A Quick Guide for AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification


Becoming an AWS certified solutions architect associate is not an easy task. It requires a lot of effort to pursue your AWS architect associate certification training in the right way.

In this blog, you will get a quick guide for AWS solutions architect associate certification, training & courses to clear your confusion regarding how do I become AWS certified solutions architect? How long does it take to prepare for AWS solutions architect associate and many other queries?

Table of Content:-

  1. What is AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate?
  2. Who can get AWS Solution Architect - Associate Certification?  
  3. How do I become AWS Certified Solutions Architect? 
  4. Does AWS Solution Architect require coding?
  5. How long does it take to prepare for AWS Solutions Architect Associate?
  6. Is the AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam hard?
  7. Is Solution Architect a good job?
  8. Is AWS Certification enough to get a job?
  9. Can I get a job with AWS certification without experience?
  10. How do you get AWS certified as an architect? 
  11. Can I do AWS architect certification? 
  12. How long does it take to become AWS architect?
  13. How hard is the AWS Solutions Architect exam?
  14. Is AWS Certified solutions architect worth it?
  15. Can I get a good salary if I learn Amazon Web Services?
  16. Is python required for AWS?
  17. Should I learn Java or AWS?
  18. Which language is needed for AWS? 
  19. Which language is best for AWS?

What is AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate?

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate is a category of technical certifications. It is the most sought-after cloud computing certification in the whole wide world that is offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) for beginners and solutions architects professionals who, in turn, help execute and run enterprise architecture programs.

It covers areas like the deployment of AWS systems, AWS best practices, and many other relevant topics. Mainly, it is the first level of certification that is placed below AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional.

The work of an  AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate is to deal with Amazon Cloud, Alexa, and many other services. These services include - Identity Access Management (IAM), Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Autoscaling and Load Balancing, Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS), serverless websites, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), and DynamoDB.

After attaining the certification, IT professionals get a cutting edge in their IT career. They become more proficient while dealing with cloud services, modern world cloud-based technology, and cloud computing.

Today, AWS has come up as the most used technology which is employed by almost all IT organizations in the world. Thus we can say and believe that it is the future of technology and mankind alike! Having the AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification and attaining the job post of an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate is a must and something to look forward to and shot up to a new pedestal in the world of IT and business. 

Who can get AWS Solution Architect - Associate Certification?  

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate is a certification that is offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) for professionals that have one or more years of hands-on experience with AWS cloud.

The certification is for those who have engaged with the role of Solutions Architect. The case can be anything. Either, the person is already working for some organization as the Solution Architect and wants to enhance his role by grabbing and taking up the certification for the next level, or a person is new to the whole setup of the AWS certification and wants to sit for the AWS Solution Architect - Associate Certification for the very first time. 

Mainly, individuals who target the IT sector and AWS cloud services for their career advancement, get AWS Solution Architect - Associate Certification. They prepare for the examination and study hard.

Although the AWS certification experts have noted that there is no better preparation than getting the right empirical adjustment and knowledge of hands-on experience. Learners and trainers get trained with many other AWS training courses and grab additional knowledge from assisted channels of education and enlightenment in the field of Information technology. 

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How do I become AWS Certified Solutions Architect? 

For becoming AWS Certified Solutions Architect one has to - 

  1. Earn the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification.
  2. Get done with ACG’s AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate Course.
  3. Dive deep into Specific AWS Services.
  4. Read the AWS Storage Services Overview Whitepaper.
  5. Learn Test-taking Strategies for the Examination.
  6. Take up Practice Exams.

If we speak in more frank terms then, normally, a person/individual must have a dedicated span of 6 months to two years that he gives solely to his preparation to clear the AWS Certified Solutions Architect examination.

If the study is rigorous and the student has all the needed educational resources at his/her disposal, the period can be comparatively shorter. Wisely speaking, learners need to have a better hand in technical skills to become an AWS Solutions Architect. As it is the era of AWS cloud services, companies need more experienced and highly skilled manpower that can handle business solutions in IT firms.

The professionals - Certified Solution Architects who are well aware of the changes that come in cloud computing technology in the wake of new services of AWS, Cisco, and other types of network engineering methodologies can have the lead in their hand when they design, formulate, and assist various business solutions in devising strategies.

It is with the help of cloud technologies that many opportunities come to Solution Architects in the field of data engineering, automation, and machine learning. 

