What Jobs Can You Get With a Data Science Certificate?


Data Science has created a complete revolution in every sector and industry that it has entered into. Due to its massive popularity, many people are asking the question – “What jobs can you get with a data science certificate?”

The answer is a little long and detailed and we shall expand upon it in this present article. What we shall do is that we shall list the various jobs which are available after getting a data science certification.

Jobs you can get with a Data Science certificate

Why are there so many opportunities in Data Science?

There are a number of reasons because of which the field of data science is burgeoning with opportunities. The first reason is that businesses and organizations lack the technical expertise and domain-specific knowledge to convert the mounds of data they possess into usable assets. This lack of knowledge is the reason for so many data science careers existing.

For this purpose, they require data scientists heavily. Another reason is that there simply aren’t enough skilled and competent data scientists to fill all the existing job vacancies in the field of data science. This has created a great scramble to snap up the existing skilled and competent data scientists.

Another reason is that there is a lot of money to be made from the field of data science. Businesses and organizations across the world have become inspired by the examples of Facebook, Google, and Twitter, and their effective use of big data to understand and predict user behaviour. This technique is the driving force behind many careers in data science.

So now many companies across the world are more than willing to invest huge amounts of money into advancing the data science technologies they possess.

These big budgets for data science research directly translate into very big and lucrative salaries for any skilled and competent data scientists who may have taken the Post Graduate Program in data science course.

Top jobs available after getting a data science certification -

1. Data Scientist -

Job requirements – The job of a data scientist is to locate data sets of a suitable size and quality. By quality what is meant is that they should be useful for the specific domain of the company the data scientist is working for.

Next, they have to clean the data and process it. This involves converting unstructured data into a structured format and running processing algorithms on it so that it reaches a usable state. This technique can be learned from a data science certification course.

Average salary - $139,840

2. Machine learning engineer -

Job requirements – The responsibility of machine learning engineers is to design and implement machine learning systems. This involves writing code for the machine learning algorithms as well as creating blueprints for the final machine learning systems.

These systems are capable of taking action and making decisions without the explicit direction or instruction of the programmer.

Average salary - $114,826

3. Machine learning scientist -

Job requirements – The responsibility of machine learning scientists is to lead the research, design, and implementation of hitherto unknown, unique, and highly scalable deep learning algorithms.

These algorithms are then installed on machine learning systems which are then empowered to sort through massive data sets of highly specific data.

This data usually tends to be complex and highly scientific in nature, such as Spatio-temporal data related to climate and high energy physics. One can take data science training to learn how to deal with this data.

Average salary - $114,121

4. Application architect -

Job requirements – The responsibility of application architects is to ensure that the overall software architecture of a business or an organization works smoothly.

They do this by creating extensive blueprints of all the components of the software architecture and by making detailed plans about how they will interact with each other.

Average salary - $113,757

5. Enterprise architect -

Job requirements – An enterprise architect is placed in charge of the entire business unit’s software architecture. His responsibility is to make sure that the components of the software architecture stay up to date with time. He does this by updating, patching, and maintaining the legacy software applications of the company.

In order to do his job well, he should be aware of the latest technological trends in the industry. These are all discussed in the PGP in data science course.

Average salary - $110,663

6. Data architect -

Job requirements – The responsibility of a data architect is to provide his company with database solutions which can be used to manage the company’s information.

These database solutions should be able to store the company information, retrieve the company information, and manipulate and modify the company information.

Average salary - $108,278

7. Data analyst -

Job requirements – The responsibility of a data analyst is to oversee how the data is collected and processed in a company.

hey analyze the methods of data collection and data processing in a company and forward several recommendations to make them better. This is a very popular career in data science.

Average salary - $62,453

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