How SAP Fico Training is beneficial for your Career Growth?


SAP has emerged as a leading software application provider in the contemporary business landscape, enabling business enterprises to improve their performance and implementation of their Enterprise resource planning. Business operations across the globe are affecting growth and positive changes.  

SAP, since its arrival on the scene, has been playing a significant role in the seamless management of business, including the field of Information Technology. Along with the rise of SAP ERP significance,  SAP FICO training has also gained significant traction with numerous business and Finance professionals acquiring the relevant knowledge and expertise. It is an ideal step for anyone trying to pursue a business career as a SAP consultant with a specialization in Finance and Accounting. SAP FICO course is now offered by multiple business professional training institutes to cater to the industrial demand. Any aspiring individual looking forward to building a career as an SAP FICO consultant must ensure attaining the fundamental skills and knowledge and possess the expertise to execute their tasks. 

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Through this post let us explore the numerous benefits of SAP FICO Training and find out how enrolling in SAP FICO course will take you a long way in your professional journey. 


Building SAP FICO Career in 2023

SAP FICO is one of the mainstream modules out of the numerous modules. The Fiance and Controlling module (FICO) has become highly preferred among business enterprises to leverage it for their financial operations. The SAP FICO module consists of two segments- Finance and Controlling. The SAP FICO course is the ideal pathway to attaining comprehensive knowledge and building a career as an SAP FICO consultant

Learning the intricacies and nuances of the SAP FICO module can only be achieved through SAP FICO training

The FI (Finance) deals with external reporting that covers Balance sheet making, Statement of Profit and Loss, etc. The goal of this Finance module is to record all financial transactions of an organization and develop accurate financial statements by the end of the trading period. The Financial Module in SAP FICO is made up of several sub-modules including General ledger (GL), Accounts Receivables and Payables, Asset Accounting, etc., and integrates with numerous other modules like Sale and Distribution (SD), Production Planning (PP), Material Management (MM) Supply Chain Management, etc. 

The Controlling (CO) module deals with internal reporting and also covers management and configuration of master data which also entails accounting - cost center accounting, profit center internal orders, real orders, product costing, profitability analysis, etc. It helps organizations in their business operation with planning, reporting, and monitoring. SAP FICO training is hence a must for building a SAP FICO career in 2023.

The intricacies and complexities involved in all these modules are best trained in a SAP FICO course which is essential for becoming a consultant in SAP FICO. SAP FICO has become a core module for the ERP Business Suite with firm integration with other ERP modules.  Earning SAP FICO Certification is essential for becoming a SAP FICO consultant. The certification is not only the pathway to landing the consultant role in business organizations but also several other roles and positions such as Executive for Account and Finance, Senior Analyst programmer, etc. However, having an in-depth understanding of the FICO module is essential. 

A SAP FICO course will essentially train professionals in the numerous aspects of the field including the following topics:

  • ERP and SAP Introduction and History

  • Organization Structure

  • Configuration of Tax and GST

  • Management of Bank Accounting and Treasury

  • Vendor and Sundry Creditors Accounts

  • Investment Management

  • Technology

  • Types of Projects

  • Implementation Tool

  • Change Transport System


Benefits of SAP FICO Certification

There are numerous benefits of SAP FICO Training apart from gaining the requisite qualification for becoming a SAP FICO Consultant. Let us get into more detail about the numerous benefits of SAP FICO certification, courses, and Training.

Easier Management of Business Flow

By enrolling in SAP FICO certification training, a professional gains mastery of the systemic organization of the financial management systems of the business. SAP FICO facilitates efficient and easy accounts resulting in managing the business flow easier. SAP FICO certification training is a must for a professional to excel and enjoy a successful career as a SAP FICO consultant


High-In Demand

With the rise in SAP FICO's importance, there is an increasing demand and expertise for SAP FICO consultants. One of the biggest benefits of SAP FICO Certification is that it provides the best opportunity for professionals to fetch you a decent position in the field of finance and business that adopts SAP modules. And almost all businesses nowadays adopt ERP SAP modules for effective business plan execution. Big business moguls and global MNCs are on the hunt for certified professionals as they prove to possess higher skills and qualities. 


Higher Salary and Remuneration

Another big benefit of SAP FICO certification is that certified professionals earn higher salaries. They have higher chances of landing advanced positions like Team Lead, Project Leader, Functional Consultant, etc. A certified SAP FICO professional can expect to receive an attractive salary package. For instance in UAE, a SAP FICO-certified professional makes an income of AED 15,00,000 to AED 30,00,000. 


High Reputation 

SAP FICO Certification comes with a high reputation and certified professionals are looked up to as highly reputed. Gaining the required skillsets and certification is akin to adding value to your resume and professional profile. Individuals interested in building a SAP FICO career in 2023 must take the fullest advantage of certification to thrive and excel in the field. The other big benefit of SAP FICO certification is the Logos and IDs that certified professionals receive which helps in boosting their reputation and recognition in the field as well as the community.

Those are the top benefits of SAP FICO training that aspirants may look forward to enjoying once they gain their certification. There are numerous options for aspiring candidates to gain certification and build a successful career as a SAP FICO consultant in current times and in the future. Enrolling in SAP FICO training is one sure-shot way to land a position in one of the top business organizations and MNCs across the globe. 

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