AWS Certifications - Upgrade Skills with Amazon's Cloud Technology


AWS Certifications  - Upgrade Skills with Amazon's Cloud Technology

For the people who are interested in cloud technology, the AWS Certifications has become one of the widely adopted platforms these days,  AWS Certification is completely worthy for the people who want to upgrade skills and knowledge in the cloud computing. To collect comprehensive details about the AWS Certifications available with Amazon to upgrade cloud skills go through the information presented on this page.

Overview of  AWS Certification?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certification is designed for validating knowledge and skills in cloud technology. Today  AWS Certification has become the most popular course which people are taking to improve their skills and keep themselves updated with the current market trend. It has become one of the most valuable certifications in the information technology field globally. Therefore, if you are interested to certify your cloud skills on the AWS platform, then know the breakdown of each AWS Certification course offerings by Amazon as mentioned below.

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AWS Certification Levels Offered by Amazon

Many people are interested in AWS Certification these days but they are not aware of which area of knowledge they have to choose. Therefore the details related to the levels of the AWS Certification offered by Amazon are provided here. AWS Certification is divided mainly into four levels and each of them has certain knowledge areas. The knowledge areas of  AWS certification are architecture, operations, and development that are offered into different levels. The main four levels of AWS Certifications that are offered by Amazon are enlisted below:

  • Foundational level
  • Associate level
  • Professional level
  • Specialty level

AWS Certification Levels

Foundational Level of AWS Certification

The main basics about the AWS platform in cloud technology are covered under the Foundational level known as AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. More details about the AWS Certification foundational level are described  below:

  • AWS foundational level is the baseline credential that serves as a broad-strokes for introduction to cloud technicians.
  • AWS Certification foundational level also serves to non-technical job roles that require basic knowledge about Amazon Web Services cloud as a standalone credential, which includes managers, sales and marketing associates, C-suite executives, etc.
  • For the AWS Certification, a Foundational level exam free digital course is offered by Amazon.

Associate Level of AWS Certification

Next comes, the AWS Certification Associate level that provides one-year experience to solve problems and implement solutions in the IT Industry using the AWS platform. AWS Architect, AWS Operations, and AWS developer certification are the core areas for the Associate level. Therefore, to know more precisely about the certifications available under the AWS associate level are discussed below one by one.

Solutions Architect Associate

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect associate-level is the course designed for the people in the job role of Solutions Architect with more than 1-year experience in the designing system in the AWS platform.
  • It is most suitable for the Solutions Architect who wants to develop skills in cloud computing in the AWS platform.
  • AWS certifications exam for the Solutions Architect Associate level covers the knowledge about the architect and deploying for secure and robust applications on the AWS platform.
  • It is based on the requirements of customers for using the architectural design principles on the AWS platform as well as the ability for implementing in the organization.
  • In the exam, the understanding of the Solutions architect about the AWS infrastructure, AWS on network technology as well as security feature and tools is also tested.
  • Having a one year of experience in the AWS and cost-effective designing is recommended n the AWS Certifications associate level for Solutions Architect.

Developer Associate

  • AWS Certified Developer Associate level certification is for the people who have hands-on experience in the development role for one or more than one year to develop as well as maintain applications based on AWS.
  • AWS Certification Developer Associate examination tests the knowledge of the person about the programming language, knowledge for the AWS core services, and the application of AWS architecture on the lifecycle management field.
  • In the exam of AWS Certification Developer Associate the knowledge about developing, debugging, and deploying skills in the cloud computing field as well as the writing codes for the applications with no server is tested.
  • Prior experience of up to one year in at least one programming language is recommended, also the understanding of the AWS Services and proficiency to write code for the applications with no server to interact with AWS services are great.

SysOps  Administrator Associate

  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate level certification is designed for system administrator who has up to one year experience in the management, deployment, and operations on the AWS platform
  • AWS SysOps Administrator Associate Certification exam checks the knowledge and skill of the person in the deployment, management, and operation of the scalable AWS system.
  • The certification covers the areas related to the data flow control and implementation, requirements that are appropriate to determine the AWS platform, and identify the best practices for the operations, cost estimation, and migration of workload to the AWS system.
  • Up to one-year experience is required in monitoring and auditing system, plus understanding the networking, security concept, and virtualization.
  • At the same time, AWS CLI, API tools, and SDK is required.

AWS Certification

Professional Level of AWS Certification

Amazon’s Professional level AWS training and certification are designed for people with two or more years of experience in operating, designing, and troubleshooting solutions in the AWS platform. The course of AWS Solutions Architect and DevOps engineer is covered under the AWS Certification professional level. Therefore, more precise details about both the certified Solutions Architect and DevOps engineer are illustrated below:

Solutions Architect Professional

  • Examination of the AWS Certification professional level is designed to check the skills of the professional in developing reliable and scalable AWS applications and choosing the requirement based on the AWS platform for cost development, calculating saving, deploy and designing organizational operations.
  • Experience is required for language scripting, Linux environment, Windows, cloud application evaluation, and hybrid architecture in the AWS platform.
  • Two years of experience is required for AWS Certified Solutions Architect professional level certification in cloud architecture designing and deploying on the AWS system.

DevOps Engineer Professional

  • Professional level certification of AWS Certified DevOps Engineer is most suitable for people with more than two-year experience in the management of the AWS environment.
  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer professional level examination check the skills of the person in implementing and managing the continuous delivery system, governance process, automated security, and the validity of AWS compliance.
  • For passing the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer professional level examination experience in coding is necessary for a programming language, operating system administration, automation as well as the knowledge about the development process.

Specialty Level of AWS Certification

Specialty is the last level for the AWS certification training that is offered by Amazon. This certification is offered for specific skills like machine learning, security, data analytics, etc. For every Specialty AWS Certification costs 300 US dollars and is completed in a testing center or online both ways. However, the database Speciality AWS Certification is only taken at the testing center. More details about the specialty AWS Certifications are given below.


  • AWS Security level certification is available to get informed about the data encryption, classifying specialized data, securing the internet protocols, and develops skills in making the security-related decision in an organization.
  • This certification is designed for the people working in the security job role for up to two years or more with hands-on experience of the AWS platform.

 Big Data

  • Big data specialty certification is suitable for the people who are working with the big data complexity in the AWS platform.
  • Up to two years of hands-on experience in the AWS field and the assonance level certifications recommended but not necessary.

Advanced Networking

  • Advanced networking specialty certification in the AWS system is designed for the people who work in maintaining architecture and automating networking and design.
  • Up to five-year hands-on experience in the networking architecture and the implementation of network, solutions recommended.

Machine Learning

  • Machine learning specialty certification is designed for the people who are working in the data science or development field and it increases their skills to implement the machine learning in the AWS system.
  • This course is recommended with up to two years of experience in the architecting, developing, and operating machine learning with basic knowledge about the machine learning algorithms.

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