Is Data Scientist a Good Career Choice?


Data Science has become the new buzzword of the 21st century. This is in a large part because of the revolution that technology has created in most industries in the past few decades. Now the capabilities of most businesses and organizations have expanded because they are actively trying to integrate technology into their operations.

With these new capabilities, the ambit of their ventures is increasing exponentially. With this expanding chain of operations and heavy reliance on technology, the companies are generating more and more electronic data.

Today most companies are fully aware that data is a very valuable asset and that they should make full use of it. In order to utilize the vast amounts of data they are generating on a daily basis, they require data scientists.

Thus data scientists have become very desirable and most companies search very intensely for skilled and competent data scientists. This is why more and more individuals are opting for data science certification training.

Data Scientist a Good Career Choice

Is data science a good career?

In this article, we have listed some reasons for data scientists being such a good career choice.

  1. Data scientists are the most in-demand professionals in the world

The job role of a data scientist has an incredibly large demand across all industries in the world. On Linkedin, this job role is the fastest growing one as per numbers released by Linkedin. In the US, it is predicted that there will be a shortage of 180,000 data scientists by 2023. In India, the numbers are even larger – around 200,000.

Also, several companies have released very positive forecasts about Data Scientists. It is predicted that in 5 years data science will expand to become the most prominent sector of the IT industry, by comprising one-third of the IT industry. It already comprises one-tenth of the global IT industry. So we can easily see that a data scientist will have no problems in getting hired immediately after getting his data science certification.

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  1. There is a huge gap between the demand and supply of skilled data scientists.

While there is a huge demand for data scientists across most sectors and industries, there is a big problem that employers face. It is a problem for employers but a great boon for aspiring data scientists. The problem is that there is a huge shortage in the supply of data scientists who are skilled and competent in their field.

Companies are desperately trying to fulfill their requirements and hiring many unskilled or even cheating professionals who simply do not have the skills and capabilities that an important data scientist position requires. This means that an aspiring data scientist who completes data science certification training will be snapped up by an employer very quickly. Currently, this is the prime reason why data science is considered such a good career choice.

  1. There are great career growth options in the field of Data Science.

Not only is there a huge shortage of data scientists globally, but companies are also scrambling to fill data scientist positions along the whole ladder of corporate careers. What this means in simple terms is that there are very few data scientists available at all levels of the career chain – beginners to freshers to even the manager level.

So a data scientist who joins a company in these times will find his path of career growth wide and open. If his performance is up to par, he will get promoted very quickly. To get into this career path one should take a data science certification course.

  1. Data scientists have a wide range of work options available to them.

Most industries and sectors have a great need for data scientists. So a data scientist can not only easily find a job in the IT sector, but also in a wide range of other industries. Nowadays, since most businesses and organizations are relying on technology heavily, they generate mounds of electronic data.

Thus they require data scientists to make use of all that data. So data scientists can find a job in the Retail, Health and Pharma, Banking and Finance, Construction, Transportation, Communications, Media, and Entertainment, Education, Manufacturing and Natural resources, Government, Energy and Utilities, and Outsourcing industries.

  1. Data scientists get the highest salary packages out of all the IT career choices.

More and more businesses and organizations are waking up to the fact that data is one of the most valuable resources a company possesses. At the same time, the acute shortage of skilled and competent data scientists continues.

So companies tend to pay good data scientists very highly when they find them. So the job role of a data scientist is one of the most lucrative, well-paid, and profitable ones. To gain access to such high salary packages one should enroll in a data science certification. This is another very compelling reason why data science is considered such a good career choice.

What is the best job in data science?

Experts in data science are needed in almost every industry, not only technology. Pursuing a career in the field of data science is a wise decision, not only because it is popular and lucrative, but also because data might be the primary catalyst from which the entire economy revolves. 

To pursue a data science career it is important to fulfill the required skills and knowledge. There are various methods to learn the data science core skills, one of the best ways to attain them is to enroll in a data science certification course. 

Below are the best data science jobs that individuals can venture into by fulfilling the credentials required to be a data scientist: 

  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Engineers
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Quantitative Analyst
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Database Administrator
  • Data Architect
  • Database Administrator
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Statistician
  • Big Data Engineer

To be a professional in data science and work in any of the jobs given above, the right way to jumpstart your career is to take up a data science certification course and become a certified professional. 

What is a data science job salary?

Data science is a high-paying field with plenty of perks and handsome salaries. Data Scientist salaries have risen in tandem with demand; Data Scientists may expect to earn six figures on average. Demand also correlates to the opportunity to move from city to city, and even worldwide, much more readily.

For your better understanding below is a list of data science job salary that data scientist earns.

Database Manager: $65,558 (USD) per annum
Data Analyst: $75,225 (USD) per annum
Database Developer: $89,250 (USD) per annum
Business Intelligence Analyst: $96,737 (USD) per annum
Database Administrator: $97,730 (USD) per annum
Statistician: $99,055 (USD) per annum
Business Intelligence Developer: $100,494 (USD) per annum 
Infrastructure Engineer: $113,546 (USD) per annum
Data Scientist: $122,519 (USD) per annum
Big data Engineer: 132,571 (USD) per annum
Data Architect: $133,840 (USD) per annum
Enterprise Architect: $144,013 (USD) per annum
Machine Learning Engineer: $149,847 (USD) per annum

Data scientists are software experts who know how to use Java, Hadoop, Python, and Pig. Business exploration, structuring analytics, and data management are among their responsibilities. The key reason for Data Science's bright future is the high-end demand that has arisen as a result of digitalization.

For any organization, data scientists are a game-changer. They can evaluate huge data critically and quickly find a solution for the enhancement process. The specialists assist in the development of marketing strategies and provide excellent product recommendations. Any organization's foundation is built on data science.


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