Scope and Benefits of AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate


If you are aware of what AWS is and its different benefits that you get after completing the certification, you won't be giving stress to know the scope and advantages of this course.

As everyone knows that Amazon Web Services is the leading cloud service provider because of its cost-effective service which helps every organization to grow.

Not only cost-effective but also its service scalable and ideal for different business sizes.

Also, its approach to follow formidable security measures to safeguard, maintain, and monitor the data center makes it the best option to use cloud service. And not to mention, this is the reason Amazon Web Services is ruling the list of cloud service providers.

So, if you are willing to learn cloud technologies and invest your time to grow your skills, there is no better option rather than choosing the AWS Solutions Architect Associate course.

To Become AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate, Upgrade Your Skills with AWS Amazon's Cloud Technology.

Once you enroll for the certification, you go through the comprehensive study materials and experience to secure AWS Certification.

Moreover, every two-year it requires a renewal process or re-certification to validate the awareness of a certified AWS Solutions Architect Associate.

It helps them to keep track of the latest updates and trends in the AWS landscape.

These aspects of the course are enough to answer the question, "Whether or not AWS Certification worth it?”

Additionally, below are some benefits that you will get through AWS solution architect associate certification training and certification.

Benefits of AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate

Benefits of Doing AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification

Preparing for the Future

  • Since almost every industry has incorporated cloud services into their business, the workloads are being transferred to the cloud.
  • AWS is the leading cloud service provider that gives you assured learning of trends and the latest updates in Cloud Technology.
  • It promises you a better career opportunity as most of the prospective employers are willing to hire a certified professional. 

Developing Professional Expertise

  • As you know that getting AWS certification is not a piece of cake, it requires lots of study, practice, and commitment to learning skills. 
  • AWS solution architect associate training is necessary to excel in the examination and when you work on your skills it enhances your professional expertise.
  • Moreover, the re-certification process also ensures that the professional is in touch with the trends in cloud technology.

Achieve an Appreciation for Your Efforts

  • Once you achieve AWS Certification, he or she recognizes with a digital badge that represents the efforts that you have made in getting knowledge and enhancing your skill sets.
  • You can use the badge/s on social media and email signatures. Such badges let you access to choose AWS Summit events and AWS Certification Lounges at “AWS re Invent.”

Displaying Your Dedication Levels

  • It is evidence of your commitment that you have put in aging knowledge and get expertise in your field.
  • It also represents that you have invested your time and made efforts to learn things to be a significant professional who is not like every other professional.
  • It displays your caliber and understanding of AWS Cloud Technology.

A Better Paycheck

  • This is the most significant benefit of doing the AWS solution architect associate course. As per the survey held by the Global Knowledge survey, AWS certification enhances the salary of a professional by 25.9 %.
  • And salary estimates for a certified AWS professional are approximately USD 113,932 while the non-certified professionals' salary estimation is USD 90,512.
  • So, getting a hefty paycheck in your hands every month is another benefit of doing AWS Certification.

Expansion of Professional Network

  • When you complete the certification, you can join the AWS Certified Global Community which offers an opportunity to discuss on latest trends and updates in the area.
  • This gives a way to attending Meetups, conferences, and professional gatherings. Interacting with professionals and expanding your network always gives you a new path to learn new things.
  • Once you get the certification, you get access to join AWS Certified LinkedIn Community and network.

Become a Subject Matter Expert

  • Under this program, AWS offers extended learning about AWS services and feature sets. Not only features and service but also the professionals can participate in the exam development process and other workshops.
  • It is an add-on to your resume to show your participation to a benchmark certification program.

Employers Also Get Benefits

  • When an organization has AWS certified professionals, the company could make participating in AWS Partner Network (APN).
  • This not only helps a professional to grow when he or she completes the AWS certification but also makes the organization eligible to take part in the APN program according to their eligibility.
  • In this way, the business can get reorganization as an AWS Partner by hiring certified professionals.

Some of the Role-Specific Skills for AWS Solutions Architect

When you start preparing for an AWS solution architect associate, you should focus on some skills that are necessary to address the need for different AWS Solution Architect roles.

  • When it comes to communicating with the sales and customers, the AWS Solution Architect needs to be skilled. This is the reason interpersonal skill is one of the important qualities of an AWS solution architect.
  • Not Only communication helps you to lead but dealing with the problem is also an aspect that you need to consider. You must have the skills to address the client's needs and business objectives.
  • For all those professionals who are eager to start their career with AWS as an architect must have adaptability skills. There are a number of challenges that an AWS Architect Associate faces like writing scripts, troubleshooting, or working on migrations.
  • It makes adaptability skills one of the crucial requirements to be an AWS Solution Architect Professional.
  • The variety of tasks that an AWS-certified professional faces every day implies that it requires a good hand in time management.
  • So, all the professionals who are aspiring to be AWS certified professionals must acquire the time management skills like day-planning and task prioritization.
  • Last but not least role-specific skill that an aspiring AWS solution architect must have is keeping an eye to all the changes in the field and staying up to date with constant improvements in AWS.
  • This skill comes when you are a proactive learner and invest your time in researching to get the best results.

So, to give your career a boost, you should enroll in an AWS solution architect associate training right now and be the best in the industry.

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