B.Sc in Cyber Security

The digital era that we live in today compels us to be highly reliant on technologies. This also results in creating bigger opportunities for cyber security attacks. We hear of daily occurance of cyber threats and it has become a part of our daily lives. Every aspect of everyday life is strongly dependent on networks and gadgets, from paying our bills to getting access to our medical records. Yet, cybercrime and data breaches are issues that are frequently in the news. Anyone out there could be anxious because of this. 

College de Paris brings this B.Sc in Cyber Secutiy program with the objective of teaching students about all available security and protection techniques for data that might seriously damage and destroy an IT system. It may take a few seconds to cause damage that will cost companies of any size a very large amount of dollars! Hence, it is clear how seriously the course is gaining ground in resolving the demands of unskilled workers in the cyber security industry. 

The programme at the College de Paris is founded on the basis of applied practical technical courses. This is because the sector demands a blend of practical skills and disciplines in both technical research fields and real-world business expertise in the workplace. Technical theory or a strong management emphasis in some schools don't always result in cybersecurity experts that are as well-rounded as the business would prefer.

Because the programme is entirely online, students may finish their courses whenever they choose. Also, the student must have the required technology and connectivity to continue participating in class activities. Individuals in technology who earn a Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity are better equipped to oversee the deployment and upkeep of suggested security solutions as well as evaluate the security requirements of information and network systems.

Why Cyber Security?

3.5 million cybersecurity professionals are required by 2022 in globally.

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    $248.6 billion expected size of the Global security market by 2023 at CAGR of 10.2% from 2018 to 23

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    $125,000/- to $215,000/- average range of a Cyber Security professional salary

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    2.7 MILLION

    Projection of 18% growth in employment for 2014-24

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    50% more salary in IT skills than for other American jobs in the private sector

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    Globally to become one of the top five skills for jobs in 2021.

Program Outcome

After completing the academic requirements for your Cyber Security bachelor's degree, you will be able to:

To secure an IT infrastructure by analysing and resolving security problems in networks and computer systems.

Develop, create, test, and assess secure software.

Develop regulations and procedures to minimise security concerns in the workplace.

Investigating security issues forensically and assessing them.

Verify the leading companies of cyber security in the industry.

Create and implement a cybersecurity strategy for a company.

Create cyber security plans and policies that are both tactical and strategic.

Program Highlights

  • Learn in the online program

    Online Lab Sessions

    Highly Experienced Faculties

  • Dedicated Placement Team

    Career guidance and mentorship by faculty and industry leaders

    Resume review and interview preparation sessions

    Access to opportunities with leading companies

  • Become Job-ready

    Real-world case studies to build practical skills

    Hands-on exposure to analytics tools & techniques such as Netsparker, Acunetix, Metasploit

    Learn industry insights through multiple industry knowledge sessions

  • Collaborations

    Careerera has collaboration with many eminent Universities and Organizations across the Globe to exchange the knowledge.

Program Curriculum

An overview of what you will learn from this program.

Fundamental of Cyber Security

Text Processing

Pre liminary Course to start Cyber Security

Introduction to Linux

Introduction to Ethical Hacking

Footprinting and Reconnaissance


Scanning Networks

Vulnerability Analysis

System Hacking

Malware Threats


Social Engineering


Session Hijacking

Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots

Hacking Web Servers

Hacking Web Application

SQL Injection

Hacking Wireless Networks

Hacking Mobile Platforms

IoT Hacking

Cloud Computing


Dual Specialization

Why Careerera

Enrol with leading global online educational course provider.



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Data Science Batch Profile

Our students include freshers and experienced professionals from across industries, functions and backgrounds.

Career Assistance

Take advantage of Careerera’s partnerships with Global leading IT companies.

Learn Insights on Futuristic Approaches

Workshops on Resume Review & Interview Preparation

Career Guidance and Mentorship by Careerera and Industry Leaders

Salary Trends

  • 200+
    Global Companies
  • $122K PA
    Average CTC
  • $250K PA
    Highest CTC
  • 87%
    Average Salary Hike

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Find answers to all your queries and doubts here.

Q1-What is the eligibility criteria for enrolling in the B.Sc in cyber security programme?

Candidates must meet the prerequisites for cyber security, which call for a foundational understanding of networking and computer science. The course has been created by the College de Paris to go from basic to advanced, guaranteeing that applicants grasp it better. 

Q2-Does the programme require prior educational background in cyber security to be qualified?

Q3-How challenging is cybersecurity? 

Q4-Is there potential for a profession in cyber security? 

Q5-What are the Career Options available in the market?


Post Graduate Program

Data Science

This Certificate is Proudly Presented to

John Smith

For Successful Completion of the Post Graduate Program In
Data Science with all the Mandatory Course Requirements
and Capstone Projects with Distinction.