Does AWS Solution Architect require coding?

No, it is not a mandatory thing to have coding skills. The AWS Solution Architect has to be a former coder so that s/he can deal with the technicalities of the field of Architecture and Solutions.

A straight intricate knowledge is not a compulsion, a real brief idea of it is! An AWS Solution Architect must know how to deal with colleagues or clients to whom the solutions have to be offered. Also, it is good to know how to code, because it is anyway the part and parcel of building applications for the cloud and placing them into the AWS cloud. 

We know that coding is an essential part of data handling, data visualization, and data modeling. Networking and data analytics play an important role in today’s technological world where when we develop an application, a brief knowledge of coding, programming and networking comes as an added advantage.

In the initial part of the learning journey, it is not essential to have a good focus on coding and its final stages. But, if the professional wants to go deeper in the knowledge of the AWS Cloud, and attain the position of an advanced cloud solutions architect or designer, who is capable of architecting large-scale solutions, then having a good grasp of coding and programming is necessary.

A full-fledged AWS certified Solution Architect is someone, who climbs the basics and reaches the full potential with his acquired skills while supplying ready solutions to business firms.

How long does it take to prepare for AWS Solutions Architect Associate?

The time depends upon the experience that one has. If one has prior experience in the domain of AWS, then 2 to 3 weeks is enough for preparing for the exam. In case, the learner is completely new to AWS, then 4 to 6 weeks is rational and sensible. 

The people who are ready to take a step forward in the world of technology, are well aware of the fact that having an AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification is the best to have with oneself. The certification comes with some real advantages.

It boosts the marketability to employers, and the professionals get a solid base in the IT industry to stand upon through the earned credentials. Thus, having AWS certification is a must for IT experts. 

Over the dedicated period, the learning for attaining the certification varies. In the starting, the learner must be highly aware of the fundamentals or basics ranging from Computer, Databases, Storage, Networking, and Security. Next, they must have an understanding of designing highly available, cost-efficient, fault-tolerant, scalable systems.

Moving forward they must know how to implement/deploy, data security, and troubleshooting. Noticeably, all of these things must be covered in a period where the learner prepares for the examination and AWS Architect Associate role. This is all about how long does it take to prepare for AWS Solutions Architect Associate.

Is the AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam hard?

Of course, the AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam is not easy. It is hard. It demands continuous study and deep learning on the concepts of worth. For clearing the examination, the learners need to study dedicatedly for 2 months. 

Every time 100 services are added to AWS. Each service has a unique lingo, a different GUI, and its own CLI command set. Thus, if the individual is keen for sitting for the examination for getting the AWS certification, s/he must brush up on his/her foundational concepts.

If the learner does not have a specific deep and conceptual basic knowledge of VPCs, AZs, regions, and security groups, then taking up the exam at an immature and irresponsible level is not worth it and is a waste of resources. All concepts must be clear and the learner must know them all to attempt and sit for the AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification.

Contrary to the information supplied above, the aspirant can fail the exam miserably if s/he lacks the basic knowledge of the same. Other than the needed entry-level, basic knowledge, the aspirant who plans to skip the Foundational certification and sit for the Associate level must practice on AWS console, and use AWS white papers. Also, the Associate exam has many areas to cover.

The study objectives are not less, they are more. Therefore, the aspirant must read from many different resources. This can help ease the burden of exam and effort a little bit, though not whole. Hard work is necessary if the aspirant wants to pass the exam with bright colors and taste success. So, now it's clear that is the AWS solutions architect associate exam hard?

Is Solution Architect a good job?

Yes, AWS solutions architect is a good job, as the Solution Architect assumes two characters while assisting one major role of a Solution Architect. The expert has to be technically sound, while, on the other hand, s/he has to bear managerial proficiency and capability. The expert has to live both roles, simultaneously, while s/he is at the position of the Solution Architect.

A Solution Architect has all of the needed technical cloud specialty with himself/herself, therefore, s/he is expected to tackle the product and application development and managerial business and client solutions with an added skill and expertise. It is a good job that has its responsibilities and influences. A person can move in many other directions while functioning in the role of the Solution Architect.

This is majorly possible because the Solution Architect gains knowledge and insight both from the client’s perspective and of course, from the viewpoint of the business company. On the other hand, the professional has to assist people coming from different professional and official backdrops, hence it becomes important for the expert to know what he is offering to the client, from where the client is, what is his immediate professional work and background, and how can she offer assistance in the most suitable way. 

