How Hard is AWS Solutions Architect Professional Exam?


The growth of AWS has been amazing and startling at the same time. It has grown rampantly throughout the world of technology. This massive growth has led many people to ask the question – “How hard is the AWS solutions architect professional exam?” This question is talk-about in many AWS solutions architect associate training courses.

In this article, we will attempt to explore the answer to this question. While the answer itself is not too long we have attempted to expand upon it with a lot of relevant information and details.

This blog post is very similar to some of our other articles on the AWS solutions architect associate training.

The reader should pay careful attention to the words of this article as they will be undeniably helpful to the reader in passing the AWS Solutions Architect Professional exam.

What is the difficulty level of the AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam?

The AWS Solutions Architect Professional exam is so difficult so as to be nearly impossible to pass. The syllabus of the exam is incredibly vast and encompasses a wide range of concepts and topics related to the field of cloud computing. The exam tests the determination, grit, intelligence, memory, brainpower, and planning capabilities of the candidate.

The AWS Solutions Architect Professional exam is designed with the aim and objective of driving the candidates to make their utmost effort and to push them to their limits and beyond.

There are few exams as grinding for the candidates as the AWS Solutions Architect Professional exam.

The failure rate of the exam is well above 72%. This means that less than 28% of the candidates who take the AWS Solutions Architect Professional exam manage to clear it. Now, this is a daunting number. This statistic clearly demonstrates how high the difficulty level of the AWS Solutions Architect Professional exam is.

Many of the readers of this article may be familiar with the AWS Architect Associate exam. If one wants to become an AWS solutions architect associate, they have to take that exam. Now that exam is an absolute cakewalk compared to the AWS Solutions Architect Professional exam.

What is asked in the exam?

1. High availability and business continuity.


2. Costing


3. Deployment Management


4. Network Design


5. Data Storage


6. Security


7. Scalability and Elasticity


8. Cloud migration and hybrid architecture




As has been mentioned before, the syllabus of the exam is incredibly huge. There are a total of 8 domains of knowledge. All of them are vast and filled with complex, obscure, and esoteric topics about the AWS platform. The candidate will have to apply himself fully and study very determinedly to cover the entire syllabus of the AWS Solutions Architect Professional exam.

Some domains of the exam syllabus test the theoretical knowledge of the candidate whereas other domains test the practical knowledge and abilities of the candidate. So the candidate should have a good memory and a good understanding of the theoretical concepts of AWS as well as all the practical skills required by the AWS platform.

To acquire the theoretical knowledge tested on the exam the candidate will have to commit to an intensive study plan in which they will apply themselves fully and work hard with determination to commit vast amounts of information to memory. But this is not a new concept and most candidates will be familiar with this method, especially if they have taken the AWS solution architect associate course in the past.

But to acquire the practical knowledge tested on the exam is not so straightforward. One will have to create a free-tier account on the AWS platform and practice calling upon and operating each of the hundreds of individual services on the AWS platform.

Some study tips for the exam -

  1. Read a lot of AWS whitepapers -

There is a lot of essential information condensed and packed into the AWS whitepapers. Reading them is a good way for the candidate to familiarize himself with the technical and sometimes obscure terminology of the AWS platform. The whitepapers also cover a lot of advanced concepts related to the cloud computing sector.

  1. Know the content of the syllabus thoroughly -

As has been mentioned before, the AWS Solutions Architect Professional exam has a syllabus that is vast beyond imagining. There are a number of domains of knowledge contained in that syllabus and they themselves contain very advanced and esoteric concepts and topics related to the cloud computing sector.

So it is prudent to familiarize oneself with the syllabus thoroughly before starting to prepare for the exam. In this way, the candidate will be able to create a comprehensive preparation strategy that will encompass each and every topic which might be asked on the exam.

  1. Use stack overflow to organize your knowledge -

Stack overflow is a very popular questions and answers website focused on topics related to computer science, programming, and technology. It is frequented by programmers, software developers, and technology enthusiasts around the world.

Needless to say, there are several questions related to the AWS platform present on it and they have very excellent, comprehensive, and well-explained answers contributed by volunteers. These answers are a great source of knowledge for the candidates as they explain the finer points of the AWS platform very well and clarify a lot of frequently asked questions.

  1. Attempt as many sample papers as possible -

The candidate should make sample papers an integral part of his preparation strategy. He should attempt as many sample papers as possible before taking the exam.

He should not be content with only one or two sample papers but should go through entire sets of them.

There are several reasons why this is an advisable thing to do. The first reason is that attempting sample papers will help the candidates become familiar with the pattern of the exam.

They will become more confident and enthusiastic about taking the exam as they will have already successfully completed similar exams before.

The second reason for attempting sample papers is that many times it so happens that the questions which appear on the actual exam turn out to be very similar to the questions the candidate has already answered on the sample exams.

Now, you can easily evaluate "how hard is AWS solutions architect professional exam" by considering all the above-mentioned points like exam pattern, syllabus, and most importantly the AWS exam study tips.

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