Business Analytics Professional Certification

Develop and harness analytical aptitude and skills to comprehend and present data while applying concepts to actual business challenges with Business Analytics Professional Certification at Careerera. 

Course Description

Business Analytics focuses on developing your managerial judgment, your understanding of key concepts, and your capacity to apply what you've learned to actual business problems rather than on rote memorization of equations or facts. Regression analysis follows the introduction of basic descriptive statistics in this course. The Business Analytics Professional certification course will unravel the methods and practices of performing A/B testing on a website, using sampling to monitor warehouse inventory, projecting staffing requirements for a hotel front desk, and predicting home video purchases based on box office performance. Learners will enter into an intensive course of detailed training on using analytical techniques in Excel. Regardless of your work title or professional goals, this course will demystify data analysis and provide you with practical skills to use in your workplace and any project. 

Business analytics is frequently utilized in numerous industries, for diverse goals. From health apps that offer us individualized workout routines to reserving tickets for our favorite movies online, from an e-commerce store estimating their revenue to huge accounting companies doing fraud detection. Earning a Business Analytics Professional Certification will make you industry-ready. It is a worthy investment that will open up excellent business career paths. 

Business analytics is now widely used across functions, industries, and organizations. Due to its significance, which transcends numerous disciplines, it is now a well-liked vocation. You can discover the use of business analytics in social media, banking, eCommerce, healthcare, and both public and private sector businesses. It provides a wide range of professional options for all aspiring workers

Why Business Analytics Profesional Certification Program?

Data is the key to making good business decisions.

  • Global market hike at $655.53 billion by 2029

  • CAGR of 13.4%  (2022-2029)

  • Market Drivers with the surge in Database-intensive Industries 

  • Increasing trend of Edge computing

  • 152,200 IoT devices connected per minute by 2025 (Source: Fortune Business Insights)

Learners will come out of this program with the following outcome:

Detect trends, spot outliers, and succinctly summarise data sets

Examine the connections between the variables.

To help guide managerial decisions, and develop and test hypotheses.

Create sound survey questions and analyze data from samples of a larger population to draw conclusions.

Determine the confidence intervals to use for estimating the accuracy of statistics.

With Excel, carry a single- and multiple-variable regression analysis and analyze the results.

Program Curriculum

An overview of what you will learn from this program.

Basic and Advanced Excel

Module 1: Overview and Introduction to MS Excel 

Module 2: Working with Tables 

Module 3: Mastering Cell References  

Module 4: Excel Basics Functions  

Module 5: Sorting Data Types 

Module 6: Methodologies of  Filtering Data  

Module 7: Basics of Formula/Functions 

Module 8: Excel Functions (If/TEXT/String)

Module 9: Working with Dates and COUNTIFS & SUMIFS 

Module 10: Lookup and Information Functions 

Module 11: Name Ranges  

Module 12: Data Validation

Module 13: Dynamic Array Formula & Spilled Array Behaviour

 Module 14: Conditional Formatting Uses

 Module 15: Recording Macros (Non-VBA)

 Module 16: Data Summarizing with Pivot Tables 

 Module 17: Slicers 

 Module 18: Power Query & Power Pivot 

 Module 19: Charts

 Module 20: Other Topics 

Module 21: Excel Dashboard

Module 22: Security & Privacy

Module 23: Mail Merge


Introduction to programming using Python

Introduction to programming using R

Database Management System using My SQL

Data Analysis

Statistics For Data Science

Exploring Data Analysis

Ensemble Techniques

Machine Learning Model Deployment using Flask

Data Visualization

Data Visualization Using Tableau

Data Visualization Using Google Data Studio

Data Visualization Using Power Bi

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Get the answers to your questions here.

Q1 : What is Business Analytics Professional course?

The Business Analytics Professional is a course, a certification program that is curated looking at the rising needs of learners out there. Majorly, the program helps students upgrade theory and practical skills in business and data analytics. They are taught, how to analyze big business data and come to the right conclusions. It also helps promote critical & analytical understanding of larger amounts of information and facts and figures, that an organization creates daily. Looking at the outer modern business trends, and an internal data fluidity, learners are educated towards taking up daily business decisions.

Q2 : Is it the right Certification course?

Yes, it prepares you for an excellent career in a professional business world. It improves your understanding and practicality about the business world and data. When you learn to analyze data, it allows you to make better decisions, acknowledge business pasts, estimate business forecasts and ascertain the finances of a company. The business analytics online course is the best certification for learners who want to build a successful career in data analytics. The certification prepares better professionals, who can make the right decisions, for an effective and efficient business.

Q3 : How is this course different from the PG diploma in business analytics?

