Is data scientist a good career in India?


data scientist a good career in India

Which certification is best for data science in India?

Data is to the present century what oil was in the bygone years and it is going to rule the present and coming years. Data science has increasingly become an indispensable component across industries. The field of data science has bestowed firms and organizations across various sectors with conversions escalation, more in-depth analysis of the market to provide a competitive edge for strategic pricing and product development, improved operational efficiency, and lower risk exposure.

Data Science is quickly becoming one of the most popular technologies in the modern era. It is not only demanding but also pays professionals with the top incomes in the industry. As a result, many students and working professionals are looking for the best Data Science certification course in India to help them further their careers as Data Scientists.

The myriad online data science course in India provided at both conventional universities and training institutes make it a straightforward process to learn data science courses in India.

Acquiring a data science certification course in India is not difficult. One can easily sign up online and learn at the comfort of one's home and at one's suitable timing. The data science course in India are taught by expert trainers and offers top-class training.

This blog will help you figure out which is the best data science certification course in India. First, let us learn what is data science?

Data Science is a branch of science that integrates scientific concepts, mathematics and statistics, advanced analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to investigate the world around us. It has widespread application across a variety of industries, including information technology, healthcare, banking and finance, e-commerce, government services like defense, aviation, etc, and many more.

Data science consists of focusing on developing insights from data using scientific methods and processes. It is used to turn corporate data into assets, which aid firms in increasing revenue, lowering costs, seizing or capturing a variety of business possibilities, improving customer experience, and so on.

Let us list out the best data science course in India

  • Post Graduate Program in Data Science 
  • Post Graduate Program in Business Analytics
  • Master in Data Science Engineering
  • Masters in Data Science and Analytics
  • Data Science Fundamental
  • Introduction to Python Programming
  • Data Science with Python
  • Machine Learning with Python
  • Data Science Analytics Professionals
  • Data Science Professional Certification

Is data scientist a good career in India?

In India, demand for data scientists is at an all-time high, resulting in an upward career path and attractive pay from employers. Innovative technologies such as the Internet of Things, digital media channels, smartphones, artificial intelligence, big data analytics, blockchain, and quantum computing have served as a catalyst in which Data Science will be critical to business success.

Hence, being a data scientist is a promising career. Let us point out a few reasons why a Data scientist's career is good and remarkably bright.  

Data-driven insights may help firms not only transform, but also target new markets, address customer complaints, boost revenue, and more. Therefore, a rising number of businesses are emphasizing data collection, interpretation, and its application.

High Salary Package for professionals in Data Science and Machine Learning: As businesses increasingly turn to Machine Learning, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence, the demand for data science professionals is growing steadily. The data science industry has been seeing a massive hike since 2012 by 650 percent, considerably surpassing other industries.

Consequently, switching to data science is a wise decision. It yields considerably greater comparative returns. Transitioning from a marketing analytics job to a data science one, for example, results in a compensation increase of 37 percent on average.

Similarly, when workers go from digital analytics to data science, they can expect a 31 percent income increase on average. The wage increase for someone moving from a data engineering to a data science function might be as much as 44 percent.

Massive demand for qualified and skilled data scientists: The recent instance of India Inc witnessing significant digitization of their industries and services has led to it becoming the second-largest hub of data science globally. 

As per a report analysis, India is headed to witness a growth in employment of over 11 million by 2026. Indeed, the data science field has seen a 46 percent surge in recruiting since 2019. 

Data Science and Machine Learning enjoy a substantial learning curve. There is a shortage of professionals with the necessary skills and specializations in India regardless of the fact that India witness a mass set of data scientists. This has necessitated the increasing demand for specialized credentials and experts in the field.

How much does a data scientist earn in India?

Salary of a Data Scientist in India: A data scientist's average annual pay is Rs. 698,412. A data science professional in the entry-level receives an average salary package of 500,000 annually with less than a year of experience. With 1 to 4 years of experience, data scientists may expect to earn around 610,811 per year.


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