What Is The Salary Of A Certified SAP FICO Consultant?


SAP FICO has evolved into a high-in-demand profession as it has risen as a prominent module among business industries and organizations that deal with financial matters. This in turn has increased the salary of SAP FICO Professionals. Business in today's time entails dealing with numerous complexities which compels the reliance on business software like SAP FICO modules. SAP FICO aids in maintaining structured and efficient mechanisms of financial control and accounting. SAP FICO module covers all the aspects of business operations to generate in-depth advances, changes, and impacts.

To capture the value of these high-impact solutions, companies need to hire professionals skilled in the SAP FICO process. The demand for SAP FICO professionals exceeds the talents available. This is a major factor that influences the salary for SAP FICO professionals. In this post let us explore the different structure of salary of SAP FICO professionals across major cities.

Salary of SAP FICO consultant in the United Kingdom

The average salary of a SAP FICO Consultant in the UK is  £54,644 in London. 

Top Companies in the UK Annual Salary of SAP FICO Consultant

  • Accenture-£56,245
  • Capgemini-£42,417
  • IBM-£57T -£61T
  • GSK-£61T -£66T
  • Capgemini-£11T -£12T
  • Tata Consultancy Services- £59T -£65T
  • bp-£77T -£84T
  • DXC Technology-£78T -£83T
  • Atos-£35T -£38T
  • Link Group-£44T -£47T
  • Southern Water-£62T -£67T
  • Fujitsu-£1L -£1L
  • Keytree- £88T -£97T
  • Birlasoft- £53T -£58T
  • Retail Solutions-£96T -£1L
  • Walmart Global Tech-£48T -£52T
  • Vantage Point Consulting- £64T -£70T
  • YASH Technologies£319 -£341
  • Wizcore-£49T -£52T

Salary of SAP FICO in the US

According to Zippia, the salary of SAP FICO consultants in the US ranges from USD $74,000 to $126,000 annually and the annual average salary of SAP FICO professionals is typically $97,165. 

Salary of SAP FICO Professionals in the US highest paying cities 

  • San Francisco, CA-$122,376
  • Redmond, WA-$115,694       
  • Scottsdale, AZ-$106,251       
  • Denver, CO-$102,058
  • Austin, TX-$97,171    
  • Edison, NJ-$95,046   
  • New York, NY-$94,613          
  • Charlotte, NC  -$94,176         
  • Burlington, MA-$91,197         
  • Cincinnati, OH-$90,274
  • Atlanta, GA-$89,471  
  • Wilmington, DE-$88,520       
  • Naperville, IL   -$88,375         
  • Milwaukee, WI-$87,082


The salary of SAP FICO consultant in the US can be summarized as under:

  • In the US the salary for a SAP FICO consultant is $97,165 annually
  • The salary ranges from $74,000 to $126,000 in the US.
  • Sap Fico consultants' hourly rates in the US typically range between $35 and $60 an hour.
  • The highest paying cities are California with USD117,942, followed by  Nevada at USD 117,058 and New Mexico at USD115,416.
  • Among the industries, the pharmaceutical industry in the US pays the highest salary for SAP FICO.

Salary of SAP FIO Professional in India

In India, the Salary of SAP FICO consultants ranges from INR 40000 to INR 1,00,000 annually and the average salary is INR 7,60,000.

Annual Salary of SAP FICO  at Top Companies in India 

  • Tata Consultancy Services-₹7,75,333
  • Accenture-₹7,88,085
  • Infosyst-₹8,06,299
  • Capgemini-₹6,50,000
  • Deloitte-₹11,91,708
  • IBM-₹9,10,518
  • Wipro-₹9,00,000
  • Tech Mahindra-₹6,33,912
  • Cognizant Technology Solutions-₹8,38,140
  • YASH Technologies-₹5,55,321
  • HCLTech-₹8,64,504
  • Genpact-₹5,31,903
  • Automatic Infotech-₹3,48,000
  • Tata Consultancy Services-₹5,63,306
  • Capgemini-₹5,90,000
  • NTT DATA-₹5,20,000
  • Atos-₹7,18,000
  • SAP-₹5,06,850


(Source - Glassdoor)

Salary of SAP FICO Professionals in Canada

In Canada as per the Glassdoor analysis, the salary of SAP FICO consultant is $107,246. 

Top Companies Annual Salary for SAP FICO Consultants in Canada

  • Accenture: CA$1,35,184
  • Deloitte: CA$57 -CA$92
  • Beyond Technologies: CA$64T -CA$1L
  • IBM: CA$1L -CA$1L
  • Accenture: CA$89T -CA$96T
  • SAP: CA$77 -CA$83
  • Safeway: CA$54 -CA$59
  • Siemens: CA$1L -CA$1L
  • Holcim:CA$1L -CA$1L
  • HCLTech: CA$19T -CA$21T
  • DXC Technology: CA$63T -CA$68T
  • ExxonMobil: CA$2L -CA$2L
  • Cardinal Health: CA$96T -CA$1L
  • Astek: CA$1L -CA$1L
  • Illumiti:CA$1L -CA$1L
  • SDF Group: CA$44 -CA$48
  • SAPSOL Technologies Inc: CA$63T -CA$68T
  • AW: CA$1L -CA$1L


Other Relevant Information of SAP FICO Professionals in Canada

  • SAP FI/CO Consultant-$107,246
  • SAP FI Consultant-$107,246
  • SAP FICO Fresher-$107,246
  • Senior SAP FICO Consultant-$115,967

Salary of SAP FICO Professionals in Singapore

In Singapore, the average monthly salary of SAP FICO Consultants is about $11,651. These professionals also receive an additional cash bonus or compensation of $5,001, ranging from $1 - $10,000.


Top Companies Annual Salary of SAP FICO Consultants in Singapore

  • Accenture-$71K -$89K
  • IBM-$100K -$109K
  • Panasonic-$5K -$5K
  • NTT DATA-$5K -$6K
  • Jabil-$7K -$8K
  • BSH Hausgeräte-$5K -$6K
  • Knot Solutions-$9K -$10K
  • Rizq IT Solutions-$8K -$8K
  • SCIKEY-$14K -$16K
  • KPMG-$9K -$10K
  • HP Inc.-$111K -$122K
  • NEC Corporation-$8K -$9K
  • The LEGO Group-$44K -$48K
  • TeamWork Corporate-$115K -$125K
  • IBM-$41K -$45K


SAP FICO Certification for Higher Salary and Bigger Opportunities

Certified SAP FICO professionals are becoming increasingly valuable given how organizations are gaining advances in their financial operations with the implementation of SAP FICO solutions. Earning a certification in this specialization would give professionals several advantages from getting global recognition to improved job performance. Global companies and MNCs are on the lookout for certified professionals who have gained thorough training and in-depth knowledge of leveraging the SAP FICO module to the maximum potential. 

Certified SAP FICO professionals are in high demand across the globe and for those who aspire to build a career in the finance industry getting a certification in SAP FICO will boost their career opportunities significantly.

One of the major benefits of getting a certification in SAP FICO is an increased salary. Certified professionals are known to possess advanced and enhanced SAP FICO skills and have higher performance metrics. These qualities make them more valued and are given higher salary packages. 

Enroll in a certification course today to enjoy a high salary package as a SAP FICO consultant. Learn all the cutting-edge skills and stand out in the job market that is highly volatile and competitive. We have covered the top-paying salaries of SAP FICO consultants in this blog. Hope it helps you to get a comprehensive idea of how much you can expect to make as a SAP FICO consultant.

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