What are the 7 types of digital marketing?


Today, one of the most significant strategic initiatives for firms is digital marketing. Gone are the days where consumers were hardly bothered about products they bought. People nowadays are more concerned and like to be educated about their purchases; therefore, many people look to the internet for information on businesses and products. 

Enterprises using various digital marketing methods to advertise their company and products online will contact their target audience through their already active channels.  

It is critical to understand each type of digital marketing that will provide traffic, acquire more clients, raise brand awareness, engage teams, or reach a larger audience if one wants to venture into this profession.

What is Digital Marketing and its type?

Digital marketing is simply the employment of technological devices for promoting, advertising and selling a company's products and services. 

Hence any marketing plans that use an electronic device, whether or not it is connected to the internet, is referred to as digital marketing. Even radio and television commercials are digital marketing methods, yet digital marketing has advanced to new strategies that can be even more effective. 

Remaining competitive, in trend, and current in the industry mandates digital marketing. Having a web or digital presence is the anchor to scaling one's business and not missing out on the various opportunities to connect to one's target audience.  

What are the 7 types of digital marketing

Seven types of Digital Marketing

There are variants of digital marketing methods that business employs to expand their audience reach. Using the different digital marketing types can help firms have a well-balanced operating strategy that further reaps the best results. 

Here are the seven most effective types of digital marketing to assist companies in figuring out which strategies would work best for them or to figure out which techniques to learn if you are a budding digital marketer:

1. Content Marketing: 

Marketing with informational content, such as blogs, articles, instructional videos, and material, is ad content marketing. This method facilitates communicating with the target audience and responding to their inquiries. Further, it leads to generating leads and the closing of sales. The ideal approach is to release content regularly with the target audience in mind. The idea behind developing dependable content is to become a trusted voice in the sector and induce customers or audiences to come to one's business first for the most up-to-date industry knowledge.

2. Search Engine Optimization: 

The approach of developing content so that search engines like Google will run your website high on the search engine results page (SERP) is known as search engine optimization (SEO). Google employs an algorithm to determine how relevant your page is to the user's search terms. These algorithms are updated regularly, and SEO methods must be tweaked to stay effective. SEO activities, when done correctly, will place your page at the top of the SERPs, bringing in more organic visitors.

3. Search Engine marketing/ Pay-per-click Advertising: 

The paid adverts at the top of the SERP are referred to as search engine marketing or SEM. Here the term pay-per-click denotes the cost of adverts often determined by the number of clicks received on the link. The "Ad" label will appear next to the URL of the companies that paid for these top SERP places. Even though many consumers are aware that these are advertisements, they nevertheless click on them, and it may be a very effective digital marketing technique.

4. Social Media Marketing: 

This method involves employing social media platforms as a digital marketing medium. Through this method, companies can buy ads to reach new audiences or even have the possibility of creating a company's profile on any social media platform and consistently post about their products, new items, sales, or newly published material. The type of audience an individual marketer or companies intend to attract will determine the social media site you utilize. As per a report given out by Pew research, different social media platforms find their suitability with people of varying age groups. For instance, Instagram is ideal for reaching out to audiences between the ages of 25 to 29, and Facebook is suitable for reaching audiences aged 65 and above. 

5. Social Media Influencer and Affiliate Marketing: 

Companies employ affiliates or influencers to connect to their existing audience and expand their reach. They can write and post content that promotes your company or product, as well as a link to your website. The influencer/affiliate will get compensated every time a sale is made or a link is clicked.

6. Email Marketing: 

This method employs inviting visitors to the company's websites or businesses to become email subscribers. Here, the marketing or promos are done by sending emails about sales, product releases, and special events to customers who have subscribed for such service or allow such adverts. The most critical feature of this digital marketing medium is that it should add value to the target audience. Offer them exclusives they won't find anywhere else, and you'll be able to establish a mutually beneficial relationship that will boost brand loyalty.

7. Mobile Marketing: 

Sending SMS and push notifications marketing messages is a tried-and-true method of capturing the recipient's attention, especially since more than 90% of such messages are opened immediately. This, when combined with mobile search and social marketing, can have a significant impact on a customer's decision. You may target a specific demographic with precision and ease using modern geofencing capabilities. Sending customers information about deals, discounts, coupons, and sales, as well as loyalty point updates, is a terrific method to keep them engaged.

What is the best type of digital marketing?

The practicality and usability of the different digital marketing methods find their effectiveness depending on the stage of one's organization or skill for those looking to venture into this profession. However,

SEM, social media, and affiliate/influencer marketing are the most current and effective methods for new firms to reach out to new audiences rapidly.

There are multiple digital marketing courses for professionals or aspiring individuals to help them excel with proper education and industry-based training. One of the best digital marketing courses for professionals and freshers is the PGP in a digital marketing course

Every business has a digital marketing strategy to succeed in today's hyper-competitive, always-on world regardless of the industry. As a result, highly trained experts in this industry are in high demand. Obtain a digital marketing certification and make yourself prominent in the field, and excel. 

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