Does Digital Marketing Certification Worth It?


It is a global fact that digital marketing has reached all the corners of the world where digital technologies and devices have reached. The instances of brands and companies swarming your social media platforms promoting their products and services are evident enough of how the world of business has undergone a sea of change.

You not only see their advertisements but also come across celebrated individuals or rather personalities doing sponsored ads and promotes products and services. This is telling of how traditional marketing has been outdone by the presence of web marketing.

Given the widespread presence of Digital marketing across industries be it business, healthcare, education, and many more, there is a resultant spike in the need for more skilled professionals in the field. Business enterprises are constantly in the rat race to outperform each other's contemporaries, hence they are in the need of talented professionals who could be an asset to their growth.

So to answer if digital marketing certification is worth it? It undoubtedly is not just worth it but is customary for professionals in this challenging field to acquire one.  

Technology has completely transformed the advertising industry. Now the advertising efforts of all companies are concentrated around a few extremely popular digital platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc. This is because the behavior of customers has changed completely.

Now a potential customer prefers to spend time on the internet and carry out research themselves instead of contacting a company representative to obtain information. This has resulted in a rat race to control the most digital eyeballs between companies. It has also increased the demand for digital marketers to unprecedented levels. This is the reason why so many individuals are pursuing online digital marketing training nowadays.

Let us look at some benefits of getting a Digital marketing certification and why it is worth it.

Benefits of getting a Digital marketing certification -

  1. You will have a multitude of career options -

Here is a list of job roles that exist in the field of digital marketing -

  • Analytics Manager
  • Content Manager/Content Marketing Manager
  • CRM Manager  (incorporating Email marketing)
  • Digital Account Manager /  Sales Director (Agency role)
  • Digital Marketing Manager or Web Manager
  • Ecommerce Manager
  • Marketing Director
  • Marketing Manager
  • PPC Manager
  • Marketing Executive
  • Digital Director / Head of Digital
  • Digital Integrated Copywriter
  • SEO Manager
  • Social Media Manager including Community Manager
  • Web Developer / Designer

From the above list, it is apparent that the scope of the digital marketing field is huge and that there exist a multitude of career paths in it. This is why it is suggested that one take the PGP in Digital Marketing course and gains the skills and knowledge required to enter into these job roles.

  1. There will be a massive increase in your value in the job market -

If one gets a Digital marketing certification one’s value in the job market increases by a significant percentage immediately. They open up the avenue to lucrative job positions within the digital marketing sector. These positions typically have very high salary packages because of the huge responsibilities they entail. After all, a company usually sets a very high percentage of its resources for digital marketing and it is very easy to squander those resources.

That is if the digital marketer is not competent and manages the budget and marketing efforts poorly. This is why companies pay very high salaries to skilled and competent digital marketers and give them a lot of value. This alone is a very big reason why a digital marketing certificate is worth it.

  1. There is a high demand for digital marketers but a very low supply -

There is a huge difference between the demand and supply for digital marketers. The digital marketing sector is expanding at a high rate. More and more digital channels and other avenues are being discovered to reach customers every day. But the corresponding training of new digital marketers is not taking place.

This is because digital marketing is a very new field relatively speaking. So the IT world has not fully realized the need for digital marketers and neither have the working professionals. So anyone who gets online digital marketing training will be in a lot of demand. He will not face any troubles in finding employment in the digital marketing departments of companies.

  1. You will have a lot of flexibility at your job -

As a digital marketer, one will find that his working conditions are very flexible. The work in this field doesn’t progress in a series of actions following each other successively. He has to work on many different fronts and the results do not arrive immediately. Therefore the work has a cumulative nature.

This gives the digital marketer the flexibility to choose which task he wants to work on at any given moment, instead of being assigned a series of fixed tasks. The delayed results also mean that the digital marketer can work in any time slot that he prefers, instead of having to work in the morning to evening office hours. This flexibility attracts a lot of individuals to enroll in the PGP in Digital Marketing course.

He can also work from any location he desires; with the only fixed requirement being that he should have a strong internet connection. This means he has the option to work from the comfort of his home and still fulfill all his job responsibilities towards his company. This is another major reason which makes it worth it to get a digital marketing certificate.

  1. It doesn’t require a specific background education -

Digital marketing requires the know-how of digital platforms, the internet, search engine algorithms, and consumer psychology. All of this can be learned by getting a Digital marketing certification. It does not require a specific background education like a college degree or a technical post-graduate study program.

