Full Stack Development

Know your way around the full stack, front to back.

Technologies are becoming increasingly complex today. Every software application has numerous moving parts. All those parts have to be conjoined together to produce fully functioning pieces of software. As the world is becoming more and more digital, businesses and organizations find themselves having to invest more and more in producing software and hiring software developers. Writing and producing working software is not a simple affair. It requires a lot of planning, projection, mockups, careful design, and difficult to follow schedules. Producing software can cut deeply into a company’s budget and entail astronomically high costs if the company is not careful, especially if the software project is a large scale one and large teams are involved in its development. This is why companies seek to hire skilled and talented full stack developers. This is also the reason why PGP in Full Stack Development courses have become so popular.

Why Hire Full Stack Developers?

A full stack developer is a software developer who has the ability to develop both client and server software on his own, independently. He possesses a wide range of skills and has experience with many different technologies under both the front end and back end categories. He can work with a full stack of tools and technologies the structure of which he has prepared beforehand. Fullstack developers are very valuable to businesses and organizations around the world. Through them, the organizations can rest assured that their entire software application development will be carried out by one person only. They do not have to rely on large software development teams with the associated costs of managing them. They don’t have to establish long and complicated lines of communication between multiple teams for the various parts of the software since all the development is being carried out by one developer only. They don’t have to concern themselves over multiple points of failure since they only have to concentrate their management and logistics efforts on a single point only. One will be able to harness these advantages by enrolling in the Post Graduate Program in Full Stack Development course.

A full stack developer has the ability to develop a browser, a server, a database, or any other large scale application software out of a wide range of software categories. There are several other advantages to hiring a full stack developer. The organization can have the full stack developer develop prototypes very rapidly since he doesn’t have to collaborate with many other team members. The total cost of the project is reduced dramatically since there is no need to hire a large number of developers. They can switch between front end and back end tasks at will since they are familiar with the entire stack. These abilities will be developed automatically in anyone who completes the Full Stack Post Graduate Program.

Why Choose Careerera For The PGP in Full Stack Development Certification Training?

Careerera’s Post graduate program in Full stack development is a high-quality certification course having a duration of Minimum 12 months. It has been designed very carefully and painstakingly by the instructors to be a balanced course. It is neither a cakewalk nor prohibitively difficult. The course curriculum contains topics from the whole spectrum of full stack development. There is HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, jQuery, AngularJS, Java, J2EE, JSP, Hibernate, Spring, DevOps, Agile, Git, Node.js, Linux, Cloud computing, and many other relevant and current topics. The course instructors have been selected after a rigorous and meticulous screening process. All of them are trained experts and possess decades of experience from working in the industry. Thus it is very beneficial to take the PGP in Full Stack course.

The instructors make use of the most current and contemporary teaching methodologies while teaching the course. They make all the necessary course study materials available to the students such as videos, lectures, notes, assignments, surprise quizzes, and capstone projects. They have all been crafted to help the learners revise and review the core concepts and topics of the course effectively. This will help them to strengthen the weak areas of their knowledge. So one who obtains this Post Graduate Certification in Full Stack or PGP certification in Full Stack will be able to take the help of such qualified instructors.

Why Full Stack Development?

Become multitalented and well-versed in all programming facets.

  • 13.3% CAGR

    during the forecast period from 2018 to 2026

  • 25% Job Growth

    estimated for Software Developer roles by 2028

  • 1.7 MILLION

    The 2020 global estimate calls for 1.7 million job postings for Software Development Roles.

  • 4,535.5 million

    Is Expected by the global task management for software market size

  • 2026

    India to become one of the top three market for Software Development.

On completing this program, you will:

Be well versed in Front-end and Back-end technologies such a Python, JAVA, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Apply industry relevant Full stack skills such as Agile, Spring Core, Hibernate and JPA, Servlets, SOAP and REST, etc.

Be well versed in using full stack tools such as Angular, Docker, MongoDB, etc.

Develop the required Software using several tools and techniques

Present yourself as an ideal candidate for Full Stack Developer roles within leading Software companies.

Program Highlights

Find out the benefits you will gain from this program.

  • Online Program

    Minimum 12-month online program

    Online Lab Sessions

  • Collaborations

    Careerera has collaboration with many eminent Universities and Organisations across the Globe to exchange the knowledge.

  • Dedicated Placement Team

    Career guidance and mentorship by Careerera's faculty and industry leaders

    Resume review and interview preparation sessions

    Access to opportunities with leading companies

  • Become Job-ready

    Real-world case studies to build practical skills

    Hands-on exposure to Full Stack tools & techniques such as Python, JAVA, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Angular.

