Is Data Science Analytics a good career option?


What is the data science and analytics course? 

The world of data will control the twenty-first century and is often considered the future. Data science plays a significant role in every business. Businesses of all sizes rely on data science to make decisions, analyze market trends, reduce losses, and increase profits. Also, now, the importance of data science is felt across many firms and sectors.

With the rising buzz around Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), the market is shifting in incredible ways. Data science aids these new technologies by identifying answers to problems and tying together related data for future usage. Talking about our personal social lives, the social media platforms that we use, for instance, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Reddit, collect a lot of data of their users.

Data Science Analytics a good career choice

Data Science techniques are developing and becoming more publicly employed by ordinary users as tools continue to evolve. While not everyone will be a data geek or an analytics wizard, the skills will become more accessible and available to professionals who aren't as tech-savvy.

Let us go into a more detailed understanding of data science and its practicality.

Data science and analytics course

Data science is the amalgamation of multiple disciplines, including statistics, scientific methodologies, artificial intelligence (AI), specialized programming, advanced analytics, and data analysis to extract value and actionable insights from the data. 

Preparing data for analysis and processing, undertaking advanced data analysis, and presenting the results to expose trends and allow stakeholders to make educated decisions are all part of data science.

While data science and data analytics are two sides of the same coin, and we commonly use data science and data analytics interchangeably, each performs varied functions taking distinctive approaches while dealing with big data. 

While data science aims to find new and exciting issues that might help businesses innovate, data analysis, on the other hand, tries to uncover answers to these questions and decide how they might be implemented within a company to encourage data-driven innovation.

Having cleared that, let us talk about what the data analytics course is all about.

The data analytics course is simply the course and training program intended to introduce novices into the core concepts and fundamentals through a well-defined curriculum combined with real-world case studies and examples. Through a Data Analytics course, an individual who is keen to succeed in this field will learn about project lifecycles, constructing analytical frameworks, and utilizing analytics tools to extract business insights.

Why pursue a Data Analytics Course?

If you are wondering why a course in data analytics is essential, the following are some of the primary reasons why you should consider taking data analytics classes:

Improved Decision making: companies may use data analytics to help them make better decisions, resulting in better outcomes.

More Robust Marketing: Data analytics may provide valuable insights into how a company's efforts are doing, optimizing their productivity for better results.

Superior Customer Care: Data analytics can help a firm get insights about its consumers, allowing it to personalize customer service to their needs and strengthen relationships with them.

More Efficient Operations: When a business has a better grasp of what its customers want, it can streamline its advertising campaigns and save money. It can also boost revenue by improving conversion rates.
Hence, pursuing a course in data analytics will equip you with all these necessary skills in high demand in the market.

Which is the best data analytics course? 

There are multiple universities and institutes that offer data science analytics courses, and the courses are available at several levels, including certifications like data science analytics certification course, diploma, bachelor's degree, and master's degree. 

Certification in Data Analytics is a mandatory credential for any Data analyst that wants to advance their career. Data analytics certification is available to anyone who is interested in being certified in data analytics.

To acquaint you with the best data science analytics course, here are our top picks of the best data science course:

  • Data Science Fundamental (DSF)
  • Data Science Analytics Professionals (DSAP)
  • Masters in Data Science and Analytics
  • Post Graduate Program In Business Analytics
  • Post Graduate Program in Data Science

Hence, to climb the higher ladder in one's career, professionals must earn a data science analytics certificate by enrolling with a reputed institute that provides a data science analytics certification course.

Earning a Data science analytics certification course is your ticket to more significant opportunities and prospects. Let us list out a few of the important reasons why should you acquire a data science analytics certification:

  1. Analytics professionals are in high demand.
  2. Salary aspects, massive job opportunities, and bridging the skill gap
  3. In many firms, big data analytics is a major priority.
  4. Working flexibility in any industry
  5. Improvements in practical knowledge
  6. An approach to learning that is structured, organized, and logical fulfills the crucial need in data analytics

Is Data Analytics a good career?

Given the surge in demand for skilled analytics and how the world of data is booming, the career path in data analytics is even more bright and promising. The technological transformation will advance even more rapidly in the future, and hence, the need for experts in data analytics is going to grow even bigger. 

The first pertinent question that crops up in mind before deciding on a vocation is -is it a great field? Is it going to be prospective? For data analytics aspirants, the same introspection - Is data analytics a good career is pretty much relevant. Thorough scrutiny is a necessity in order to have a secure position in one's life. So, if you are someone desiring to step ahead into a data analytics career path and are pondering about future applicability and opportunities, let us discover here in this blog. 

