Is PMP worth it in 2021?


With the increasing demand for project managers and the increasing importance of project management as a field, an increasing number of people are becoming interested in acquiring the PMP certification and are asking the question "Is it worth doing PMP certification?"

Is it worth doing PMP certification?

Reasons to get a PMP certification -

1. It makes the resume more attractive and relevant 

If you get a PMP certification by getting a PMP certification course your resume will become much more attractive and relevant to potential employers which consist of all the multifarious businesses and organizations which are in the midst of launching large projects and require large numbers of project managers.

The PMP certification gives the learners a lot of extensive training in the major concepts and topics of the project management field and as a result, the learners become very well-trained and very capable of working as project managers.

The PMP certification is like an official stamp on a resume that the candidate who the company is interviewing has all the requisite skills, knowledge, and abilities that a skilled and competent project manager requires. As a result, the learner will be able to provide very good service to the company and the hiring managers feel very confident and reassured about this fact.

This is why the PMP certification makes the resume of the learners so attractive and relevant to the hiring managers.

2. The industries and the corporate world will give you a lot of recognition and respect 

You will get a lot of recognition and respect from the corporate world if you acquire a PMP certification by getting PMP training online. The PMP certification is a gold standard in the project management field and this is widely known and believed in the corporate world.

The PMP certification is a very good benchmark for a candidate’s skills, abilities, and knowledge and because of this all the businesses and organizations in the corporate world respect the bearer of a PMP certification very highly and give him a lot of recognition.

Not only that but they invite the bearer of the PMP certification to many seminars and conferences as a keynote speaker because they know and believe that the candidate possesses a vast and deep knowledge of the project management field and is also full of subject matter expertise on the diverse project management techniques.

3. The certification will teach you many useful and important skills 

The PMP certification will teach you many useful and important skills such as the skill of time management, the skill of process management, the skill of personnel management, the skill of managing priorities on a project, the skill of managing the product backlog, the skill of managing the expectations of the stakeholders, the skill of managing stakeholder expectations and the skill of leading, directing, and managing the project according to the expectations of the stakeholders.

4. You will be able to secure a higher income for yourself 

One of the biggest benefits of getting a PMP certification is that you will be able to secure a very high income for yourself in a very short period of time. This is because the PMP certification is respected and renowned very widely in the corporate world as well as the academic world.

So if any individual gets the PMP certification the hiring managers of the large and prestigious businesses and organizations will see them as being very skilled and competent and will also feel reassured that they have all the requisite skills, abilities, knowledge, and determination which a project manager requires to be successful in the real world.

As a result, they will feel encouraged and eager to give the individual very large salary packages so that he stays motivated to do good work and keeps up a stellar performance at the company.

The hiring managers will trust the individual with very important and mainline projects and will want him to lead, direct, and manage them very well. So they will give him very large salary packages to give him an incentive to work hard for the company and to give his most sincere efforts for them.

5. You will get many valuable networking opportunities by getting this certification 

Another very big benefit of getting the PMP certification is that you will be able to avail very valuable networking opportunities within the different chapters of the PMI which are spread all across the world. The PMI or the Project Management Institute has a large number of chapters present in many parts of the world across many cities, countries, and continents.

So any individual who gets the PMP certification will be able to enter into those chapters and access all the membership privileges within. They will be able to interact with and associate with all the other members of the PMI chapters who themselves are all PMP-certified professionals.

By doing this they will be able to share and receive important information about new employment opportunities in any of the big businesses and organizations and they will also be able to receive information about new trends and methodologies in the field of project management.

They will also be able to cultivate a network of contacts of seasoned and experienced project managers who will be able to give them many useful tips and techniques with which they will be able to lead, direct, and manage their projects in a better and more efficient manner.

6. You will be able to show your potential employers that you are a self-driven learner

Acquiring the PMP certification is a major undertaking and cannot be called a mean feat. It requires enormous amounts of time, energy, and dedication. The PMP certification exam is an incredibly difficult exam and it has an inconceivably vast syllabus.

As a result, when an individual gets a PMP certification they give a very clear and certain signal to their potential employers that they possess all of the above qualities. This gives the hiring managers of big businesses and organizations a lot of confidence and reassurance about the prospective abilities of the individual as a future project manager.

So they become very impressed with the individual and think very positively about him from the very start of his career at the company. This positive impression helps the learner a lot because he is able to get positive feedback and positive reviews of his work much more easily and his senior executive bosses are much more likely to give him a promotion or a bonus or a pay raise.

What is the future of PMP certification?

The future of the PMP certification is indeed very bright. The demand for skilled and competent project managers is increasing at a rapid and fast rate as the ambitions of businesses and organizations are growing to gigantic proportions.

Technology has created an unprecedented revolution in all the sectors and industries of the world and especially in the corporate world. As a result, now almost every business and organization has become interested in using technology to create products and services which can change the world on a global scale and reach millions of users and customers.

Since the ambitions of these businesses and organizations are growing to such gigantic proportions they will without a doubt be launching large-sized projects to bring these ambitions into reality. For all of these large-sized projects, the businesses and organizations will need correspondingly large numbers of project managers who will be able to lead, direct, and manage these projects to the stage of successful completion.

Having said this, there is no better way to be recognized as a skilled and competent project manager than to take the PMP training online. So we can easily and clearly conclude that the future of the PMP certification is very bright as millions and millions of individuals will be opting to acquire the certification and the return on investment of the certification will keep on increasing as it will be considered increasingly essential for a project manager’s career in the future.

How long should you study for PMP?

You should study for at least 6 months for the PMP certification exam. You should make sure to cover the entire syllabus of the PMP certification exam thoroughly and keep aside at least 2 months' time for revision of all the topics covered.

The PMP certification exam is a very difficult exam and it has a vast syllabus so you would do good to set aside a large period of time for the preparation of the exam. If you take the PMP training online you will find that you will be able to cover the syllabus of the exam in a much shorter period of time than you would have had you taken the path of self-study.

Also, you will find that the PMP training online will help you cover the syllabus of the exam in a systematic and organized way instead of you having to engage in guesswork about which topic to study first and which topic to study later.

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