Which Course is Best for Data Science?


With the proliferation of data science courses out there, many people may be led to think about which course is the best for data science. This is certainly not the right question to ask. The right question to ask is, “Which data science course do I need?” After all, everyone has their own particular needs and requirements and one can not make a blanket statement about which data science course is best for everyone. While one may be tempted to answer “Post Graduate Program in Data Science,” the matter is much too subtle and nuanced for that answer.

In this article, we will look at some of the best data science courses available in the educational course provider market today.

  1. Post Graduate Program in Data Science
  2. Data Science with Python
  3. PGP in AI and ML

What is PGP in data science? 

Data Science has exploded onto the scene with tremendous force and gusto. It has proved itself to be resilient and dynamic and is clearly here to stay. It is the fastest-growing field in computer science and has taken the whole world by storm with its numerous applications and innovations which are creating deep impacts wherever they enter. This has led to a spread of data science certifications.

Now Post Graduate Program in Data Science is a data science certification training course which has been specially designed to bring the knowledge and information of this dynamic field to the fingertips of the learners. It is a 12-month online program which outmatches even formal and full-blown Master's programs in universities and colleges in its comprehensiveness and completeness.

Some of the topics contained in its relevant and pertinent course curriculum are Python, SQL, Tableau, Machine Learning techniques, Deep learning and neural networks, Exploratory Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Artificial Intelligence, etc. 

What is Data Science with Python?

Python is a very high-level language with a lot of powerful features such as built-in data structures, dynamic typing, dynamic binding, functions, and closures. It also has a very simple and easy to use syntax which resembles natural human languages to a great degree. Python also boasts of one of the largest software developer communities out of all programming languages.

Python also has the distinction of being the only programming language which makes use of whitespace for formatting. This means that all if-blocks, loops, condition statements, and code blocks are started and finished with the help of whitespace. 

These radical features have made Python a favourite among data scientists who don’t want to deal with the hassles of a complicated and verbose programming language. The above-mentioned features of Python are discussed in any decent data science certification training.

The Data Science with Python course is a course which has a total duration of 36 hours. It is an excellently designed course which is meant for both beginners to data science and professionals at the intermediate to advanced level. 

It is taught by world-class instructors who have been selected only after being put through a most rigorous and strenuous screening process. They possess highly developed teaching skills, great subject matter expertise, and decades of experience from working in the data science industry as full-fledged professionals.

What is PGP in AI and ML?

PGP in AI and ML or PGP in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is a course focused on teaching the learners all the core concepts and topics of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from the basics to the higher echelons of difficulty. 

There is every chance that the learner will become confused after broaching such a deep, vast, and complex field, which is why the course curriculum has been created in order to lead the learners gently and patiently from topic to topic. This, by the way, is the mark of a good data science certification training program.

Another great salient point of this course is that it contains a lot of assignments and capstone projects. They provide a means for the learners to test their newly acquired skills and knowledge on outlets which will give them practical and hands-on experience. 

In this way, they will also be able to build a solid and sound portfolio of successfully completed projects which will increase their chances of getting hired by interested employers once they complete the course. Said employers will also be impressed when they see a data science certification course listed on the candidate’s resume.

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