    Learn industry insights through multiple industry knowledge sessions

Program Curriculum

See which topics you will have to assimilate.

Front-end Course Modules

  • Module 1

    Hyper Text Mark-up Language (HTML5)

  • Module 2

    Cascading Style Sheets (CSS3)

  • Module 3


  • Module 4


  • Module 5


  • Module 6


  • Module 7

    Angular JS

  • Module 8


Back-end Course Modules

  • Module 9


  • Module 10

    LINUX Basics

  • Module 11


  • Module 12

    Cloud Computing

  • Module 13

    GIT: Version Control

  • Module 14

    Chef for configuration management Overview of Chef

Capstone Projects

Try your hand at the real world with a project.

Content Management System for a Blog

Create a CMS with which a non-technical user can design a blog without having to write any code. They should be able to design everything using the drag and drop method. There should also be a text editor component.

A Client Services Multi-client Website

Targeting the merchants themselves as the primary customers, the multi-client website will be created to allow merchants to display a complete list of their services and pricing. The customer users should also be able to sign up as users and place orders.

Automotive Parts Related E-commerce Website

Develop a standard e-commerce website which shows many options revolving around automotive parts related products which will be made available to the customers for purchase. The users should also have a secure payment gateway to make payments with.

Food Delivery Application

This application should be a reliable and robust line of communication between restaurants and consumers. There should be options for restaurants to sign up and display their food items and pricing; consumers should be able to see restaurants nearby and the dynamic ETA of delivery.

Portal of E-commerce For used Furniture Sales

Create a website for a startup which purchases used furniture from customers, restores it, and resells it at a higher price. Include features such as product search, secure payment gateway, and display of the expected time of product arrival.

Motor Servicing at Home Webportal

Create a webportal for a automative service provider workshop which intends to deliver doorstep service. It should be possible for the provider to display their services and cost, and users should be able to register and login to add the required services to the shopping cart and checkout.

Project Management Application

This project should have the foundation of a rudimentary social media website and allow users to communicate with each other. Users should be able to comment on posts; each user should have a calendar view and a board similar to the kanban style one.

News Aggregator

Build a Node.js based web application which recommends news based on user browsing history and behaviour automatically. It should acquire news from a wide variety of sources and apply machine learning algorithms to recommend topics to users. It’s JSON-RPC backend should help the multiple backend services communicate.

Boilerplate Application

Build a Node.js server for the React-based application. It should function as a robust boilerplate application for large scale projects and should consist of a simple folder arrangement structure. It should take the help of the Redux framework for global state management and its server and client files should be Typescript compatible.

Item Catalog Application

This project should display a list of items under separate categories and should contain authentication systems and user registration. The item catalog project should be based on HTML5, Bootstrap, and Flask. It should also permit OAuth2 social login through Facebook and Google.

Why Careerera

Learn from the greatest faculty around the world.



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Our students include freshers and experienced professionals from across industries, functions and backgrounds.

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Placement Highlight

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Get the answers to your questions here.

Q1 : What is the PGP in Full Stack Development course from Careerera and what makes it different from individual courses?

A : Post Graduate Program in Full Stack Development is a carefully designed learning path that has been created by some of the leading industry experts. The structure of the course curriculum has been set up in a way that even a complete beginner to Full Stack Development will be able to follow the course progression and understand all the course materials clearly. Our world-class instructors will ensure that you become a master of Full Stack Development by the time you complete the course.

Q2 : Can Careerera provide the PGP in Full Stack Development course at a location near me?

Q3 : Can I ask for a support and doubt clearing session if I want to understand the topics at a deeper level?

Q4 : Which kind of projects are assigned as part of the training?

Q5 : Does Careerera provide any kind of job assistance?

Q6 : What is the definition of Full Stack Development? What makes it so important?

Q7 : Is a Full Stack developer a good Career choice?

Q8 : What are the skills required to start a job in the field of Full Stack Development?

Q9 : Who is eligible for taking the PGP in Full Stack Development course from Careerera?

Q10 : What are the tools and technologies used to teach this PGP in Full Stack Development course from Careerera?

Q11 : What is the duration of this PGP in Full Stack Development course from Careerera?

Q12 : Which topics are covered in the course curriculum of the PGP in Full Stack Development course from Careerera?

Q13 : Which sectors are the capstone projects based on?

Q14 : Is there any guarantee of placement after the completion of the PGP in Full Stack Development course?

Q15 : Is there a refund of the course fees in case I do not get placed after the completion of the course?

Q16 : Why should one choose Careerera?


