Data Science Certification - What Are Its Benefits?


Are you interested in Data Science and looking for the most significant details about the same by understanding the various scenarios? If so, then you can go through the details discussed on this page related to Data Science, the benefits of going for the Data Science Certification, how to achieve the online certification, and much more information.

What is Data Science?

First of all for the enhancement of your basic knowledge about Data Science some brief details are given here. Data Science is a single combination of many tools, machine learning, algorithms, with the objective of discovering fresh data from unknown patterns. Data Science is for providing the knowledge of data extraction for the purpose of programming skills in the mathematical as well as the statistical field. It allows the extraction of the right information from both structured as well as unstructured data.

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Why Do You Need Data Science?

The next question that arises in the mind of people is that why Data Science is needed. Therefore, for understanding the need for Data Science kindly go through the points discussed below:

  • Nowadays, the need for Data Science has occurred due to the reason that most of the data is available in either semi-structured or unstructured form, unlike the small and structured data in past days
  • As the data these days is collected from various sources such as text files, Financial logs, sensors, etc. so the Data Science is needed as simple BI tools cannot process the same
  • Data Science offers the more advanced and analytical tools for processing and analyzing the algorithms and tools to draw out the meaningful data

Data Science Lifecycle

To know about the lifecycle of Data Science you need to get a brief overview of the main phases included in it as discussed below:

data science lifecycle


  • Discovery is the first phase in the Data Science lifecycle as understating the requirement, priorities, and specification is the foremost approach before starting any project
  • Therefore, collect all the required details from the different sources including time, people, and technology that is needed for supporting your project

Data Preparation

  • The next phase in the lifecycle is the preparation of Data that you require for the analysis of the whole project
  • Preparing analytics Sandbox, ETLT, Data conditioning, and the Data survey are the main phases required for the data preparation

Model planning

  • Model planning is the third phase in Data Science for which you have to determine the techniques for drawing a relationship among the different variables
  • EDA technique is applied for the planning of model in Data Science
  • The most common tools for Model planning includes the SQL Analysis Service, SAS/ACCESS, R, etc.

Model Building

  • Model building is the fourth phase in the lifecycle of Data Science in which you have to develop training and testing for the datasets of the project
  • Some common tools for model building in Data Science are WEKA, MATLAB, SPCS Modeler, SAS Enterprise Miner, Alpine Miner, Statistica


  • Operationalize is the fourth phase in the Data Science lifecycle and it is for the purpose of delivering the reports of the project as well as briefing the same and coding the technical documents for the project 

Communicating Results

  • The last phase in the lifecycle of Data Science is for keys findings identification, communication to the stakeholders, and determining the failure or success based on the development of criteria

How does Data Science Certification with Careerera benefit?

For those who are planning to get Data Science Certification, Careerera is the one-stop for them for joining the online training as it offers several benefits. To know more precisely about the benefits of doing Data Science Certification with Careerera, kindly read the points from below:

  • Data Science training with Careerera is quite beneficial for the professionals as it creates many career opportunities for them in the industry
  • Careerera offers Data Science Certification training to people from highly qualified professionals who has ample knowledge and experience  in the same field
  • Individual interactive sessions for the Data Science Certification are offered by Careerera that helps the students in getting more proper training under the mentor
  • Dashboard access is given by Careerera to the students doing Data Sconce Certification training which is helpful for them to revise the things they learn
  • Special reference material is given to each student who has joined the Data Science Certification program with Careerera

Importance of Data Science Certification

Moreover, if you are looking for the details about the importance of the Data Science Certification online then you can collect the information about the same by going through the points described below:

  • Data Science Certification is important for the professionals to understand analyzing data properly and make the most efficient use of that in a running project
  • Data Science Certification course has become very important in these days due to the high demand for the professionals in the same field nowadays
  • Data Science Certification helps in improving the knowledge of the person for using the Data Science in an ongoing project in the industry and also increases the career growth of the individual in the market
  • Data Science online training course improves the status of the professionals in the industry and specially benefits those individuals who are still now sure about what field they should choose to make a career
  • Professionals who go for the Data Science Certification plays quite an important role in the industry as they can offer expertise in a project based on the scientific methods

How to Achieve Data Science Certification?

