Tips for Passing PMP Certification Exam


What is the PMP exam?

PMP stands for Project Management Professional Course. The PMP examination is an internationally reputed and accredited certification which is provided by the PMI institute. It is the most recognizable certification for Project Managers.

If you pass the PMP examination, after qualifying for all the necessary qualifications and professional mandates, you can affirm a victorious professional career for yourself in the market industry ranging from management to supervision!

You can be the torchbearer, in the fields and sectors - Automobile, Manufacturing, Information Technology, Medical, Fashion, and Media, and rule the dominions with you judged and accredited worth. It’s simple, the PMP certification will speak for itself, and you, in front of your immediate employer while you sit for the interview.

Above all of these praises and advantages, the PMP certification online and the exam conducted by PMI are not easy. It comes with its areas of difficulty and complexity. In brief, let us note that one has to toil to get through the PMP examination.

It requires the right effort, hard work, and consistency. Besides, the PMP exam is more critical than the rest of the Project Management exams!

Surely, there is no need to worry! We are here to take you on the right path of guidance that will help you understand the trickiness that is involved here, in passing the PMP certification exam!

We offer you some very quick tips and practical advice on how to crack the PMP exam, with flying colors. Let’s Get Set to Go!

Tips For Passing the PMP Certification Exam

Tips For Passing the PMP Certification Exam

As we already know, PMP is the fastest-growing certification, globally. Almost every other professional who is into management and the like field targets PMP Certification Exam. As a most followed exam, it allows you to grab the highest seat in an organization with an accredited value and non-shaky worth.

You may not know this - or if you already know this it might push you, even more, to give your best - that, currently, there are more than 762,000 PMP certification holders on the globe! And, nevertheless, it is rising more and more.

This means you have more competitors when you sit for the exam and more obstacles can block your way when you go for an interview later! There is no need to worry if you follow these quick tips and easy pointers that can ignite your career, plus enlighten your zeal to crack the PMP in the first attempt!

  • Fix Right Time for the Exam by Visiting PMI’s Website

Primarily, it’s essential to visit the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) website to note what exam time must be selected. You must join the schedule it is offering. Note the timings and sit for the exam. Choose the time wisely.

The day and date/time must not coincide with any other anticipated work. Next, the other work must not be so important that it overpowers your exam schedule as a significant priority!

  • Note Your Study Plan

After selecting the date and time of the PMP exam, the aspirant must make a study plan. It is his/her task to prepare a plan wherein, s/he surveys and scrutinizes the prominent educational websites that provide valid and authentic subject matter for the course; is motivated by the given material; is not just a passive learner or reader, but an active participant and researcher who dives into critical thinking and study.

  • Fully Understand the PMBOK Guide

The PMBOK - Project Management Body of Knowledge, is a better and more enlightening resource that is available on the PMI website. The aspirants can study each area of the PMBOK guide every time they are done with the previously learned and acknowledged concept.

Particular study material or a process of study must be followed and studied each day. The PMBOK Guide refers to the relevant questions and concepts which are asked frequently in the PMP exam. Students can engage in PMP sample questions and answers that are available in the book. We believe, that this is one of the most important and premier educational resources that can be used by learners and students.

  • Use a Reliable PMP Resource/Book

Other than the PMBOK Guide - we feel that you must refer to a new PMP resource book only when you are peculiarly and thoroughly done with the PMBOK Guide - the aspirants can look out for other authentic study materials that are available on the internet libraries and otherwise. Indeed, good preparation material can help you ease the tension and can act as the right stress buster!

  • Look Out for Wise PMP Exam Prep Workshops, Seminars, and Meetings

Worrying too much can never help you! Therefore, it is essential that as a learner, you engage in various PMP exam preparation seminars, workshops, and meetings, if they are easily accessible!

The seminars can bring you out from the trauma of passing and cracking the exam with a good score to entertaining you a bit about what is going on in the current PMP exam situation. These classes can be fun and enlightening at the same time! You can also find out relevant handouts and FAQs about the PMP exam. 

  • Join a PMP Training Certification Course

You must join the right educational institute online for getting the right training and certification in PMP. The PMP exam asks for the valid number of hours that an aspirant has given to practical training and theoretical knowledge. Hence, it is more important to select the right PMP Certification training for yourself to rightly qualify for the PMP exam!

At Careerera, you can enroll in the PMP Certification Training course and leave everything - including your raging worries - on the mentors that will guide you through the PMP exam! The dedicated faculty will fuel in enough knowledge that is required for cracking the PMP exam.

36 hours of live sessions, and you are ready to win the PMP accreditation!

  • Use Flash Cards and Revise!