All the digital marketer really needs is an intuitive understanding of what attracts digital eyeballs in modern times. If they have a good eye for design and a healthy respect for money (for managing the digital marketing budget), they will be able to perform well in any digital marketing position.

Of course, one has to apply himself and display out-of-the-box thinking for designing creative and compelling advertisements. One also has to have the skill of managing multiple things at the same time or multitasking to a certain extent. This is because one has to run many campaigns simultaneously and design all their content while adhering to the policies of multiple digital platforms

Why A Digital Marketing Certificate Is Worth It?

There are no signs of slowing down this field as our technologically infused world is ever-growing and will continue to rapidly advance furthermore. Often the rise in need of professionals in the internet market has resulted in many individuals venturing into this field, however, there is a huge gap that companies are constantly making attempts to plug - the need for highly skilled professionals from the sea of professionals. Industries and companies are prioritizing the need for training professionals with accurate skills and certification.

The ideal trajectory to meeting industry demands and getting hired in a job that pays an attractive salary is to equip oneself with the right digital marketing course and obtaining a digital marketing certification course. In short, to cut a niche in this field is to prepare yourself to be industry-ready with the right skill and knowledge.

Opening yourself to learning more and keeping yourself abreast with the current times and demands is the right attitude to grow in this field. Hence the ideal way to do it is to get trained from a reputed institute. And the need for getting a digital marketing certificate has become all the more important in this day and age. 

Can I get a job after a digital marketing course? 

The field of Digital marketing is diverse and is interspersed with different areas requiring different skill sets. Hence in alignment with the varying industrial demands and requirements, there are different digital marketing courses provided by multiple study centers and training institutes. 

The digital marketing courses are designed not only to equip you with the best industry methods, hence if you are wondering about securing a job upon completion of an internet marketing course, but there is also no reason for you to be anxious as you will reap huge benefits and rest assured job guaranteed. 

The need for digital marketing professionals spans multiple sectors including -Education, Real Estate, IT Companies, tours & travel, Banking, Fashion, Insurance, and Advertising Agencies.

 Upon completing a digital marketing course. You may begin with any of the following jobs after completing the digital marketing course:

  • Content marketer

  • Social Media Influencer

  • Content Writer/Developer/Creator

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Web Developer

  • Web Analyst

  • Digital Marketing Executive

  • Digital Marketing Manager

  • Web Designing

  • Copy Editing

  • Copy Writing

How much can you make with a digital marketing certificate?

As getting your skills validated and certified with a proper Digital Marketing Certificate is the standard measure, in order to make your profile more visible to top companies, make sure you ace your profession with a certification in Digital Marketing.

The following job profiles and their corresponding average salary will give you a grasp of how much you can make with a digital marketing certificate:

Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) 4 to 5 lacs (INR) annually
Web Analyst 6 to 8 lac (INR)  annually
Search Engine Marketer 3 to 7 lacs (INR)  annually
Content Marketer 3 to 4 lacs (INR) annually
Email marketer 2 to 3 lacs (INR)  annually
Social Media Marketer 4 to 7 lacs (INR) annually

Base on your years of experience and skills earned, the following is the average salaries across the field of Digital marketing

Below are the jobs and the salaries professionals in Digital marketing can earn based on their experience:

0 – 1 Years 1.5 – 4.0 Lacs (INR)pa
1 – 3 Years 2.0 – 6.0 Lacs (INR) pa
2 – 4 Years 3.0 – 7.0 Lacs (INR) pa
3 – 5 Years 4.0 – 10.0 Lacs (INR) pa
5 – 10 Years 10.0 – 30.0 Lacs (INR) pa

A certification course in digital marketing will help equip you with the best training as you get exposed to hands-on experience on Industrial projects and immersive training. Another advantage is the massive availability of courses online easily accessible from anywhere across the globe. Be wary of choosing the best institute that fulfills your requirement as well as that is industry-relevant. 

While the field has a flexible character in regard to educational background, as any interesting individual can venture into, excelling in the field matters more, and fulfilling the demand of time and industry is the goal. Hence obtaining a certification in digital marketing sets the mark and makes you an accomplished professional whether it is a higher salary you are running after or a promotion or to even begin as a new face in the field. 

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