Is AWS Certification enough to get a job?

No, getting a simple AWS certification is not enough to get the right job. The candidate who has passed the examination must also have relevant experience in the same field to fetch the right suitable job for himself/herself. 

There are always two sides to the coin. Here, the thing and the case are almost the same. Today, certifications are almost a significant part of the education system. Professionals get certified in various specializations with the degrees and honors that they have from the reputed universities and educational institutions.

The certifications provide an added advantage and inform the employer and the company about the upgraded knowledge that the employee has of modern technology.

On the other hand, many employers deem degrees as the main educational achievement that showcases the caliber and potency of the profession forward. Therefore, we can say that there are many evolving viewpoints on this, although, a simple AWS certification without a relevant and reputed degree is a waste of time and potential, in this competitive world. 

Can I get a job with AWS certification without experience?

It is possible to grab a job without experience if the candidate has the needed confidence. If the aspirant has former introductory experience in programming and coding then, s/he can target the right job in the industry or organization that suits his/her capabilities.

It is not advised to take up a job without any valid experience. Scholars and professionals recommend at least 6 months of practical hands-on experience for taking up the AWS certification and then the right job.

Experience in the industry prepares the job seeker for challenges. After having all of the relevant AWS certifications, the candidate needs to shows his expertise in the area of his specialty which can benefit the employer and his company.

Having a simple certification can take you to the company, make you sit at the interview seat, and may even bring you under real-time consideration from the employer, but chances may arise that you may fail when it comes to testing required practical skills, producing or designing a product, service demanded by the client, or adjusting in a team environment.

Generally speaking, companies lookout for professionals who are confident, less dependable, and demand limited guidance from other middle and senior-level professionals. 

Therefore, if you are in a hurry, then getting a job with AWS Certification is a good choice. But, that won’t make you an expert in cloud computing in a limited amount of time. Experience and practical knowledge are much more significant.

How do you get AWS certified as an architect? 

You need to clear the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate/Professional exam if you want to be a Solutions Architect. The Associate and the Professional are the two levels in the Solutions Architect certification. To be a Professional you need to be an Associate first. 

If you want to clear the exam then you need to follow some steps. They are in the following:

  • First, go for a review of the exam guides that are available 

  • Then, you need to train yourself for the exam by taking up the various training courses

  • Do read all the AWS whitepapers (the technical content designed by AWS)

  • Practice well what you have studied

  • Go for the exam when you feel that you have covered it all

Figure out a schedule for yourself. You can schedule your time as per the requirement of preparing for the exam. After you have fixed the schedule, stick to it. Your schedule should involve ample time for studies and some for other chores that you might have.

If you are a working professional then you need to be even more careful with your time and resource management. You need to devote ample time to the preparation for the exam. 

Can I do AWS architect certification? 

Yes, you can do AWS architect certification successfully. There are some prerequisites though. If you qualify them then you can go for the exam. The requirements are listed below:

  • You need to have experience in using AWS networking, compute, storage, and database 

  • You should know how to deploy and manage AWS services

  • You should be able to define the requirements of an AWS based app 

  • Identification of Technical requirements of projects which can be met AWS services 

  • Be aware of the networking requirements of an AWS based service

  • Have a first-hand idea of the infrastructure of the AWS cloud throughout the world

  • You should be able to understand the security features of the AWS cloud

If you have hands-on with the above-said parts of the AWS services then you can do AWS architect certification.

How long does it take to become AWS architect?

Speaking in general, you may require time of anywhere between 2 to 3 months of intense preparation. But even before that, you need at least one year of hands-on experience with various AWS services which should be fault-tolerant, cost-effective, and secure to work with.

Therefore, in total, you may need anywhere between 1 year 2 months to 1 year 6 months to achieve success in clearing the exam for AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification online training and exam.

How hard is the AWS Solutions Architect exam?

AWS Architect Associate exam is quite a difficult exam. It takes quite an effort to clear the exam and a high level of exposure to industry-level, hands-on practical problems within AWS services and architecture. You need to be aware of the fact that because of various reasons this exam is one of the hardest to acquire certification in. It is also one of the most challenging certifications to go for.