Data Analytics career path

To give you a straightforward answer, yes data analytics is a lucrative profession. In fact, there has never been a more exciting time to work with data. With data generation of 2.5 quintillion bytes every day, there's no stopping it and the rate is only increasing. As organizations' data collecting develops in extent and sophistication, it's unavoidable that they'll want to make use of it, and Data Analysts are at the vanguard of this movement. 

Furthermore, as the reach of data analytics applications has expanded across numerous industries, there is a surge in demand for it. Big data is on the verge of transforming almost every business.

Big data has aided firms in making better-informed decisions and providing the greatest products and services. The global big data analytics industry, which was valued at USD 37.34 billion in 2018, is expected to rise to USD 105.08 billion by 2027. The statistics are reflective of how the field is growing and is projected to grow in the future.

Consequently, companies are looking for ways to leverage the potential of Big data, therefore technology specialists who are experts in analytics are in great demand. 

While the need for analytical talents is steadily increasing, there is a severe supply constraint which is a global issue. Despite the fact that big data analytics is a "hot" industry, there are still many empty opportunities around the world.

Thus, a career in data analytics is very promising and is destined for great success marked with handsome remunerations and perks.

What jobs are in data analytics?

Data analytics is a lucrative profession, and yes, data analytics is a good career. As discussed above, the imbalanced nature of high demand and shortage of supply for data analytics professionals has opened up data analytics career opportunities immensely. 

Below are the areas and variants of the job opportunities that professionals in Data Analytics can venture into:

  • Business Analyst 
  • Reporting Management
  • Analyst for Corporate strategy
  • Analyst for compensation and benefits
  • Budget Analyst
  • Analyst for insurance underwriting
  • Actuary
  • Sales Analyst 
  • Internet or Web Analytics
  • Fraud detection and analysis
  • Credit Analytics
  • Analyst for business products
  • Data analyst for social media
  • Analyst for machine learning

Data has evolved into a critical indicator for determining an organization's success. It assists organizations in better understanding their clients, developing better advertising techniques, and providing a better overall customer experience. 

The topic of data analytics encompasses a wide range of objectives and methodologies. In the simplest terms, data analytics is the process of analyzing raw data to identify trends and draw conclusions about those trends. 

These results can be used to improve the efficiency of a business or organization by optimizing processes. As a result, every company hires data analysts to keep up with the massive volume of data generated every second and scrutinize information gained from the data.

A career path in data science analytics is undoubtedly worth it.

Data analytics career opportunities are widespread across the globe. It is an excellent career path not only in India but around the world. Hence, there are ample chances for aspiring professionals to even work abroad and explore the many possibilities the field of data analytics offers.

If you are wondering about the salary that data analytics, the average income for a Data Analyst in the United States is $75,456, with Senior Data Analysts earning $96,852. 


For better information, the data analytics jobs in India has average returns as listed below with reference to some of the top hiring companies:

  • Accenture - INR 495 K per annum

  • Tata Consultancy Services Limited- INR 443K per annum

  • Accenture Technology Solutions- 510 K per annum

  • Genpact- INR 350K per annum

  • HSBC-INR 683 K per annum

  • Ernst & Young- INR 413K per annum

  • Amazon. com Inc- INR 395K per annum


Is data analyst a stressful job?

The complex nature of the Data Analytics jobs and the high performance makes it a challenging role and a little stressful. 

Data scientists typically work on a company's data, which entails sifting through thousands of transactions at once. Because of the necessity to understand and analyze data, as well as provide that insight in easily digestible chunks, the data analyst is highly appreciated across all channels of a business. Demand for experienced data analysts is at an all-time high as a necessary component of doing business. As a result, the daily workload is sure to be excessive.

Although there are numerous reasons, the vast volume of work, tight deadlines, and job demands from multiple sources and management levels are at the top of the list.

To make it less stressful and help professionals to perform efficiently, numerous institutes are providing a comprehensive data analytics certification course. A solid foundation is a key to performing effectively and the demand for competent professionals is increasing rapidly, hence a data analytics certification course serves as a refuge for professionals. 

A certified data analytics professional has higher chances to be offered better job positions and higher salaries. Having a certificate upon completion of a data analytics certification course assists professionals to advance in their job and earn more money while also adding new skills and credentials to their resumes.

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