rules and business data protection measures.
  • Disaster recovery protocols are being developed and updated.

A Security Administrator's annual income averages INR 524,587.

Salary Based on Experience:

  • Entry Level (1-4 years)- INR 503 K
  • Mid-Level Career (5-9years)-INR 694 K
  • Highly Experienced Level (10 years - Above)- INR 867 K

Note: The given amount is the base salary exclusive of bonuses, profit sharing, and commissions. 

Security Software Developer:

A security software developer integrates security into application software and creates software to monitor, analyze, and identify intrusions, viruses, spyware, and malware, as well as anti-virus software.

Their roles and responsibilities include: 

  • Using advanced software security techniques to implement, test, and operate.
  • To increase software security perform continual security testing and code review.
  • Troubleshooting any problems that may arise.

A Cyber security software developer's average annual pay is INR 73,460.

Salary Based on Experience:

  • Entry Level (1-4 years)- INR 51 K
  • Mid-Level Career (5-9years)-INR 73 K
  • Highly Experienced Level (10 years - Above)- INR 107 K

Note: The given amount is the base salary exclusive of bonuses, profit sharing, and commissions. 


A cryptographer is a researcher who develops strong methods for securing data or developing safe software.

Job roles and responsibilities include:

  • Detecting any flaws in current cryptography technologies.
  • Cryptology theories are put to the test in the real world.
  • Putting highly encrypted solutions in place for your company.
  • Ongoing encryption technology research, training, and IT security enhancement.

A cryptographer's average annual pay is INR 610,419.

Salary Based on Experience:

  • Entry Level (1-4 years)- INR 550 K
  • Mid-Level Career (5-9years)-INR 610 K
  • Highly Experienced Level (10 years - Above)- INR 3 Million

Note: The given amount is the base salary exclusive of bonuses, profit sharing, and commissions. 

Chief Information Security Officer:

The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is a senior management role in charge of technical work and maintaining the complete information security team. Responsibilities and Roles: Operational security Preventing data loss and fraud Investigations and forensics Governance Security architecture Program management A Chief Information Security Officer's average annual income is  INR 2,221,834.

Salary Based on Experience:

  • Entry Level (1-4 years)- INR 2 Million
  • Mid-Level Career (5-9years)-INR 2 Million
  • Late Level (10-19 Years)-INR 2 Million
  • Highly Experienced (20 years - Above)- INR 3 Million

Security Consultant:

A security consultant is in charge of preventing viruses, worms, spyware, malware, intrusion detection, unauthorized access, and denial-of-service attacks on computers, networks, software, data, and/or information systems.

The job roles and responsibilities include:

  • Security threats are being tested.
  • Detecting potential security threats
  • Creating and maintaining security processes to protect against all potential security risks.
  • Organizing and delegating responsibilities to a group of security experts.
  • Client meetings to discuss security measures
  • Risk evaluation in progress.
  • Creating reports based on test results.
  • Improvements to existing security systems are suggested.

A Cyber Security Consultant's average annual salary is INR 696,407

Salary Based on Experience:

  • Entry Level (0-1 year)- INR 312 K
  • Early Career (1-4 years)-INR 501 K
  • Mid-career- (5-9 years)- INR 861 K
  • Highly Experienced (10 & Above)- INR 1 Million

Begin now and be a top player in the Cyber security field

The growing demand for cyber security professionals makes it a promising career path and to venture into this profession now is highly ideal. Now would be an opportune time for aspirants to take up rigorous training through cyber security online courses and spearhead the industry with excellent and unrivaled skills. 

Take advantage of the numerous platforms and agencies that provide properly crafted cyber security certification course online programs, which are ideally designed in alignment with current industry trends and practices. Cyber security online course programs are often the better way to accelerate one's career as it involves lesser time, nonetheless, trains professionals intensively. 

Acquire core skills through a cyber security course and Jumpstart your Cyber security career now

  • Skills in programming and coding
  • Management of data
  • Security for mobile devices and applications
  • Handling security incidents
  • Excellent communication skills 
  • Analytical skills
  • Skills in networking
  • Applications and Systems for Security Incident Handling and Response
  • IT experience in a variety of fields

Kick-starting with an online cyber security course is a fantastic way to navigate your career plan. 

An online cyber security course will teach you all of the fundamental and advanced ideas of cyber security, allowing you to improve your cybersecurity and other technological abilities. Cybersecurity, on the other hand, is a hugely complicated and rapidly evolving topic. To keep on top of your game, you'll need to study from your own sources, read blogs, follow experts, and learn on the job.

Education and Training in Cybersecurity:

A bachelor's degree in computer science or a related subject is normally required for most cybersecurity employment.

In addition, cyber security certificate programs can help anyone who wants to learn more about network security, digital forensics, risk management, or the legal and ethical issues surrounding cybersecurity. This course can assist practitioners to grow in their current cyber security vocation or start the process of earning a higher degree.


The cybersecurity industry has a lot of opportunities for growth and can offer you intriguing career opportunities. Because cybersecurity specialists and professionals are still in short supply, now is the best time to learn cybersecurity and enter the market.

It's also a never-ending business. As more individuals use the internet for personal or corporate purposes, hackers will continue to take advantage of it in immoral ways. With more people using the internet and more cyber-attacks, the demand for cybersecurity experts will continue to rise, making your job as a cybersecurity expert more secure than ever.

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