Participating in rigorous revisions of the learned project management concepts is mandatory. If the person is not revisiting the matter he has earlier learned and grasped, s/he might fail in the final PMP exam! Flashcards can play a vital role in making you remember what you have read and understood.

How hard is the PMP exam 2021?

The PMP exam is very hard. In 2021 the Project management institute or the PMI has made many changes to the PMP exam and after those changes have been implemented the exam has become more difficult than ever. The PMP exam has always been one of the most difficult exams in the certifications industry.

Now the PMP exam has become so difficult that the PMP aspirants have started to look for high quality PMP certification training courses so that they are able to clear the PMP certification exam successfully with their help. The PMP exam has become so difficult that the candidates have been forced to take help from the expert instructors of the PMP certification courses.

Is the PMP exam changing in 2021?

1. Scope of the exam -

The PMI has changed the scope of the PMP exam in 2021. Earlier there used to be a large number of domains in the PMP exam syllabus. But now the number of domains in the syllabus have been reduced a lot. Now there are only three domains in the PMP exam syllabus.

While on the surface it may seem that this change has made the PMP certification exam easier, the truth is that the exam has become much more difficult because of this change. Now that there are a lesser number of domains in the syllabus, there will be more questions appearing on the exam from each domain.

This means that the candidates will have to prepare each domain very thoroughly. Earlier since the questions were split between many different domains, the candidates could leave the domains they thought were more difficult and could prepare the domains which they found to be easier thoroughly.

But now because there are only three domains in the syllabus the candidates can not leave any of them and will have to prepare each one of them thoroughly.

Old PMP exam weightage -

Domains Percentage of
Approx number of
by domain
Initiating 13% 26
Planning 24% 48
Executing 31% 62
Monitoring & Controlling 25% 50
Closing 7% 14
Total Number of Scored Questions 175 175
Total Number of Unscored Questions 25 25
Total Number of Questions
200 200


New PMP exam weightage -

Domain Weightage
People 42%
Process 50%
Business Environment 8%
Total 100%


2. Exam Questions from Agile and Hybrid Methodologies -

The PMP certification exam will have questions from the Agile and Hybrid methodologies in the year 2021. This means that the candidates will have to prepare from study materials related to the Agile and Hybrid methodologies. The candidates will have to make themselves well-versed with all the core concepts and topics of the Agile and Hybrid methodologies.

The agile and hybrid methodologies are very vast and complex. They are full of complex and intricate topics and are thus not easy to comprehend and understand at all. As a result the candidates have to study a lot and have to spend a lot of time, energy, and other resources in preparing for the questions which will be asked from these methodologies.

3. Official Courseware for the PMP Exam -

The PMI has launched official courseware for the PMP exam in 2021. The PMI has long been observing the field of project management professional preparation and has seen the large numbers of PMP certification training courses and study materials.

People have been publishing study materials, guide books, solved question books, real-world examples and case studies books, and sample exam papers books.

These study materials cost a lot of money and are very expensive. There are many unscrupulous elements in the market who have also made a lot of money by selling incorrect and poor quality study materials to innocent beginners who do not know much about authorized and unauthorized study materials.

4. Authorized Training Provider (ATP) Program -

The PMI has started the authorized training provider (ATP) program. Under the ATP program, PMI will be authorizing some online educational course and training providers to provide PMP certification courses to the learners.

The learners will be able to feel reassured that the online educational course and training provider they are registering with has been authorized by the PMI as a bona fide and high quality course provider.

The PMI has taken this step because it has been observing the large numbers of online educational course and training providers who have been providing low quality, unauthorized, and incomplete courses to the learners.

The learners were being provided low quality courses and were finding it very difficult to prepare for and clear the PMP certification exam successfully. But now with educational course and training providers registered under the ATP program, learners will be able to avail high quality, complete, standardized, and PMI-reviewed PMP certification training courses.

Is PMP worth it in 2021?

  • Candidates can demonstrate their interest and self-driven learning mindset -

By getting the PMP certification candidates can demonstrate their high interest and total self-driven learning mindset. The candidates will be able to show the employers that they are highly interested in the field of project management and that they are willing to learn all the core concepts and topics of the field of project management on their own without needing any prompting or reminder from their employers.

  • Employers will give lots of credibility to the candidate -

The candidates who get a PMP certification will get lots of credibility from their potential employers. The moment the hiring manager of a business or organization will see that the candidate has a PMP certification, they will feel reassured about the candidates skills, abilities, and knowledg.

This is because it takes a high amount of intelligence, memory power, dedication, determination, and hard work to clear the PMP certification exam successfully.

In How Much Time Can I Get the PMP Exam Results?

The exam results can be received immediately after completing the PMP exam. The official email can be received in one or two weeks. After that, the learner who has taken the exam can see and find out a registered certification in his PMI account.

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