Post Graduate Program

Full Stack Development

This Certificate is Produly Presented to

John Smith

For Successful Completion of the Post Graduate Program In
Full Stack Development with all the Mandatory Course Requirements
and Capstone Projects with Distinction.




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Student's Review & Feedback

Program Rated

4.5 / 5 by 1250 learners
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  • Swathish
  • This course is simply the best online resource on Full Stack development. The explanations of most of the concepts were logical, well-developed, and complete. The instructors were extremely knowledgeable about the subject matter and their teaching was an evidence of it. The topics’ order was set very sagely as they were all in a linear progression of one topic after another and were made with a very logical presentation. The assignments and the projects provided practice in the form of a calculated measuring yardstick for my progress and skills.

  • Gaurav Sharma
  • The course was of very high quality and I was deeply impressed by it. The instructors provided videos and teacher’s notes which were very educational. The lessons were delivered straight to the point and as a learner one could derive the most important takeaways at each stage. The experience of going through the Full Stack Developer Program was amazing and I will definitely say that it is a must-have certification for anybody. The reviewers give very high quality feedback on notes, videos, assignments, and projects.

  • vaishali
  • So far so good. I really enjoy working on the project. Not only that I have had the opportunity to enforce what I have learnt in class; but there're enough challenges in the project to keep it engaging. I love Flask, SQLAlchemy, Migrate, and WTForms. I wish I knew them sooner. One thing I do wish is for the lecturer to spend a video explaining the project and what we would need to do prior to us working on the project. Speaking of the lecturer, she explains concepts and materials very clearly and to the point. Looking forward to Lesson 2.

  • Pooja kulkarni
  • Enrolling in the Full Stack Developer course has been very good for me. I have had the chance to reinforce what I have learnt in class and there are more than enough additional challenges in the form of assignments and projects to keep me engaged. I really liked learning about SQLAlchemy, Migrate, WTForms, and Flask. I really wish I had learned about them sooner. I also liked the video that the lecturer released in which he explained the project and what was required to be done for completing the project prior to us actually starting to work on the project.

  • Mark Stapay 
  • I really liked the Full Stack Development course. The introduction was very exciting and paved the way for imbibing all the necessary information in the path of the course ahead. Each lesson was imparted to fill the logical gaps in our knowledge and reasoning very expertly and accurately. The instructions given in the course to complete the capstone projects were very helpful, well-formulated, and to the point. The assignments and projects were of a very well-calculated difficulty and were neither too difficult nor a simple cakewalk.

  • kim
  • The Full Stack Developer course was very robust and focused. The instructors did a wonderful job in designing the course path, the course outline, and the course curriculum. They explained all the finer points and the nitty gritties of Full Stack Development in a logical, clear, and well-articulated way. The context switching between one topic and the other was handled very well by the instructors and they led me to the completion of the course with full guidance and care. The instructor feedback on assignments and projects was also par excellence.

  • Darrel Green
  • The instructors have done a splendid job in creating the content of this Full Stack Development course and stringing it all together. I did not have any programming experience from before taking the course but regardless, I was able to understand everything taught in the course in a crystal clear manner simply by following the instructor’s instructions at every turn. I am especially with the way in which my assignments have been graded and how the instructors have given detailed feedback about every mistake I have made in them.

  • safwan
  • Careerera’s Full Stack Development course has proven to be a great learning experience for me as I have learned everything about Full Stack Development, from front end programming to website development to back end programming. I have become a master of the craft of programming by enrolling in this course. I think that this advancement in programming skills was only made possible by the excellent videos, tools, notes, assignments, and projects that were provided and assigned by the instructors. They were kept at a very appropriate difficulty level and I was able to proceed through the course’s path smoothly.

  • Mike G
  • There were many options for learning Full Stack Development available online but I chose Careerera’s Full Stack Development course only because of its high profile brand quality and unblemished reputation. From the outset the astuteness of the instructors was evident in the way the course was designed and conducted. The course curriculum built up simple topics from the ground up and gradually progressed up to more and more difficult and intricate topics that later on proved to be challenging in exactly the manner which was needed for me to learn and imbibe the concepts properly.

  • Guillaume K
  • I am really grateful to Careerera for providing such an extraordinary presentation on the topic of Full Stack Development. I definitely had some worries about the quality and accuracy of the course early on because I had seen many phony certification providers online with low quality and poorly designed courses but with Careerera all my desires were fulfilled and all my needs were met. I am more than satisfied by the regular assignments, lecture videos, notes, and tools assigned and how the instructors gave me special one on one attention for each and every one of my doubts and questions.