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Student's Review & Feedback

Program Rated

4.5 / 5 by 1600 learners
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  • Bhuavana
  • Hi Careerera Team

    I feel this is the right time to convey my comments about this course. When I enrolled into the course I was very much excited to learn about data science and equally had a worry that how is it going to work in a virtual environment.

    My Trainer Kumar Saurabh and he totally eradicated my worries. He is the most wonderful trainer I have ever had. He is a very knowledgeable and passionate person on what he is doing.

    He answered all my questions(sometimes I ask dump questions :) ) and made sure I was clear with the concepts of Data Science. He provided confidence by teaching the concept right and gave me enough space to learn about it. Never rushed to complete any concepts for namesake. Gave a lot of homeworks and handson to make sure that practical knowledge is gained well. Provided enough gained to face the interview as well, what else is most important that getting into a job we like. But a job is not only the end result of a course also the working knowledge we gained. I sure, I did it and he made it.

    Finally I am so happy that I have chosen Careerera for my DataScience learning and I definitely highly recommend this course to my friends as well as the trainer. He is the life savier. Thank you so much for the great opportunity. .

  • Ramadoss Nambi
  • Here is my view on the PG Course & tutor till now.

    • Knowledge - tutor is having very good knowledge on the data science which he is explaining
    • Communication - the way presentation is done in the class is really good . Tutor is able to explain with the proper communication and we are able to grasp the topic what has been planned
    • Course agenda - till now the classes are going as per the agenda shared for the course
    • Real world examples- there are some test data from real world take but still I feel like some real world use cases be taken to associate with algorithm so that it will be easy to remember as the day is going we see so many algorithm and pattern coming and find it difficult to keep it in memory.
  • Swathish
  • A very useful course overall. I really enjoyed the journey from Data Science basics like Multivariable Calculus all the way to advanced concepts of Machine Learning. The instructor was excellent and taught the course in a clear, concise, and thorough manner. He answered all my doubts patiently and helped us in a hands-on way with our end-term projects.

  • Gaurav Sharma
  • I am completely new to the field of Data Science but the team at Careerera has put together such a wonderful course on Data Science that even I was able to understand everything clearly. The assignments were very relevant to the course and helped us practice and learn all the concepts practically. The instructors were very helpful too.

  • vaishali
  • I enjoyed this course very much. It was structured in a way that made it extremely easy to keep up with the instructors. I specially liked the way Linear regression and Calculus was introduced with visual examples and good concept building. The instructors made the content simple and smooth and I was able to get a good grasp on everything taught.

  • Pooja kulkarni
  • This course is one of the best online resources on Data Science. The explanations of all the concepts were well-developed, complete, and logical. The instructors knowledge of the subject matter was comprehensive and it showed in their teaching. The order of the topics was decided very wisely as they all built upon one another progressively and were supplemented by assignments which were put together very well. The difficulty of the assignments and the projects was exactly what I required to practice the subject matter properly.

  • Mark Stapay 
  • The instructors have done a superb job in crafting the content for the course together. I did not have any prior programming experience but I was able to understand everything taught in the course regarding Python and Machine Learning very quickly. I particularly liked all the extra notes, assignments, and projects assigned to the students as they enabled me to test and polish my learning and skills.

  • kim
  • I received a great learning experience from taking Careerera’s PGP in Data Science course. It has made me an intermediate learner of Data Science from a complete beginner. I think it was only possible due to the wonderful tools, notes, and videos provided by the instructors. They made the content very straightforward and transparent. I also thought that the assignments and projects that they set for us were very helpful for making me recall what I had studied.

  • Darrel Green
  • At first I was skeptical that I would benefit at all from an online PGP in Data Science course. But when I started studying in the course through Careerera I was pleasantly surprised by their brilliant online setup, facilities, and instructors. The quality of the course material was par excellence and I was able to understand and learn the course material very easily and smoothly. The assignments and projects assigned to the students were set at a very appropriate difficulty too.

  • safwan
  • I would highly recommend this PGP in Data Science course from Careerera to anyone seeking to improve their skills and knowledge of Data Science. I enrolled in this course with the aim of learning more about Machine Learning and I was able to learn more about it successfully because of the wonderful instructors and their quality training materials such as notes, videos, assignments, and projects. The best part was that they responded to all my doubts and questions very quickly.

  • Mike G
  • Even though there were lots of options for beginners for learning Data Science, I chose Careerera’s PGP in Data Science course because of Careerera’s sterling brand and reputation. I don’t regret that choice in the slightest and am thankful to Careerera for providing such a wonderful course. The course material including the videos, notes, and projects were all perfect for a beginner and the assignments were evaluated which helped me clear all my doubts.

  • Guillaume K
  • I would like to express my gratitude to Careerera was delivering such a wonderful presentation on Data Science in the form of their PGP in Data Science course. Initially, I was worried about the quality of the course since it was online but when I actually enrolled in it I found all the components of the course to be first-class. The videos were great, the notes and assignments were very helpful, and the projects really made me think hard about the material that I had studied.

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