After completing the exam you should be able to:

  • Effectively design the architecture of applications, deploy them, they should be robust and secure, and they should be based on the AWS platform

  • Meet up with customer requirements

  • See that the implementation of best practices in applications is followed throughout the lifecycle of the applications

These steps are quite difficult to implement and it takes a lot of hard work to design and see a prototype in place.  

Is AWS Certified solutions architect worth it?

For any professional who is working with a firm that uses AWS services then AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification for that professional is definitely worth it. 

You can be an entry-level architect or a higher-level engineer in the firm with this certification. 

This certification does not guarantee an architect job but it enables you to learn and gain enough experience to be an architect eventually. 

Once you get the certificate then it can help you immensely in understanding and developing applications that are scalable, secure, and reliable under the framework of the AWS environment. 

With an AWS solutions architect associate training certificate, you can save some time for yourself by quickly learning and applying AWS concepts that otherwise would take a lot of time.

There are many people who are interested in being a Solutions Architect. They can learn the technology with the help of experience and exposure to the technology or they can hustle up their career graphs by preparing for the AWS Solutions Architect Associate examination and be solutions architects in less time than it would generally take.

Can I get a good salary if I learn Amazon Web Services?

With AWS cloud services you must have observed a surge in the usage of scalable services using the cloud services. It is because of the flexibility, reliability, and security that is being responsible for the companies moving to the cloud space. 

With the surge in usage of cloud services, the AWS Certified Solutions Architect  Associate professional is highly rewarded and is in high demand.  

An Associate can earn as much as 6 lakhs per annum for the base pay. The lower end is around 3.8 lakhs per annum and when you grow as a professional to be an architect then it can even touch 15.37 lakhs per annum (quoting Glassdoor).

Is python required for AWS?

Yes, Python as a scripting language is required in AWS. It is required in Amazon Storage and EC2 environments. Python is used in AWS a lot and its share of usage is growing fast as compared to other programming languages.

That is due to the versatility of the language, its simple syntax, and its sheer power.

Python is a versatile language and there are a lot of applications within AWS that find much use of Python in developing those applications. 

For example, there is Alexa which requires a lot of Natural Language processing for it to be working fine as per the requirements. It can be done easily with the help of Python.

Should I learn Java or AWS?

Java is a powerful language. If you want to be a developer then Java may be a good option. However, if you are more interested in cloud and cloud-based applications then AWS may be the answer here.

You can actually learn Java and apply it in AWS as a Java developer in the AWS environment. 

AWS is an orchestration tool that you can use in conjunction with a language such as Java and other popular programming languages.

Which language is needed for AWS?

Node and Python are the most used in the AWS cloud computing platform. However, you can have expertise in any one language such as Python, Java, PHP, JS, C++, etc. and you are eligible for the Associate exam.

For example, you can use the following architectures for running a web application in AWS:

  • Run it on a Virtual Machine using Python Django

  • Run it in a container using Node.JS on the app runner

  • Serverless backend for static content hosting using JS

You can choose any one language and master it so that you can just find the right SDK provided by AWS to its developers for the popular programming language that you have chosen.

You should ensure that you master the language to the maximum level. That is because AWS associate in solutions architect is quite a difficult exam and you need to ensure that you master it so that you can clear the examination with flying colors. 

Which language is best for AWS?

Python is the best language for the AWS cloud environment. That is so because of Python’s versatility and ease of readability which makes it liked by both novices and experts. 

Python is an open-source and community-driven popular programming language. It has many libraries and it is a powerful language. It is also supported by third-party modules. The utility of Python can be found in business applications, games, graphics-based apps, scientific and computational apps, and so on. You can see Python can do it all. 

The documentation in Python is good and with the help of that one can easily learn Python and excel into it. For any issues in understanding or bugs being encountered or some other problem, there is a big community to get you out of those issues.

Python is also a multi-paradigm language. It supports up to 4 paradigms and is a multifunctional very high-level language and can be used in many scapes including cloud, web, OS, etc. 

In AWS, the maximum usage is of this language for the above reasons, however, other popular languages are also used. Languages such as Java, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, etc. are also quite popular and you can excel in any of them. 

Python’s share is, however, much more compared to other languages.

In AWS, Python is supported by AWS Lambda. This language can also be used for serverless applications on AWS. In Lambda Node and Python rules the roost. 

AWS Lambda is a cloud computing service by AWS. It is serverless in nature and runs code depending upon events and does resource allocation automatically. 

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