Cyber Security Architect Interview Questions and Answers


A security architect establishes how hardware and software work together to safeguard a firm network. You ought to be aware of security issues and how to safeguard internal resources. Networks are constructed by architects, who often have a lot of experience in this area. 


To become a Cyber Security Architect, one must be knowledgeable about a variety of security topics, including apps, servers, routers, and firewalls. Let us discuss some of the most common cyber security architect interview questions here in this post. These Cyber Security Architect interview questions are often the most asked and raised across every company. The security architect is a highly sought-after profile by companies to thrive in the stiff competition. 

Important Cyber Security Architect interview questions 

cyber security architect interview questions and answers

What viruses have the greatest potential in the wild?

The term "zero-day viruses" refers to new viruses that have not yet been classified and have been unleashed into the wild.  As a result, antivirus and firewall software won't be able to identify them. These have great business potential.


What kinds of websites ought to be blocked?

One of the biggest hazards to internal networks is certainly torrent websites. In order to prevent users from circumventing restrictions, you should also block proxy servers. 

How can security flaws on your network be found using tests?

For the majority of firms, penetration testing is essential. 

Packet sniffers like Wireshark can be used to view malicious or suspicious traffic. To automate it, you can develop programs to check for unwanted access.


What level of network access should you grant remote workers?

Using a tunneling protocol, VPN access enables users to access resources on the internal network. The user's home, office, hotel, or any other remote network cannot access their personal information.

Describe a firewall.

A firewall is either software, hardware, or both that guards against incoming and outgoing connections. A firewall can stop unauthorized traffic from accessing the internal network and can identify malware transmitting traffic from a user's machine.


What kind of Security Loophole does VPN have?

On a WiFi network, a man-in-the-middle attack enables an attacker to impersonate the network. Data transferred between the user and the host network is read by the attacker, who poses as a legitimate WiFi router.


What distinguishes a network gateway from a firewall?

Two networks are connected by a network gateway. Usually, it's the router that's attached to the hosts. Across the router, a firewall safeguard suppresses and filters network traffic.


How does packet filtering work?

On the firewall, packet filtering enables you to restrict specific ports, IP addresses, or protocols. The packet header, which contains this data, can be read by the firewall. Depending on the data in the packet header, you then decide whether to permit or stop the traffic.


Describe a public encryption key.

You publish the public key so that individuals can use it to encrypt messages sent to you. Then, in order to read these communications, you must use your private key to decrypt them.


Can you explain a Domain Driven Design?

Even if a solution architect uses the newest technologies while creating an application, if the client's needs are not met, the application may not be useful to them. 

The domain of a business is the focus of domain-driven design (DDD). It is an approach that includes fundamental ideas from the business domain in the design of the software. It concentrates on the fundamental domain and its logic. A solution architect can create intricate designs based on domain models. To comprehend and address domain-related problems, they also work with domain experts."


How can the security of the design and solution be ensured?

If important company information or consumer data leaks, organizations may incur financial damages. The first step to ensuring a security design solution is to comprehend how to incorporate security issues into the design when defining the solution architecture. Then it may be followed by preventing SQL injection on the databases to provide security. Finally, the security architect is required to check the input data before storing or utilizing it. Several other methods are also employed to provide security including encrypting data before usage, using encryption, and access control. Also, there is a need to create and use strong passwords and use HTTPS domains and conceal the information of the web server.

Describe AWS


The most popular cloud platform, known as AWS, offers functions like database storage, processing power, content distribution, and networking. An expert in cloud computing with experience building and implementing the architecture of a company's cloud-based systems on the AWS platform is known as an AWS solution architect. They create secure, dependable, and effective cloud solutions using the pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework. AWS solution architects frequently have experience with cloud migration procedures. Because AWS is a scalable platform, AWS solution architects have the freedom to create individualized solutions for their clients.

What differentiates a VPN from a firewall?

A VPN establishes a secure connection across an existing network, whereas a firewall defends a network from outside threats. 

A firewall is excellent for securing a single device or site, but it is less effective in tying together numerous places. 

Because a VPN uses encryption to provide a secure tunnel between two points, it is more suited for tying together remote users. However, this implies that anyone who has access to the tunnel can view the data being sent.


Do you know the top 10 vulnerabilities according to OWASP?

A community of open-source developers called OWASP is dedicated to enhancing the security of software applications. A selection of web application vulnerabilities that are frequently discovered in numerous organizations is included in the OWASP Top 10 list. The list can be used as a resource while creating security measures. OWASP enbles professionals to build a number of countermeasures to guard against cross-site scripting attacks, injection issues, broken authentication, and more. 


How well do you comprehend the distinctions between ISO 27001 and PCI DSS?

The distinctions between these two standards and how security architects should use them in their work must be understood. When it comes to data protection specifications, the PCI DSS standard is more detailed than ISO 27001 

For instance, ISO 27001 only mandates the encryption of cardholder data, whereas the PCI DSS mandates the encryption of all sensitive data. 

However, both standards mandate that businesses put in place robust access restrictions, keep an eye on network activity, and safeguard passwords.


What are the most important factors to consider while performing a risk assessment? 

The client's budget is the primary consideration that professionals must make when conducting a risk assessment. Depending on the level of security the client requires, the cost of security measures can vary significantly. 

Installing an advanced biometric system, for instance, might be more expensive than adding more security guards, but it might end up saving money if it stops data breaches or other expensive incidents. 

The time limit that the customer must use to install the security measures is another thing that cyber security architects must take into account. 


Describe the steps a security architect should take to conduct a penetration test.

A penetration test is a technique for testing an organization's security by attempting to break in. 

Every penetration test starts with a risk analysis of the client's company. 

After that, professionals may draw a network diagram of their present setup and look for any security protocol flaws or vulnerabilities. 

Then, they must try to hack into the company's systems using what they know about hacking strategies. Upon successful penetration test, the system's weak points are recorded and the security architect offers suggestions for enhancing the overall security of the organization. 


What do you consider to be the key component of security architecture?

Risk assessment is the most crucial component of the security architecture. This procedure entails recognizing all potential system threats, estimating their likelihood of materializing, and selecting the most effective countermeasures. Additionally, it's critical to regularly check systems for any modifications in performance or behavior that might point to an intrusion. Encryption is a crucial component of security architecture and is necessary to safeguard data from unauthorized access.


How frequently should businesses conduct security audits?

A security architect's duties also include conducting security audits. Based on their size and the complexity of their security systems, firms should conduct security audits at least once a year, if not twice or even three times. Regular audits enable Cyber Security Architects to see any faults before they cause my clients serious trouble. Additionally, they can use the findings of each audit to develop a strategy for enhancing the company's overall security system.


What Functions Does an IT Security Architect Perform?

The interviewer is testing your knowledge of a security architect's responsibilities.

The protection of the customer's data is a security architect's primary focus at all times, regardless of the needs or circumstances. Additionally, it is crucial that they comprehend how IT systems function and produce high-caliber, well-designed software as part of this process. All facets of network architecture, including hardware like firewalls and routers, are the focus of security architects. They have also implemented intrusion detection systems before.


Those are the most common Cyber Security Architect Interview Questions that aspirants may expect during their job interview. To enhance their interview preparation and to boost their confidence, it is recommended that prospective candidates prepare for cyber security architect interview questions aligning to areas of technical skills, experience, and self-interest in the vocation. 


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