Which Certification is Best for Blockchain?


By 2025, the World Economic Forum predicts that blockchain would account for 18% of global GDP. It will have an impact on practically every economic area on the planet.  Manufacturing, retail and marketing, Health, education, supply chain, governance, entertainment, finance, and the public and private sectors, for example, will all be affected.

Thus with business undergoing a seismic shift, the demand for expert and certified professionals are equally expanding. Business organizations are looking for expert and certified professionals for building more efficient processes and transforming the way they perform business.

Blockchain certification training as a result has spiraled to great value and importance. In order to become a blockchain expert, one must commit to mastering the skills involved in Blockchain. 

Why Take Up Blockchain Certification Training?

The blockchain certification course guides students through the principles of blockchain technology before covering all of the functional and technical aspects required to implement any blockchain solution using the industry's best techniques and approaches.

Which certification is best for blockchain

Amid tremendous demand, employers at the global level are looking for experts possessing an accurate skill set that necessitates blockchain certification training

Best Blockchain Certification Course to Prioritize 

Let us discover the best and most popular blockchain certification course programs that cover a variety of blockchain business jobs and award professionals with a certificate if they finish the course and pass the certification exam.


Blockchain Technology- EdX

The University of California Berkeley's Blockchain Fundamentals Professional Certificate program consists of two courses: (1) Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, and (2) blockchain technology. These three-month self-paced courses look at the mechanics of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency market as a whole, and the fundamentals of blockchain technology. The seminar then delves deeper into possible enterprise blockchain implementations, such as Quorum, Ripple, Tendermint, and Hyperledger.


Certified Blockchain Expert by the Blockchain Council

This blockchain certification course is a 10-hour-long program that covers blockchain technologies, mining, and security practices in depth. Students are given real-world examples of how blockchain technology can be used in a variety of industries, including finance, healthcare, insurance, government, and telecommunications.


Expert in Blockchain Security Certification (101 Blockchains)

This self-paced, four-week certification course covers present and upcoming dangers, threat modeling, algorithm security, and smart contracts to provide a theoretical and practical foundation in blockchain security. Because blockchain is still a relatively new idea in most business and government verticals, a strong foundation in blockchain security is necessary to ensure that deployed blockchain technologies are secure.


Foundations and Use Cases for Blockchain - ConsenSys Academy

Aspects to consider: This five-week self-paced certification course covers the business side of blockchain and related blockchain technologies, including blockchain security fundamentals, why businesses employ blockchain in formal contexts, supply chain and the various asset tracking use cases, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Prerequisites: This course is for technology managers, developers, and non-developers who want a basic introduction to blockchain.


Basics of the Blockchain - LinkedIn Learning

This blockchain certification program, which consists of 11 self-paced introductory-level educational videos, provides insights into the business implications of blockchain, as well as benefits, dangers, barriers, and use cases. After demonstrating their mastery of the topic by answering a few assessment questions, students receive a certificate of completion.

Business leaders, IT management, and data science positions are required.


Specialization in Blockchain - University at Buffalo 

Aspects to consider: This four-month intermediate-level certification program includes four self-paced specialization courses that cover foundational blockchain concepts, blockchain underpinnings, how to design, code, and deploy decentralized applications and smart contracts, as well as blockchain ecosystems and permission blockchains architectures like Hyperledger and Azure Blockchain.

Prerequisites: At least one current, high-level programming language is required.


Become a blockchain developer by Educative

Aspects to consider: This self-paced, totally text-based, six-hour certification program on blockchain development, similar to the LinkedIn crash course on the principles of blockchain, gets seasoned programmers to accelerate the speed on various aspects such as blockchain networks designing and deploying, blockchain applications and chain code.

Prerequisites: This course is for programmers and engineers who wish to learn about blockchain technology with a focus on Hyperledger Fabric.


The fundamentals of the blockchain by Codecademy

Aspects to consider: This two-hour self-paced certification course covers the basics of blockchain and popular terminology, as well as the structure and qualities of the blockchain and individual blocks that make it up, and the elements that ensure security among blockchain participants. Students can also use Python to design a blockchain library, as well as generate and tamper with blocks through an interactive simulation.

Prerequisites: Some understanding of Python is helpful, but it is not required for most of the course.


You must understand blockchain in order to remain relevant in the coming decades. You don't have to be a developer to use this technology, but you do need to understand how it works and what it can accomplish for your company. However, a career in Blockchain would demand certification, and gaining the above certification will boost your career.


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