Is There Any Scope of Digital Marketing in Future?


Scope of Digital Marketing Certification

The technological revolution has taken every industry and every sector by storm. It has brought with it new capabilities, an expanded reach, and advanced methods of carrying out business processes. It has especially affected marketing and advertisement fields with the new sphere of activities which have been made possible.

Let us see what the state of affairs was before the arrival of technology and what it has become after the arrival of technology. We will arrive at the unquestionable conclusion that Digital marketing has a lot of scope in the future.We will also discuss the benefits of getting a Digital Marketing certification.

What the situation was before

Before the advent of technology the relationship between businesses and organizations was simple and straightforward. It was mostly a one-way affair. The customer would identify a need within his life and would browse through newspapers or rack through their brains trying to remember the phone numbers of relevant companies. Next they would ring the numbers of the companies or visit their brick or mortar stores in person.

In both those cases they would contact a company representative to obtain all the information they desired to know about the product or service they wanted. They didn’t have much opportunity to carry out research about the product or service themselves. Their only reliable source of information on them was the company representative.

Also, there wasn’t much chance for the company to give their potential customers exposure to additional products and services. Either the company representative could inform them about additional offers when they called, or they could place large billboards with exclusive discounts and other special offers on the highways or in their brick and mortar stores.

They could then hope that the customers would notice their billboards as they drove past them or as they walked past them in the brick and mortar stores. One last resort that companies used to have was to place advertisements in newspapers and hope that potential customers would take an interest as they rifled through them.

So, in a nutshell, the situation was -

  • One-way relationship between the companies and the customers.
  • Linear relationship between the companies and the customers.
  • Advertisement limited to billboards and brick and mortar stores.
  • Customers only had a single reliable source of information.

What the situation is now -

So it was a very linear and one way relationship since the customers used to take the initiative to contact the company on their own. But with the advent of technology there has been one extremely important development in the field of marketing. That is the explosion of digital platforms.

Now virtually every person who has access to the internet has an online presence on one of these incredibly popular digital platforms. Platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have changed the dynamics of marketing completely. They have given birth to the new and still young field of digital marketing.

This new field has singlehandedly ended the age of brick and mortar stores and billboard advertising. Now the mechanics of marketing are very different. Companies attempt to catch their potential customers’ attention and arouse their interest by placing promotional content on the domains of digital platforms. They create Facebook pages, Facebook ads, Youtube channels, Youtube ads, Twitter pages, Twitter accounts, and much more.

They post creative and compelling content on those digital platforms and hope to engage the users through that content. In this way, the users become curious naturally and start researching more about the company, the product, or the service. This phenomenon has driven many professionals to start looking for a good Digital marketing certification.

Companies aid their involvement by reaching out to the customers and creating channels through which the customers can interact with them. This can take the form of Facebook pages or Youtube channels. Through these mediums, customers can like content, comment on posts, and even post similar content. So the old linear, static, and one-way relationship between customers and companies has changed into a bi-directional, two-way relationship in which both sides can and do participate equally.

In this way digital marketing has exploded into being and it is here to stay. So anyone can easily see that digital marketing has a lot of scope both now and in the future.

Potential customers nowadays carry out research on their own using the internet and Google to be specific. They prefer to gather a lot of information about a product or a service before they even contact the company representative the first time. This includes product reviews, comparisons, specification tables, company events etc.

They contact the company representative only when they have made up their mind about the final purchase. So the company representative here becomes less a source of information and more a facilitator of the official proceedings of the purchase. These new and novel mechanics of digital marketing are taught to all learners in any good Digital marketing training.

So, in a nutshell, the situation is -

  • Two-way relationship between the companies and the customers.
  • Bi-directional and dynamic relationship between the companies and the customers.
  • Advertisements have morphed into channel content, company pages, and non-business posts.
  • Customers have many independent reliable sources of information.

What are some reasons for getting a career in Digital Marketing?

  1. Your job will be very flexible

Digital marketers have a very unique pattern of work. They don’t have to perform a predetermined sequence of actions like other employees in more traditional job roles. They have to work on many fronts in very creative and original ways. Also, their work gives results in a very sporadic and unpredictable manner. So they don’t have to come to office in the customary office hours and can work at any time of the day. Also, they can work from any location which has a fast and stable internet connection and are not required to come to the office every day. This flexibility is the reason for so many professionals seeking a Digital marketing online certification.

  1. No specific background education is required

Digital marketing does not require a specific background education. Even if one doesn’t have a big and prestigious 4 year college degree, they can still start a career in digital marketing. All that one really needs is an intuitive understanding of what appeals the most to customers in today’s age. They should also know how to package that appealing content in a presentable format and post it to digital platforms. That said, a Digital marketing certification will certainly prove to be very advantageous in this field.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Digital Marketing Certification?

  1. You will see your value in the job market increase tremendously. This is because there is a shortage of skilled and competent digital marketers. There is a huge gap between the demand and supply of digital marketers. So you will be a precious resource.
  1. You will learn how to apply out of the box thinking to craft advertisements which are characterized by creativity and originality.
  1. You will learn how to handle several tasks on multiple fronts or the art of multitasking.

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