Big Benefits of a Digital Marketing Career


In this article, we will be discussing the benefits of a digital marketing career. Digital marketing has exploded across the corporate world and has changed the way business is carried out radically. It has grown in popularity rapidly, and now many professionals from around the globe are interested in starting a career in digital marketing.

Let us look at some benefits of starting a career in digital marketing. At the outset, we would like to inform our readers that the easiest and simplest way to enter this dynamic field is to get a digital marketing certification.

  1. The field experiences high demand and low supply of skilled professionals -

The most significant benefit of starting a career in digital marketing is that the field experiences a very high demand but a very low supply of skilled professionals. This field has many opportunities for work and scope for growth.

So there is a very high demand for skilled professionals in this field. However, because of various reasons, most of the professional world has not yet caught up with the explosive growth of digital marketing as a field.

So the number of professionals who have acquired a digital marketing certification online is very few. As a result, the field does not contain enough skilled professionals. So anyone who starts their career in digital marketing at this time will find that they will not have any difficulty getting a job in a short amount of time because there is very little competition in the field right now.

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  1. Work conditions will be very flexible -

Another big benefit of starting a career in digital marketing is that work conditions will be very flexible. There is no other field in which the work conditions are as flexible as digital marketing. The amount of flexibility in any other area is not comparable to this field.

Let us talk about the flexibility in the field of digital marketing in more detail. The area of digital marketing does not require digital marketers to report to the office during traditional office hours. Most of the work in this field progresses in a very irregular, sporadic, and unpredictable manner.

There is no telling when an advertisement or a digital marketing campaign might become viral and generate leads exponentially faster. At that time, the digital marketer will be required to monitor the statistics personally and improve and refine the campaign during its peak time.

We can complete the digital marketing tasks online. Because of this, digital marketers do not need office space or require to come to the office to work. They can work from any location where they have access to a solid and stable internet connection.

The PGP in digital marketing course teaches the learners all the differences and advantages of working in this flexible style.

  1. Many career options available -

The field of digital marketing has many careers which a beginner can choose. All of these career options and career paths are very lucrative and profitable. So the learner can be sure that whichever one they choose, they will be able to lead an inspiring, dynamic, and successful life in it.

The following are the career options available in the field of digital marketing. PGP in digital marketing course comprises all of these.

      1. Analytics Manager
      2. Content Manager/Content Marketing Manager
      3. CRM Manager  (incorporating Email marketing)
      4. Digital Account Manager /  Sales Director (Agency role)
      5. Digital Director / Head of Digital
      6. Digital Integrated Copywriter
      7. Digital Marketing Manager or Web Manager
      8. Ecommerce Manager
      9. Marketing Director
      10. Marketing Executive
      11. Marketing Manager
      12. PPC Search Manager
      13. Search Manager
      14. Social Media Manager including Community Manager
      15. Web Developer / Designer

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  1. Access to the highest salaries -

The field of digital marketing has the positions with the highest salaries. 

No matter how carefully a business or organization designs and develops its products and services, how much effort and resources they invest into making those products and services high quality. The matter is that if the product or service is not effectively marketed to the potential customers and if they do not become aware of it, it will never have any buyers and will thus have zero sales.

So businesses and organizations give a lot of value and importance to digital marketers. Moreover, recognize how central and integral their work is to a product or service's financial success and popularity in both short and long terms.

So these businesses and organizations offer incredibly high salaries to digital marketers to feel adequately compensated and motivated. Moreover, that is why they do good work and produce high-quality digital marketing campaigns and other content.

There are many reasons why digital marketing professionals command such high salaries. All of them are discussed in great detail in our PGP in digital marketing course.

According to Glassdoor, the following are the national annual average salaries for some of the career options in the field of digital marketing -

SEO analyst – 232386 INR

Content Marketing Manager – 4 years of experience - 5,13,369 INR

CRM Manager – 1 – 5 years of experience – 19,00,000 INR. 5-10 years of experience – 30,00,000 INR

Digital Account Manager – 14,71,578 INR

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  1. It is very easy to enter into the field -

It is very easy to enter into the field of digital marketing. We have mentioned that it is a relatively new and growing field. With this explosive growth, many opportunities are unfolding in the area for freshers and experienced professionals alike.

