Do full-stack developers get paid more?


Do full stack developers get paid well?

Yes, full-stack developers get paid really well. The average annual salary of a full-stack web developer is 10,00,000 INR per annum. This is a very high figure and this high figure attracts many professionals to try to become full-stack developers.

From this high salary, one can easily imagine what a lucrative and profitable position the full stack developer is.

There are several reasons why full-stack developers get paid such high salaries. Full-stack developers are in high demand in most businesses and organizations of the corporate world.

Even businesses and organizations which are only tangentially related to software development can benefit greatly from hiring full-stack developers and they are aware of this.

As a result, full-stack developers see high demand and high salaries in any field or industry they venture into.

The best part is that the work that full-stack developers have to do in any of those fields is quite similar since the technological stacks don’t vary all that much – only their application does.

Factors Affecting Full Stack Developer Salary in India -

  1. Based on the employer -

The full-stack developer’s salary is affected by the employer that they have. The employer is one of the biggest factors affecting the salary of a full-stack developer.

The full stack developer usually gets a very high salary wherever he goes but the salary can be a little bit lesser than average if the employer is a small business or organization or a new startup which has to focus most of its resources on its core business functions and can not afford to pay high salaries to its employees just yet.

The Full Stack developer certification online gives a list of high-paying employers.

  1. Based on the city of employment -

The salary of a full-stack developer varies a lot depending on the city in which they are working. If they work in northern India they will see that their salary is much higher than if they work in eastern India or in southern India.

They will also see that their salary will be more than two times the average salary of a full-stack developer if they work in metropolitan cities.

  1. Based on experience -

The salary of a full-stack developer varies a lot based on the experience that they have. For a junior full-stack developer the salary that most businesses and organizations of the corporate world will offer will not be more than 5,00,000 INR per annum.

But the same businesses and organizations will offer much more than 10,00,000 INR per annum to senior full-stack developers with 5 or more years of experience.

If you get a Full Stack developer certification you will automatically start with 2 years worth of experience.

  1. Based on skill level -

The full-stack developer’s salary varies a lot according to their skills, abilities, and knowledge. They are paid very highly if they know certain technological stacks and certain programming languages and are also paid lower if they don’t know those tools and technologies.

This is why it is advised for full-stack developers to spend an adequate amount of time in getting  Full Stack developer certification & training so that they possess all the requisite skills, abilities, and knowledge by the time they start trying to find a job.

Is full-stack developer a good career path?

A full-stack developer is a very good career path. Any individual who becomes a full stack developer can be assured of having a very high salary and very good career prospects.

He will have a stable and steady career progression and the nature of his work will be very dynamic and very interesting. He will never find his work to be boring or monotonous.

You can enter this career path by taking the PGP certification in Full Stack course.

What to think about before starting on this path?

  1. What is your experience level?

The first thing to think about is what your experience level is. You should try to understand your experience level and you should carefully consider how much experience you will need before you can be considered as a suitable candidate for a full stack developer position.

You can get a lot of experience by completing the capstone projects in the Full Stack Certification Training.

  1. Are you versatile?

The job of a full-stack developer requires a lot of versatility. This means that the full-stack developer should be able to perform all kinds of tasks related to programming and should be able to learn new technologies, new programming languages, and new tools very quickly.

 3. Are you willing to learn and grow on the job?

The learner should be a very keen learner and should have a very keen interest in learning new programming languages, new tools, and new technology stacks.

The learner should also have a lot of intelligence and good power of memory so that he can take in and digest large amounts of information very quickly.

  1. Are you willing to take on great responsibilities?

The learner should not be afraid of taking on large responsibilities.

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