Advantages and Disadvantages of Network Security


The world is abuzz with innovations to harness the power of global IT. Network security is one such invention contrived for the cyber and digital world that is woven by the web of the internet of things. 

Network Security covers a wide range of applications including devices, processes, and technology. To put it in the most basic terms, it implies a set of rules and regulations employing both software and hardware technologies with the objective to safeguard the fundamental principles of cyber security - Confidentiality, Integrity, and Accessibility. There is a need for network security in every organization cutting across variance of sectors regardless of their size and structure. The principal motive is to secure the organization.

Securing your network is what network security is all about. Private networks, like those within a firm, can be private or public. Preventing any misuse or illegal access to the network or its resources is part of network security. 

To access data relevant to them, each user is given a unique user ID and password. No user is allowed to enter the network without this authentication. The network administrator is in charge of the network's operations. As with any technical area, there are advantages and disadvantages of Network Security. We will learn all about them today here in this post.

Advantages of Network Security

Keep your data safe

As previously stated, network security prevents illegal access. A network holds a lot of sensitive information, such as personal customer information. Anyone who gains access to the network could jeopardize this critical information. As a result, network security should be in place to safeguard them.

Protects against cyber-attacks

The internet is the source of the majority of network attacks. There are professionals in this field, and then there are virus attacks. They can play with a lot of information available in the network if they aren't careful. Computers will not be harmed as a result of these attacks if network protection is in place.

Accessibility levels

Different users have different levels of access to the security software. After the user's authentication, the authorization approach is used to determine whether the user is authorized to access a specific resource. You may have noticed that some shared documents have been password-restricted for security reasons. The software clearly understands who has access to which resources.

Centrally Controlled 

Network security software, unlike desktop security software, is managed by a single user known as the network administrator. While the former is vulnerable to worms and viruses, the latter can prevent hackers from causing damage. This is due to the software being installed on a machine that does not have access to the internet.

Updates from a central location

It is critical that anti-virus software be updated on a regular basis. You may not have enough security against attackers if you are using an older version. However, it is not assured that every network user would adhere to it religiously. A centralized network security solution has the advantage of providing frequent updates without requiring individual knowledge.

Disadvantages of Network Security

Network users may rest assured that their data is secure and well-protected. The credit goes to the competency of network security. The area is however challenged with a few drawbacks yet nothing outrageous that is capable of outweighing its benefits. Let us look into the few disadvantages of network security

Expensive Set-Up

The installation of a network security solution might be costly. The expense of purchasing software, installing it, and so on can add up quickly, especially in smaller networks. We're not talking about a single computer here, but rather a network of computers that can store vast amounts of data. Since security is so important, it will undoubtedly cost more. It must not be overlooked at any cost.

Time Consuming 

Some of the software on some networks is difficult to use. To maintain double security, it requires authentication using two passwords, one of which must be entered every time you update a document. It also necessitates the use of numbers, special characters, and alphabets in the passwords. It's possible that the user will have to type a number of example passwords before settling on one, which can take a long time.

Necessitates the employment of qualified personnel

Managing huge networks is a difficult endeavor. It necessitates highly trained experts capable of dealing with any security issue that may develop. To guarantee that the network runs well, a network administrator must be hired. To meet the criterion, he must be properly trained.

Unscrupulous administration

When the best software is deployed and put in place and all of the necessary tasks have been completed, it is natural for the administrator to become careless at times. It is his responsibility to review the logs on a frequent basis in order to keep an eye on the malicious users. But there are instances when he simply trusts the system, and this is when the attack occurs. Consequently, it is critical that the administrator be watchful at all times.

The network architecture in today's time is challenged with complexities and is often made to contend with a constantly evolving threat environment and attackers who are always looking for and exploiting weaknesses. These flaws can be found in a variety of places, including devices, data, applications, users, and geographic locations. Consequently, this prompts the utility of several network security management tools and applications in addressing threats and exploits of various kinds in addition to regulatory non-compliance. 

When even a few minutes of the outage may cause widespread inconvenience and significant damage to a company's financial line and reputation, these safeguards must be in place. Hence Network security is of critical importance and it is only important to not let the disadvantages of network security outweigh the advantage of network security.


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