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Blockchain Online Certification

Build a vigorous foundation in the most revolutionary technology of the century and discover the potential of blockchain technology in transforming the world with this well-designed Blockchain certification training course at Careerera. This blockchain training and certification is designed to offer comprehensive training and exposure to cutting-edge technologies in a highly engaging and immersive experiential learning pedagogy. Get trained by industrial experts at Careerera and be recognized for your distinctive skills and knowledge.

Course Overview

Blockchain is known and preferred for its inherent qualities of Decentralization and Distributed Ledger which is unchangeable and completely transparent. These features form the catalyst for the growth and expansion of industrial applications. A Blockchain network can be managed without the aid of a centralized authority. The data kept in the Blockchain ledger is verified by each peer in the network. The basic line is that there are very few points of entry for attackers, making it extremely safe and dependable.

Almost every sector now benefits from the use cases of Blockchain technology, including smart contracts, logistics, real estate, education, and medical fields among many others. Having prowess and competency in Blockchain technology simply translates into a brights career prospect.

Why break into the Blockchain Field?

Blockchain technology as the world knows it is a revolutionary technology that is transforming the whole of the world's business, the economy as well as numerous other industries that have technological applications. Regarding technology, blockchain is currently dominating the market. 

While the popularity of Blockchain saw its spike in with the onset of Bitcoin, its use cases have extended and grown beyond Bitcoin. Blockchain technology not only has an impact on the banking and financial sector. It has sprouted its application into numerous other fields and may also be used in the future by many other industries, including grocery stores, energy sources, healthcare, and voting. With this blockchain online training, you can start the shifting process and make sure that transactions on the Blockchain platform are maintained while also driving ubiquitous value.

Given the rapid expansion of blockchain technology, there is no dearth of opportunities for anyone interested and skilled in the blockchain.  In a highly competitive era, possessing the necessary skills and competency is crucial.  Having the top qualities and skill sets to operate in the blockchain industry is critical to be able to navigate the employment market and benefit from this ground-breaking platform's strength. 

Blockchain applications springing from Hyperledger projects are anticipated to be the next growth engine for businesses in the years to come, following the widespread use of Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, and big data in recent years. This phenomenon consequently will produce a surge in the demand for people with extensive domain understanding of blockchain technology will increase. A  well-designed industry-relevant professional training course in Blockchain is a go-to career companion for anyone interested in breaking into blockchain technology as a profession. Professionals already in the field requires continuous upskilling to further their professional growth and a certification course is an ideal choice. 

Course Description

Careerera brought forth this blockchain online training intending to familiarize learners with blockchain technology and enable them to use and adapt technology in their careers. The course will run for six months offering thorough training beginning with the origin of blockchain and how it has evolved. Starting with the fundamentals, the blockchain certification training course curriculum guides students through all the technical and functional requirements for developing any blockchain solution using the best tools and methods available in the market. From the cryptographic foundations of blockchain technology to allow decentralized applications on a private Ethereum blockchain platform, the specialization covers a wide range of crucial subjects. It is the best resource for developers and programmers working on blockchain applications as well as anyone curious about its potential.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will be equipped with the knowledge necessary to build blockchain projects. You'll have the theoretical groundwork required to create safe software that communicates with the Bitcoin network and several other cryptocurrencies. Additionally, you'll be able to apply Bitcoin-related concepts to your own work.

Highlights of the course

  • An estimated 6-8 hours per week are spent studying for this course, which is spread over six months. 

  • This course is presented in a self-paced online format, allowing you to participate in weekly modules at your own convenience.

  • The training features interactive videos, practice tests, presentations, assignments, and discussion forums.

  • Unrestricted access to assistance on any administrative or technical issues you may encounter.

  • A certificate of course completion 

Key Features of the blockchain online training Program

  • Program completion certificate from Careerera with global recognition

  • Masterclasses

  • Seamless and Unlimited accessibility to integrated labs

  • Experiential learning with practical experiments to gain hands-on experience in the relevant industry

  • Develop the skills you need to land a job and develop your career.

  • Interactive sessions with industry and subject-matter experts 

  • Learn about the most in-demand Blockchain abilities

What will you reap from this Certification and training course?

The biggest takeaway from this training and certification course is that a learner will be able to implement the programming principles on the blockchain as well as recognize the fundamental blockchain concepts both theoretically and practically. 

Key Take Aways:

  • An in-depth comprehension of the potential and constraints of blockchain technology

  • Enable you to discern the kind of business issues it can resolve.

  • The potential to develop plans for a block-chain based approach to a problem in an industry

  • Understand how blockchain enables apps like bitcoin and other token-based ventures

Each Specialization comes with a practical project. You must successfully complete the project(s) in order to finish the certification course and get your certificate. If the Specialization includes a hands-on project course, you must finish all other courses before enrolling in it. You will receive a Certificate once you have finished all of the courses and the practical project, which you can show to potential employers and people in your professional network.

Skills To Learn

  • Skills Covered

  • Cryptography 

  • Cryptocurrency

  • Bitcoin

  • Distributed ledger

  • Hyperledger

  • Ethereum Blockchain

  • Blockchain Mining

  • DApps 

  • Transactions

  • Project Implementation

  • Use cases and Business Models

Who is eligible for this course?

The following qualifications are required for enrollment in this Blockchain training and certification program:

  • A bachelor's degree with a minimum average of 50%

  • Basic familiarity with mathematics

  • Java knowledge from the ground up is preferred.

Everyone can benefit from the Professional Blockchain certification Training course from Careerera although those with technical backgrounds are especially encouraged to enroll. 

The following professionals may largely benefit from this online course: 

  • Support Specialists

  • Technology or Solution architects, 

  • Developers, 

  • Business Analysts, 

  • Product Managers, 

  • Team Leads

  • Project managers 

These professionals are ideally the perfect candidates for this online Blockchain course.


Program Curriculum

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Get the answers to your questions here.

Q1 : What is this Blockchain Certification Training Course Program?

Careerera offers this unique blend of practical and theoretical pedagogy of intensive and engaging training for professionals and upcoming Blockchain enthusiasts on Blockchain technology. Through this experiential learning methodology, we provide in-depth insights into the Bitcoin, Hyperledger, Ethereum, Ripple, and Multichain blockchain platforms. Through the 10 modules and hands-on projects in this blockchain certification training course, you will obtain practical experience. After earning this certification, you will be able to use Ethereum smart contracts and Hyperledger Composer to create your own blockchain network.

Q2 : How does Blockchain Certification Training helps in a career?

  • The call for Blockchain in the industry will help you in your career advancement.    ·        Blockchain is one of the very disruptive technologies of all time.
  • Apart from digital transactions, its apps are extensively used for digital resources, tracing ownership, voting, physical assets, etc.
  • As the number of industries accepting Blockchain technology is widely increasing, in the same approach, the opportunities are also rising greatly.

Q3 : What are the criteria for earning a Blockchain Professional Certification?

The thorough installation guides are delivered in the LMS for setting up the environment and will be talked during the session.

Q4 : Do you deliver any preparation tests as part of this course?

Yes. Careerera provides a practice exam as part of our training course to assist you to get ready for the authentic certification exam. You may take the quiz attached to the course curriculum.


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