Is it good to do a PGP in data science course?


Data science is a booming field and is expanding very rapidly. It is the field with the most potential and scope in all the multifarious fields in the domain of computer science and information technology.

There is hardly a sector or industry which does not see widespread and large-scale applications of data science on an everyday basis. Data science is permeating the landscape of the corporate world and the industrial world in an omnipresent and all-pervasive way.

Data scientists and data analysts are discovering new uses and applications of data science for the corporate and industrial world every day. They are making many developments and advances which are pushing data science into greater and greater relevance in the modern corporate and industrial complex.

In such a scenario it is a very rational and beneficial idea to acquire the skills, knowledge, and abilities which will let the individual enter this lucrative and profitable field.

Since skilled and competent data scientists are seeing more and more demand in every sector and industry, if one takes a data science certification course, they will be able to acquire the credentials to enter this field.

Is it good to do a PGP in data science course?

What is a PG program in data science?

The term ‘PG program in data science’ has become almost a buzzword in technological circles. People often ask the question - “What is a PG program in data science?” In this article we will cover the answer to this question.

The Post graduate program in data science or the PGP in data science as it is commonly abbreviated to, is a comprehensive and extensive program to impart the skills, abilities, and knowledge of the field of data science to learners who desire to enter the field.

It has been designed by Careerera with meticulous care and painstaking research and has been created to fulfill the needs and requirements of all classes of learners – be they beginners to the field of data science, learners with some prior experience, or advanced students looking to gain some formal credentials.

Some salient features of this course are -

12 Months Online Program -

The pgp course in data science is a 12 months long online program. From the length of the program we can safely assume that this course will cover all the core concepts and topics of the field of data science in a comprehensive and complete way.

This course is unlike many other data science certification courses in the educational course and training provider industry which seek to make learners into full-fledged data scientists in a matter of weeks or at most a couple of months.

This course seeks to give the proper and adequate amount of time to the learners in which they can grow their knowledge base and flourish as data science professionals.

It does not try to rush the learners into learning the core concepts and topics of data science in a haphazard manner but instead leads them through the topics in a steady progression, step by step.

Thus the learners are able to pick the basics and fundamentals of data science up at their own pace in a comfortable setting instead of being pressurized by deadlines and hurries.

Career Assistance -

Careerera recognizes that the main purpose of the learners taking this data science certification course is to have a secure and high-paying job at the end of the course.

To this end, it makes several arrangements for the learners so that they may be able to build themselves and their resumes into strong and worthy candidates who businesses and organizations will want to hire quickly.

Careerera arranges meetings and training seminars with industry leaders and experienced trainers so that the learners may be able to learn about and make a note of all the key points which potential employers look for in a candidate when they are considering him for a data science position.

There are many resume workshops as well so that the learners may be able to polish their resume and work on its appearance and presentation actively in order to make it as attractive as possible to hiring managers.

Since data science is a vast and complex field the learners must know which areas and topics are high-impact ones so that they can focus on them and thus make their skillset and expertise relevant to the industrial and the corporate world.

So Careerera arranges meetings with industry leaders who possess decades of experience from working in the field of data science as professionals. They give talks on the most important and in-demand sphereas and areas of data science so that the learners may become aware of which areas they should focus on.

Capstone Projects -

The pgp course in data science contains several capstone projects which are mandatory parts of the course and which the learners must complete and submit in order to get the credentials of the course.

These capstone projects are large-sized projects which are assigned to the learners in order to help them develop their skills and abilities in a practical and hands-on way. The topics for the projects are drawn from many diverse areas of the field of data science and are also related to real-world applications.

This makes the capstone projects a very valuable way for the learners to gain practical and hands-on experience in the safety of an educational course setting. With this experience they will be able to start their careers in the real world with a certain measure of confidence in their skills and abilities.

Globally Renowned Trainers -

This data science certification course is taught by globally renowned trainers. Careerera is very particular about the instructors which it selects to teach its courses.

For our flagship data science certification training program we have been extremely careful to select only the most skilled and competent instructors.

These instructors have been chosen for their excellent teaching skills, vast subject matter expertise, and immense professional experience from working in the field of data science for decades.

They are all very qualified and expert in the use of advanced teaching methodologies to deliver the course content to the learners in an efficient, timely, understandable, and comprehensible way.

The learners will be hard-pressed to find a more suitable set of persons to teach them the basics and fundamentals of data science and especially to impart knowledge of the advanced and practical aspects of the field to them.

Is it a good option to do PGP in data science?

We know that the field of data science is booming and dynamic but many people often have the question that should they try to enter this field by their own efforts or should they try to take the PGP in data science course. In essence they ask - Is it good to do a PG in data science?

It is very beneficial for an individual who aspires to become a data science professional to take the pgp program in data science. This is for a variety of reasons which we will explain in this section.

The first benefit of getting a PGP in data science certification is that you will be able to learn all the in-demand data science technologies such as big data and machine learning.

These data science technologies are used very heavily in most sectors and industries and thus knowing how to use them will make the individual a very valuable asset for all businesses and organizations.

The second benefit is that you will be much more likely to receive a higher salary package if you get the well-renowned and well-respected credentials of PGP in data science.

This is because when hiring managers are considering applicants, they allot responsibilities and positions to them based on their skills, abilities, and knowledge. With this data science certification you will be able to reassure them on this front automatically and thus they will be more likely to entrust you with a higher position with a larger salary.

Another big benefit of taking this data science certification course is that you will be able to build an impressive portfolio of successfully completed projects in the course of completing this course.

This is because the capstone projects in this course are a mandatory part of the course and must be completed by all learners. You will subsequently be able to present your portfolio to your potential employers.

Who is eligible for data science?

After reading all this you will naturally have the question in mind - who is eligible for data science? Well, let’s find out!

  • The learner must have a degree in an STEM background - science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The degree must be a 3 or 4 year college or university degree from a reputed institution.

  • It will be a great bonus for the learner if they will have studied some kind of programming language in high school because data science involves a lot of programming concepts and programming tools.

  • A learner who has completed his studies in the business domain and possesses a degree in business management and administration such as a BBA or an MBA is also eligible for this PGP in data science course.

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