Why is the Field of Cyber Security Growing So Rapidly? What Establishes it as a Rewarding Career


The Growing Field of Cyber Security - Expansion at its Peak!

Many learners and professionals examine a career in Cyber Security because it talks about high payable salaries, best remunerations, excellent benefits, and most promisingly about endless employers and IT companies that are ready to recruit and take in the most skilled and competent professionals on board! Today, over 4 million seats are vacant for the posts of Cyber Security experts in the whole wide world. With many job openings and an ocean of vast opportunities that are booming at an exponential rate, there are other intrinsic advantages to operating as a Cyber Security professional or practitioner. The work of these professionals is to execute duties that are significantly crucial for the protection of highly sensitive information and data.

why cyber security career is growing so rapidly

As industry wants are increasing day by day, the lack of trained and experienced professionals is also moving ahead. This tells us, that we have less-skilled workers, and more jobs in the domain of Cyber Security. To fill this gap, the educational sector has introduced many Cyber Security classes and training online. Beginners and professionals can join the many Cyber Security certifications online and make a bright career in the world of cyber protection and web security.

Technology and Automation-

It is indeed true! True, that the 21st century is all about technology, science, and innovation. We have the internet that has pushed digitalization to its new edges! Almost everything we see is run by technology. We know that the first-hand vehicle of technology is media. It is through media that the internet has come up with more gadgets, bots, and more Artificial Intelligence (AI) devices. Media, the internet, and the web act as the conveyor of information, and Big data. This information is private data when owned by an IT firm. But, today, when we have comforts and victories in the reign of the internet and technology, we also have some hazardous and malignant destructions from the same, which cannot be simply ignored, with the flick of an eye!

Companies’ entire infrastructures are rooted in technology. Every single automated system has a deep technical system that is, in turn pushing it forward to perform. All automated systems are created by a certain programmed code. This programming has many loopholes and vulnerabilities that can be easily traced and acted upon the cyber attackers and hackers! Thus, cybercriminals can break in any time they want, transgressing upon the intellectual property of an individual or a company. Here, the Cyber Security experts get a whole platform to protect data and information from malignant hackers. This is how new professionals who have the knowledge and expertise get more opportunities!

Smart Tricks of the Hackers-

More curious and unstoppable hackers and cyber thieves’ lookout for new and modern means to trace and enter data. Looting information is something that can help them use it for personal benefits or supply the hacked information to some other competitors on the bay! These talks are all about huge sums of money!

To break in these smart tricks of the hackers, what potent security experts and professionals do is they find and learn about security risks much more before cyber looters do. Thus, in this way, they reduce thieving costs and help companies secure precious data forever.

By taking Cyber Security training, the learners can develop and apply the latest preventative security controls. These help them fight major cyberattacks. The task of any Cyber Security professional is to create new security measures, tools and understand the very first move of the hacker, even before the company does!

New Malwares and Viruses on the Way-

Most harmful and deadly cyber-attacks have already shaken humanity in the last two decades! Many notorious viruses have impacted big and small businesses alike. The first biggest attack was in 2004 caused by Mydoom – a worm attack. Mydoom frequented an estimated loss of $38 billion in the year 2004. The worm was spread by mass emailing. It infected many machines. This was in 2004! But the scenario is almost the same. Today, so many new viruses are introduced in the market, daily! Some of the very latest are -

  • Jokeroo
  • Cyborg Ransomware
  • GoBrut
  • Trojan Glupteba
  • CryptoMix Clop Ransomware

Cyber Crime is a Costly Affair-

The Cyber Security field is growing and expanding for skilled professionals because many top-notch businesses cannot manage a costly data breach. A violation of data may cost millions and billions to large-scale IT businesses, and any company would not like to incur such a huge loss! So, they always prefer increasing the workforce in the domain of Cyber Security, or they simply boost the pay scales of its best and deserving employees! Thus, Cyber Security can always be a rewarding career for many professionals out there!

Cyber Security is in Demand in Every Sector Today!

There are mainly 5 sectors where network security professionals and officers are in huge demand. From Manufacturing, IT, Finance, Retail, to Healthcare, every sector needs data network officers.

Roles that Cyber Security Experts Play

What main roles are expected to be undertaken by Cyber Security officials? Let’s take a look at -

  • Cyber incident response
  • Online data protection
  • Investigation techniques
  • Vulnerability and detection evaluation
  • Cyber risk and strategic examination
  • Digital forensics
  • Network/system engineering

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