Now many of you might not acquire the correct knowledge and information about how to achieve the Data Science Certification course. Therefore, the adequate details about achieving the Data Science Certification course efficiently are given below:

  • If you have decided to go for the Data Science Certification course then the most important thing for achieving the same is joining the course with the best institution
  • Careerera is among the most reliable place for those people who are planning to achieve the Data Science Certification as they offer the training through a quite flexible and convenient mode
  • The next step for achieving the Data Science Certification includes the successful assessment of the training received by the individual after the completion of  every module by them
  • Afterward a project is given to the professionals who have joined the Data Science Certification for achieving the training course in a better way
  • In the end when the Data Science Certification training ends and the project is submitted by the person internal team reviews the same and then provide the certificate to them

All the significant details about Data Science, how to go for Data Science Certification, and the importance of the training these days are discussed above. Apart from that, the brief information about the lifecycle of Data Science is also discussed on this page. Hence any person who is interested in the field of Data Science can collect important information about the same and get to decide whether to go for it or not. Besides, you can also contact the customer service center of Careerera for knowing more briefly about the Data Science Certification training and prerequisites for the same.

Which certification is best for data science? 

The short and simple answer to this question is that the PGP in data science course is by far the best data science certification course. It has all the features which will attract a learner to an educational course. In this answer, we will make an honest and full-hearted attempt to detail all the various attractive features of the PGP in data science course.

This course features world-class instructors who have top-notch teaching skills and subject matter expertise. This educational training institute has subjected them to a most rigorous and strenuous screening process and they have been selected to teach the learners only after being put through it.

There is nary a flaw to be found in them since as teachers, they possess the most advanced teaching skills, the most complete and comprehensive knowledge, the most finely honed and refined subject matter expertise, and the greatest amount of experience from their decades of working in the field of data science as professionals.

The next great salient feature of the course is the comprehensive and highly relevant course curriculum. This course curriculum has been designed with the utmost care and patience to include all the most relevant and pertinent topics from the field of data science for the learners. Any learner who takes this course will become fully equipped to function as a full-fledged data scientist in the real world.

Is a data science certificate worth it? 

A data science certificate is certainly worth it because of a number of very good reasons. In this answer, we will make an honest and full-hearted attempt to list all the relevant and pertinent reasons why a data science certificate is worth a candidate’s time, energy, and money.

a) It lets one acquire formal credentials -

In today's world, the most important factor that determines whether a candidate will be selected or will not be selected by the hiring manager is the number of credentials the candidate can present on his resume. Taking the data science certification course gives one a very valuable credential on one’s resume.

b) It lets one acquire a lot of experience easily -

The PGP in data science course is full of many diverse kinds of capstone projects which will serve to enrich a learner’s knowledge and skills. By completing these capstone projects the learner will gain a lot of valuable practical and hands-on experience with which he will be able to suitably impress his potential employers.

c) It lets one learn under expert guidance -

As we have mentioned before, this data science certification course is taught by world-class instructors. The personal guidance, personal mentorship, and personal feedback which the instructors can provide to the learners can not be found anywhere else.

d) It brings one easy promotion -

The PGP in data science course is a very valuable certification and it gives one the cream of all credentials which they can present on their resume. These credentials can easily prove to be a deciding factor which can tip the scales in the favour of the candidate when the management staff is trying to decide which employee to promote to a higher position.

e) It lets one enter the data science field easily -

The data science field is booming and expanding rapidly. So it is but natural that a lot of professionals are seeking to switch their careers to a profession in the field of data science. With this data science certification course, they can easily do that since this certification is widely respected and valued by all businesses and organizations in the field of data science.

How do I get certified in data science? 

It is very simple and easy to get certified in data science. One has to take a PGP in data science course and complete all the assignments, surprise quizzes, and capstone projects present in the course. They also have to attend all the classes of the course regularly and give a proper and valid reason if they have to, out of some misfortune or emergency, skip any of them.

They also have to follow some basic rules of the online classroom training. One of those rules is that they have to maintain a respectful and polite attitude towards the instructors at all times. For no reason should they ever be disrespectful towards the instructors of the course or towards their fellow learners.

There is a certain cost associated with taking this data science certification course and we are not only speaking about the financial cost. This course is very demanding and very strenuous and requires a large investment of time and energy from the learners. They will have to make their days and nights into one to pass this course successfully.

This only goes to speak for the rigorous course curriculum and for the advanced and comprehensive course study materials which again, require a lot of time and energy, and serious, dedicated, and thorough study. Without studying the course study materials thoroughly, a learner can not hope to perform well on the course.