So with the proper credentials and the right qualifications, such as digital marketing courses, it is very easy to enter the field and will be able to reap all the benefits of having a career in such a lucrative and profitable field.

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  1. Make a global impact -

The work of a digital marketer takes place on a truly global scale. With a single advertisement, they can reach the hearts and minds of millions and even billions of people. We see advertisements and entertainment videos on Youtube that get billions of views regularly.

By taking PGP in digital marketing course, you can learn how to maximize the reach and impact of digital marketing campaigns.

This shows how broad a digital marketer can reach. It is only possible if the digital marketer crafts their advertisement in a perfectly targeted and adapted way.  The ad should match the taste and preference of the target audience. Only then will the target audience be impressed and spread the advertisement through word of mouth. That is the only way it can go viral.

  1. Target whichever audience you want -

A unique feature of the field of digital marketing is that it is exact and targeted. Digital marketers can select their target audience very precisely based on gender, age group, and even professional background.

Digital marketers have to do extensive research on the target audience or demographic for designing their advertisement or digital marketing campaign. Human society is divided into several sections or groups based on educational background, caste, age group, gender, income level, and many more.

Digital marketers are aware of this fact. They take advantage of it by creating advertisements that match and suit the unique tastes, preferences, likes, and dislikes of the demographic for which they have made it.

Our PGP in digital marketing course teaches the learners how to conduct this kind of extensive research.

  1. Help companies affordably market their products -

Digital marketing is easily the most affordable way to market products and services. Businesses and organizations used to rely upon traditional means of marketing.

However, these traditional means of advertisement are costly and are much less effective than digital marketing techniques. The traditional means of advertising are limited in their reach and permanence and depend upon the company's resources.

However, digital marketing is not limited to either reach or permanence. A single advertisement costs a fixed amount to make. However, the number of people it can reach and the amount of time it will stay in people's memories is variable. It can indeed rise to a very high amount. It also costs a much lesser amount of money on average.

PGP in the digital marketing course has a module on making the most efficient use of a company's digital marketing budget to market its products and services.

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  1. Track and measure the effect, output, and results of work -

Digital marketers have the advantage over other professions in that their work is very statistical. They have precise numbers about all the various aspects of their work. 

They know:

  1. How many people have the digital marketing campaigns reached?
  2. How many people have clicked on them?
  3. For how much time have they viewed the advertisements?
  4. How many people have purchased the product, converted leads?

These statistics mean that the digital marketer will be able to present the results of his work to his superiors very precisely. Furthermore, he will be able to obtain incentives and bonuses based on the results of his career. Other professions do not have such an easy way of tracking and measuring their work results and output.

Digital marketing tracking, measuring, and analytics tools are mentioned and taught in PGP in digital marketing courses.

  1. Increase the lead generation rates -

Digital marketers have the most vital role to play in a company. They are in charge of increasing the lead generation rates of the company. Without leads, all the research and development, distribution set up, manufacturing set up, and executive planning of a company will be useless. Because, in the end, there will not be enough customers willing to spend money to buy the product.

Digital marketers make it possible for the company to get paying customers by making potential customers interested and attracted to the company's product. Thus, digital marketers are responsible for generating leads for a company.

The most crucial part of digital marketing is lead generation. PGP in digital marketing course teaches the whole concept and mechanics of both lead generation and lead conversion. 

  1. The field that exercises the most creativity -

The field of digital marketing allows a professional to exercise their full creative power and mental faculties. This field demands original, fresh, compelling, creative, and attractive content from the learners.

As a result, digital marketing is a perfect place for any professional who wants an outlet for their creative energies and artistic vision.

Another significant point is that there is much content designing and content creation involved in digital marketing. This design and creation also require much creativity, artistic vision, a good grasp of the consumer and human psychology, and a sensitivity to the tastes and preferences of the potential customers.

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  1. One can enter and explore different sectors -

Another big benefit of starting a career in digital marketing is that the professional can enter into many different sectors and industries. The field of digital marketing has spread throughout the corporate and academic world. It has made inroads into many different sectors and industries.

The skilled and competent digital marketers in every sector and industry globally are in such high demand. So it is very easy for a digital marketer with the right qualifications and credentials, such as digital marketing certification training to enter any sector or industry they choose.

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