How To Become A Successful SAP Consultant?


For an aspiring candidate to become an SAP consultant requires massive dedication and commitment, investing a lot of effort, and developing the requisite skill sets. SAP is in constant evolution, coming up with new technologies which makes it a challenging task for SAP consultants to remain updated and equally dynamic. The earning potential and the strong prospect of the SAP professionals make it even more attractive for anyone to become an SAP consultant. Pursuing the field is one thing, becoming a successful SAP consultant is another. Through this post, let us discover the nuts and bolts of practicing a successful job as a Consultant in SAP. We will learn in detail about the primary on-the-job roles and responsibilities that SAP consultants perform and the best strategies to become a staunch SAP consultant. 

Who is an SAP Consultant?

SAP consultant is an expert adept at helping businesses in securing the best software that meets their requirements. SAP implies Systems, Applications, and Products that enable businesses to manage their processes and develop solutions to expedite effective data processing and flow of information across the organization. SAP Consultants are typically deft at one or more functional or technical subfields of data processing.

become SAP Fico Consultant

Essentially, SAP consultants coming from the Programming and Software Development fields are majorly concentrated on the SAP software technical aspects, and those trained in financial fields focus on the organization's operational side. 

Who Can Become an SAP Consultant?

Essentially, any graduate in the field of Engineering, Computer Science, Commerce, etc. can pursue the path of SAP consultant. The process of becoming an SAP consultant requires specific training in the technology, gaining vital skills and knowledge, and getting certification. Although it is open to any interested graduate, SAP consultants are required to possess certain necessary skills to build a strong and successful SAP career. 

The core skills required for an SAP consultant are: 

  • Broad knowledge of SAP modules
  • Domain-Specific Knowledge
  • Competency in communications skills both oral and written
  • Excellent presentation skills
  • Time management Skills
  • Team collaborative Spirit and skills
  • Leadership skills


Roles and Responsibilities of an SAP Consultant

SAP Consultants play critical roles in business organizations starting from evaluating to designing and configuring computer systems and software to satisfy the requirements of their employer or customer are the responsibilities of SAP consultants. Their task involves ensuring the effectiveness of the computer system's workflows for users. Additionally, they receive user input and make any necessary adjustments.

Some of the typical roles and responsibilities of SAP Consultants are:

  • Upgrade, and alter the fiscal year, 
  • Automate and improve the processes of AP and FI processes, and migrating of  the OSDB
  • Creating a process from inquiry to cash that includes order, billing, and shipping
  • Configure credit management features of the organization to speed up the process of the accounts receivable
  • Developing technical and user manuals for end users spanning entire order-to-cash cycle
  • Evaluate computer systems, identify potential development areas, and offer management team suggestions for improvements

Strategic Steps to Become An SAP Consultant 

Let us now discuss the practical steps that will lead aspiring candidates to a successful SAP consultant position in the following. 

Obtain Bachelor's Degree

The minimum educational qualification essential for an SAP consultant is a bachelor's degree with relevance to finance and commerce or computer engineering. Ideally, a degree in Computer science, Commerce, or Engineering is best suited for venturing into the SAP professional world. Business courses are often ideal as SAP Consultants often work in close collaboration with the financial department of the organization to streamline processes and boost efficiencies.

Attend SAP Course

The primary step to becoming a successful SAP consultant is enrolling in specialized SAP courses. A structured SAP course trains professionals in the functional and technical areas of SAP including CRM, MM, SD, etc., and helps them, gain the expertise necessary to pursue an SAP-targeted profession. These skills are critical for moving into the area of SAP consulting specialization. Moreover, it will equip you with the information required to offer accurate guidance to businesses.

Most of the SAP training courses conclude with certification. There are diversified course programs for varied certifications like the SAP FICO Certification Course to certify consultants in the specialization of Finance and consulting. Certification serves as a massive boost and a testament to potential employers about the fundamental knowledge that professionals have accumulated. It's crucial to assist you in landing your first job as an SAP consultant. As you obtain more practical experience in the position and can highlight that experience on your CV and in interviews, a certification usually becomes less significant.

Gain knowledge and expertise

Another step that is key to pursuing an SAP consultant post is to gain appropriate work-setting experience. For instance, you may begin by working in the finance department of an organization to get exposure to the work setting and culture, if your goal is to become an SAP Consultant in the Finance and accounting section. By placing yourself in a workplace setting you will gain a deeper and enhance practical understanding of the numerous procedures in an organization's financial department as well as the potential areas of improvement. Professionals through an SAP FICO certification course and training are thus equipped with a better understanding of how SAP can support those processes more clearly.

Pursue Internship

Another terrific way to gain practical prowess is to pursue an internship. This step however is ideal post completing your degree programs and gaining relevant experience. It's highly recommended that you seek companies that have implemented SAP and look for internship opportunities. IT Consulting companies also offer great opportunities for graduates to acquire greater expertise. Often, they employ junior consultants, giving prospective candidates the chance to gain practical experience and collaborate closely with more experienced consultants. 

Earn A Master's Degree

Earning a Master's degree will help you go a long way. A Master's degree will essentially differentiate a candidate from their competitors as possessing higher levels of knowledge, skills, and expertise. Employers often prefer candidates with skills and qualities emphasizing information and computer systems. 

Acquire expertise in Consulting

To thrive as a successful Consultant, having a prior work experience as a consultant will give you a competitive edge. There are other foundational level opportunities for consultant positions and other areas such as functional or SAP MM consultant.

An aspiring individual may go for an SAP FICO Certification course to obtain critical skills and enjoy a more seamless growth of one’s career. We have thoroughly discussed the nuances of becoming a successful SAP consultant. Hope it helps and motivates your goals.


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