Future Scope as a Data Scientist

Contrary to the early 2000, data produced this day is in huge chunks and most of it is either semi-structured or unstructured. At present more than 80% of the world data is unstructured. The growth in Data Science has been exponential and seeing the present trend we can be sure that it will reach new heights with every passing day. The demand for more advance and analytical tools for the purpose of storing, processing, and analyzing data is only increasing.

Therefore, the demand for certified and skilled Data Scientists is also increasing. Harvard University also titled Data Science as the sexiest job of the 21st century.

Thereof, if you are looking for a career opportunity in the field of Data Science then you must make sure that you get a certification for the same. Career Era’s online course is here to provide the same to you.

Is data science a good career choice? 

Data science is an absolutely great career choice and there are several very good reasons for it being so. We will make an honest and full-hearted attempt to list all the reasons in a nice and presentable format for the perusal of the reader. We will also list all the reasons in very clear and nicely organized points with subheadings so that the reader finds it easy to navigate through the answer.

Reasons for data science being a good career choice -

a) Many applications in healthcare -

The healthcare industry finds many applications and uses for data science. Doctors and nurses have to administer a wide variety of treatments to thousands of patients on a daily basis. It becomes a nearly impossible task to keep track of all the various kinds of treatments administered to the patients.

Furthermore, each and every hospital faces the problem of having to keep track of all the various supplies and other medical materials which are being used in the treatments. They have to calculate how fast all the materials are being depleted and after how much time will they have to replenish their stocks.

Now, the hospital possesses all the relevant data to be able to divine all this information. But they generate enormous mounds of data on a daily basis and sorting through all this data and analyzing it is impossible for anyone without proper training.

For this purpose, they require many skilled and competent data scientists who can present all this information in a humanly-accessible and visually appealing format.

b) Many applications in aviation and airlines -

The airline industry faces a lot of problems that could be solved easily with the power of data science. Many times passengers book the flights but don’t show up to board them. This makes many seats empty in the airplanes during the flight and it leads to wastage of resources such as lights and meals.

Data scientists can analyze the patterns of past flight bookings and use this information to easily ascertain and predict the average number of passengers who are actually going to board a particular flight. This will reduce the confusion and uncertainty that airlines face in trying to fill their planes and will also help them reduce the wastage of resources.

c) Many applications in cybersecurity -

Data scientists can predict the next threat or attack vector that will appear on the horizon based on the pattern of past attacks made by malicious elements.

d) Many applications in genomics -

Data scientists can generate visual representations of the genomes which can make studying them and conducting research on them much easier for biologists.

e) Many applications in the automobile industry -

Data scientists can analyze data from Google maps or from government records and predict which routes are going to see traffic jams and which routes are going to cost more fuel and take more time to traverse.

How many years does it take to become a data scientist? 

It depends on the educational qualifications one starts with. If one is still in high school and is aspiring to become a data scientist, they have a long road ahead of them. They will have to pass high school, college, and then take a data science certification course before they can call themselves data scientists.

All this takes at least 10 years or a decade. If someone starts further up ahead on the path it will take them much lesser time.

Is it hard to become a data scientist? 

It is not that hard to become a data scientist. One should have the ability to think analytically and should also have a mathematical bent of mind. Some basic knowledge of statistics will certainly help. Another important skill is the ability to communicate and express one’s thoughts in a simple and understandable language which is comprehensible to non-technical persons too.

Who is eligible for a data science course?

There are no hard and fast eligibility requirements for taking the PGP in data science course. But it will certainly be very helpful if the learner has a technical background and has some basic knowledge of mathematics and statistics.

So a Btech or a BSc degree in computer science, mathematics, statistics, or Information Technology will make the data science certification course very simple and straightforward for the learner.

What’s the average salary of a Data Scientist in India?

The average is approximately ₹698,412.

Is it hard to get a job in Data Science?

In the previous few years it was pretty difficult to get a job as a data scientist, but now that the landscape of job opportunities is changing with the passage of time and more and more industries need data Scientist, therefore in the coming days it is not a hard job to get in the field of Data Science.

What are the popular jobs in Data Science?

  • Data Scientist,
  • Machine Learning Engineer,
  • Machine Learning Scientist,
  • Applications Architect,
  • Enterprise Architect,
  • Data Architect.


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