Although, Business Analytics Professional and PG diploma in Business Analytics are both different certificate courses that are offered by many institutes and education organizations out there. One is a full-time program, another one is a diploma course. We can say that a certificate course serves as a preferable option for working professionals, as like this both work and study can be managed in a good way. The certification courses today, have many advantages over a full-time diploma or a degree course. They enable students to upskill their talents and meet what the industry expects of them; it allows them to enhance their skill-set by engaging with recent technologies, in a lesser duration, minimal fee, and almost zero physical mobility.

Q4 : What is a career in business analytics?

We all know that business analytics has evolved rapidly over the years. When a learner takes up a course in business analytics, s/he chooses the role of a business analyst. The work of business analysts is to use statistics and algorithms. They work towards harnessing and exploiting this data into more insightful and powerful knowledge. When any professional take up a career in business analytics, it allows the professional to give out critical insights and ensure support and success in a right and reliable decision-making process

Q5 : Why should I choose Careerera?

At Careerera, the dedicated team of experts has global recognition in the field of education, and next, they have more than 25 years of experience. The teachers’ quality of education, overall course curriculum, problem-solving techniques, learning modules, and learning handouts all prepare students for a better future. With our 24*7 assistance through chat portal, and recorded live sessions, students have the opportunity to learn and accept lectures and education with an open heart

Q6 : Who can all enroll in this professional course?

Any graduate can take up this business analytics certification course. Mainly, the students must have a background in Science and Commerce. If they have a better knowledge of mathematics and statistics, then it is more suitable and easy for them to pursue this professional business analytics course. Other than this, if the students have any other suitable academic degree from a certified and accredited institution, they can enroll in the program.

Q7 : What if I miss the session?

If you miss the session then, you can visit the recorded video sessions and lectures that have been imparted by the mentors. These are available on the LMS - Learning Management System portal.

Q8 : Do I get 24*7 assistance from Careerera?

Yes, the students get 24*7 assistance from the experts and educators. The assistance is online. It enables students to clear doubts and queries. The assistance allows students to bring in other course-related problems, and resolve them. We at Careerera, are always there to help and assist you, no matter what.

Q9 : What if I want extra and additional learning resources?

The students can ask for additional assistance from the mentors, who take their live sessions. If the mentors allow for the same, the students can move to and avail themselves of additional learning resources. The additional learning resources must be reliable and insightful enough for the course. Moreover, if a student wants to include extra learning material, s/he can test the reliability of the book, journal, research paper, topic, or any other academic resource, the candidate by asking the teacher who takes the live session and is on board.

Q10 : Is Business Analytics certification worth it?

Yes, indeed it is. Even if a learner or an already working professional is not looking for the data analyst job title, a certification in business analytics will anyhow prove valuable. If you are a working professional, it will add more worth to your position, letting you assimilate industry-relevant skills. If you are still a learner, it will help you win a better job position, with a good incentive and compensation, at an entry-level. If a person takes up a business analytics certification course, then .he automatically becomes an excellent asset for the team.

Q11 : Do I get a valid certification from Careerera after completing the certificate program in business analytics?

Yes. The learners get a valid certification. It is authentic and can be used to aim at premier jobs and institutions in the business professional world. It marks a better value in the eyes of the employers and helps you uplift your CV/Resume skill headlines. What is better when you update your CV with the most sought-after professional certification in the marketplace today? It automatically levels your profile higher and opens up many doors for you in a wide professional space!

Q12 : What roles can I take up after completing this professional certification?

These are some of the most popular and important professional jobs that people target after taking the business analytics course: • Business Analyst • Data Architect • Data Scientist • Data Analyst • Quantitative Analyst • Quantitative Modeler • Financial Analyst • Operations Research Analyst • Market Research Analyst

Q13 : Is it hard to take up the role of a business analyst?

No, it is not that hard. If the learner has clarity on basics and has pursued the most relevant disciplines, s/he can be a winner in the race of business analytics essentials.

Q14 : Is Analytics a good career option?

Do you look out for high-paying careers, high compensations, and better paychecks with a notable salary? Go for building a career in data analytics and earn more with better job openings and vacancies that await you! As the data analytics field is a bit complex, the shortage of skilled workers is always there. Therefore, the demand for more expert workers that have new modern data analytics skills is urgent and ever-growing.

Q15 : What if I have doubts and queries regarding the sessions?

In case, any subject-related or course-related problems and queries arise, the trainees can reach us out at 9250004000. Also, they can get in touch with us through our 24*7 assistance.


Business Analytics Professional

This Certificate is Proudly Presented to

John Smith

For Successful Completion of the Business Analytics Professional with all the Mandatory Course Requirements
and Capstone Projects with Distinction.





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  • As a student pursuing BBA with Careerera I can say its really worth it.

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