Can I Get Into Cybersecurity Without A Degree?


Cyber security expert, this word in itself, is very impressive, and many freshers and other professionals dream of being a Cyber security expert. We don't have a degree in cyber security that might stop them. But the good news is to become a cyber security expert; one doesn't need a degree. You only need a few certifications and knowledge in the same field. Various people have never visited college but still want to be a cyber security experts, so for all of them, we will let them know that by clearing a few Cyber Security certifications, they fetch a decent job for themselves. 

get a cybersecurity job without a degree

So the Good news is, that you can have a decent job in a Cyber security job even without a degree, but this depends on several factors, which we will look at here.

  1. If one has prior IT experience or has little knowledge of the same
  2. Earn a security-related certification such as CompTIA Security+, CISSP, CISA, CISM, and Cyber Security professional 
  3. If one doesn't possess any of the above-listed points, then they might try fetching a job for an entry-level professional

Reasons why you can get a cybersecurity job without a degree

1) The market is in the employee's favor.  First, keep in mind that employers don't get what exactly they are looking for The Cyber Security jobs market is increasing and employers are having trouble filling positions, in order to fill the roles they are hiring candidates with no degree, or they prefer training the candidates in-house, which solves both the purposes together

2: A degree isn't a regulated requirement.  Cyber Security is a specialization that, by nature, doesn't have a regulating body or structure. If one has certification in cyber security or is appearing for Cyber Security Certification Course or knowledge regarding the same employers won't mind taking them onboard

3: Certifications can fill in as a substitute for a degree.  Cybersecurity is endowed with many alternative qualification options, like Certification in Cyber Security, which candidates can use, as powerful as a degree with the proper knowledge. This will not let any aspirant lead down that they cannot earn themself a dream job in Cyber Security without a degree; these certifications will help them have a regret-free professional career.

4: College isn't the only way to learn. There are a lot of alternative learning options for cybersecurity professionals. If we talk about traditional courses like being a doctor, one must have a degree from medical college. Still, fortunately, it is not the same with Cyber Security. If any job aspirant wants to be an expert, then just by enrolling themselves for Cyber Security certification, they can have a job. Many online Cyber security certifications providing companies are available in the market, such as Careerera, which can help them excel in their professional career.

5: Experience is more essential than Degree. This is a very common saying that experience is what matters in the end, so any individual with more than ten years of working experience in the Cyber security field can see themselves as managers or top management in the same sector. There are a hundred examples where managers are doing great in Cyber security without earning any professional Cyber Security degree. 

So escaping from the Degree might give you the job, but to be an expert in it one needs to have professional knowledge of the same. One needs to gather and gain professional expertise in Cyber Security; they must enroll themselves in any Online Cyber Security certification, which will help them have authentic and updated information about the same.

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